Monarch Mastiffs



Sex:____________  DOB: __________________  AKC Litter #:_____________________________
Registered Name:_____________________________________________________________________
Chip #:________________  Color:______________________________________________________
DAM:_______________________________________  AKC Reg. #:_____________________________
SIRE:______________________________________  AKC Reg. #:_____________________________
SELLER                BUYER
Linda Monroe                      Name:______________________________________________
P.O. Box 10                    Address:______________________________________________
Leming, Texas 78050   City, State, Zip:______________________________________________
(210) 626-3158                   Phone:______________________________________________
  1. Seller has sold Buyer the above named show potential pure-bred Mastiff dog/bitch, hereafter referred to as the Mastiff, which is guaranteed to be healthy and free of debilitating diseases, for $__________________ (___________________________-00/100 Dollars) and shipping expenses/transportation expenses, if any. Shipping expenses to include the airfare, crate, veterinarians health certificate, and usually will not exceed $____________________.

    The Seller will provide a five (5) generation pedigree on the Mastiff as a separate addendum to this contract, labeled addendum #1.

  2. The Buyer agrees to keep the Mastiff confined from traffic with access to a fenced yard, to be properly sheltered, with adequate food and water, to give love and attention, and to provide regular veterinary care. The Buyer agrees to never feed puppy food or give calcium supplements or any other supplement to the food unless approved by the Seller. The Buyer also agrees to never allow the Mastiff to ride in the open bed of a pick up, ranchero, jeep or other similar vehicle unless the Mastiff is crated. The Buyer further agrees that this Mastiff will never, at any time, be trained as a guard/attack dog nor will the Mastiff be used as a fighting dog. The Buyer agrees to use a collar and leash when taking the Mastiff anywhere except Buyer's own property. The Buyer agrees to never leave the Mastiff unattended while the Mastiff is wearing a choke or pinch collar. The Buyer also agrees to enroll the Mastiff in a sanctioned dog conformation or obedience class and, upon completion, send a copy of the Graduation Certificate, along with a copy of the canceled check or receipt to the Seller. Seller will refund $25.00 of the cost of the conformation class.

  3. The Buyer agrees to register the Mastiff with the American Kennel Club (AKC) within sixty (60) days of receipt of the registration application (blue slip) or sooner if blue slip expires before 60 days of receipt thereof. The Buyer also agrees to use the kennel name of Monarch in front of the registered name, ie., Monarch's Phydeaux. The Buyer also agrees to register the Mastiff's microchip number with the AKC within 30 days of receiving the Mastiff. The Buyer agrees to send a copy of the registration certificate and the microchip registration certificate to the Seller within ten days of receipt from the AKC. The Buyer agrees to co-own the Mastiff with the Seller until the Mastiff is finished with the championship or the Mastiff reaches the age of two years and has had all of the testing done as outlined in paragraph 3. The Seller will receive no further compensation for the Mastiff for the privilege of co-ownership except any outlined in this contract.

  4. The Buyer agrees to have the Mastiff examined by a licensed veterinarian within five (5) working days from receipt of the Mastiff. If a problem is detected by the veterinarian, the Buyer may return the Mastiff for a full refund of purchase price. The Buyer agrees to provide a signed statement from the examining veterinarian detailing the health problem. If the Buyer decides to keep the Mastiff, the Seller will not be responsible for any veterinary costs incurred. The Seller reserves the right to have the Mastiff examined by a veterinarian of the Seller's choice, at Seller's expense, for a second opinion of the condition. The AKC registration papers will be sent to the Buyer after the veterinary exam and acceptance of the Mastiff by the Buyer unless other arrangements were made.

  5. The Buyer agrees to follow the feeding, rearing, and vaccination guidelines provided by the Seller at the time of sale as an attached addendum to this contract. The Mastiff is never to be fed a diet specifically formulated for puppies, and the Buyer agrees to feed only a premium adult dog food as outlined in the feeding guideline addendum labeled addendum #2. The Seller will provide a complete vaccination and deworming record and a vaccination schedule on a separate page, labeled addendum #3. Continued deworming to be determined by a veterinary fecal exam. The Buyer agrees to administer daily or monthly heartworm preventative starting no later than when the Mastiff is three (3) months old and to be continued for the life of the Mastiff.

  6. The Buyer agrees to have the Mastiff x-rayed for hip and elbow configuration and to have the x-rays evaluated by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) before showing this Mastiff in an AKC licensed show. The Seller requires the Mastiff to have a preliminary OFA hip and elbow evaluation between ten (10) and fourteen (14) months or as early as six (6) months whether or not the Mastiff is being shown. The permanent OFA hip and elbow evaluation must be performed between the ages of twenty four (24) to twenty-six (26) months. The Seller also requires that the Mastiff have its vision/eyes tested each year to be clear of potential diseases by a board certified opthomologist affiliated with the Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF), and CERF'd within thirty (30) days of the annual due date. Seller also requires that the Mastiff have a full panel thyroid test done by Michigan State University and deemed normal before being bred. The Buyer agrees to have the Mastiff's patellas (knees) and heart OFA certified between the ages of twelve (12) and fourteen (14) months. The Buyer agrees to send a copy of the Mastiffs OFA hip and elbow preliminary and permanent reports, patella and heart certificates, CERF *exam* sheet, and Thyroid tests to seller within thirty (30) days of each exam. The Mastiff is to be bred only if the permanent OFA evaluations show the Mastiff to be free of hip dysplasia with a Fair or better rating, elbows clear, patellas, heart and thyroid normal and is CERF certified. The Mastiff is to be bred only to another Mastiff who has fair or better OFA hip certification, OFA elbows, CERF certified and thyroid normal. All expenses pertaining to the Mastiff will be paid by the Buyers except for the OFA hip and elbow fees. The Seller will pay for both the preliminary and permanent two year OFA fees provided that properly taken and identified hip and elbow x-rays are sent to the Seller to be included with the littermates x-rays for evaluation by the OFA. The Buyer will be provided with copies of all OFA ratings on the littermates of the Mastiff. The Mastiff may be bred only after the Seller has received copies of the OFA certifications, CERF certificate and a copy of the thyroid exam. The Mastiff, if a bitch, shall not whelp a litter more often than every 10-12 months, and not before the age of two years and not past the age of seven years. The Mastiff, if a dog, shall not be bred to more than two (2) bitches per month.

  7. This Mastiff is being sold as a show potential animal. The Buyer agrees to make a reasonable attempt to train and show the Mastiff in AKC licensed shows. The Mastiff is guaranteed against hip and elbow dysplasia, excluding DJD grade I, and any hereditary eye or heart defect which would preclude the Mastiff from receiving a CERF certificate. If this Mastiff should prove not to be show quality due to a proven congenital or hereditary defect and the Buyer provides proof that the Mastiff has been spayed/neutered by a licensed veterinarian, the Seller will, at the Buyers option and at Sellers discretion, either:

    The Seller reserves the right to have the Mastiff checked by a veterinarian of the Seller's choice, at the Seller's expense, for the purpose of a second opinion. All guarantees will be null and void if the Mastiff has been bred prior to being tested and evaluated as outlined in paragraph 3.

  8. The Buyer agrees that no puppies from any litter resulting from any breeding of this Mastiff will be transferred or sold to any person, pet shop, dealer, or organization whose intent is to resell, trade, give away, or to use it in any type of laboratory experiments. The Buyer agrees to provide to the Seller copies of all the contracts of sale to people who have purchased offspring from the above named Mastiff within thirty days of the sale of each puppy. The Buyer agrees the Mastiff will never be bred to any other breed or crossbreed of dog, domestic or wild, and will only be bred to a registered Mastiff that has passed the testing as outlined in paragraph 6.

  9. The Buyer hereby gives Seller or Seller's agent permission to enter Buyer's premises for purposes of visitation or inspection of the Mastiffs environment. If the Buyer is ever charged or convicted of animal abuse or cruelty by any state, local or federal agency, or the AKC, or is convicted of violating any AKC rule or regulation, the Buyer forfeits all rights to above named Mastiff and will immediately remand custody of the Mastiff to the Seller. All AKC papers to accompany the Mastiff. Buyer will not receive any refund of monies paid to the Seller.

  10. If, for any reason, the Buyer can no longer keep the Mastiff, ownership will revert to the Seller, for no more than the price stated above. Return price is dependent upon the age and condition of the Mastiff, as determined by a competent veterinarian, and other reliable breeders, and being able to place the Mastiff in a new home within thirty (30) days of the Mastiffs return. After that time, a usual, daily kennel fee of $8.00 per day will be charged against the Mastiffs purchase price until it is placed or until the purchase price reaches zero. If the Buyer cannot afford to pay the return costs of shipping, the Seller will prepay the cost and deduct it from any refund due. Seller may agree to have the Mastiff placed in a new home by the Buyer, with the new home approved by the original Seller. Under no circumstances is the Mastiff to be transferred to another owner without written consent of Seller. Buyer guarantees the Seller first right of refusal. In the event of the Seller's death, incapacitation or is otherwise unavailable, the Buyer agrees to relinquish the Mastiff to an authorized agent of the Mastiff Club Of America, Rescue Division, for care and placement of the Mastiff into a new home.

  11. Since violations of this sales agreement may be detrimental to the reputation and value of the Seller's dogs and kennel name, Buyer agrees that any such violation entitle Seller to payment, on demand, of an amount equal to five (5) times the original purchase price and the Buyer will immediately remand custody of the above named Mastiff to the Seller with no monies refunded to the Buyer. In the event that the Seller must contact or retain an Attorney or the AKC to enforce this contract, all expenses incurred shall be paid by the Buyer, including Attorneys fees, court costs, and any other expenses involved in enforcement of this contract. This contract shall be deemed enforced if any suit is filed by Seller in Bexar County, Texas. The Buyer agrees that if any provision of this contract is found to be unenforceable, then that provision shall be severed and the remaining provisions of this contract shall have full force and effect.

  12. No provision in this contract may be altered or amended without written approval of both the Seller and the Buyer.

Seller(s) and Buyer(s) agree to the terms set above by their signature(s) below:

Seller:_____________________________________  Date:_________________

 Buyer:_____________________________________  Date:_________________

Monarch Mastiffs