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Published as a letter to the editor in 1997.

I would like to present a few facts about Mastiffs and OFA. Some breeders breed to untested males because they feel that our best conformation males cannot pass OFA certification. The following are just a few examples of the many quality mastiffs that already have OFA certified hips. Five of the eight top males at the National Specialties in the 1990's:

  • Ch. Iron Hills In To The Night (1997)
  • Ch. Ridgewood Otis (1996)
  • Ch. Sillars K.O. Tyson (1992)
  • Ch. Stonehouse Country Squire (1991)
  • Ch. Iron Hills Warwagon (1989 and 1990)
All four of the males given Awards Of Merit at the 1997 National Specialty:
  • Ch. Brite Star's Dual Image, TDI
  • Ch. Middle-Earth Aragorn
  • Ch. Ridgewood Otis
  • Ch. Southports Prime Time
Fourteen of the top sixteen male mastiffs (old enough to be OFAed) by Best Of Breed Placements as of 4-30-1997:
  • Ch. Iron Hills Into The Night
  • Ch. CC Giganti Napoleon
  • Ch. Middle-Earth Aragorn
  • Ch. Regal Hill Sudden Impact
  • Ch. Drycreek Takit To The Limit
  • Ch. Ridgewoods Otis
  • Ch. Foxglove Classic Double-Take
  • Ch. Semper Fi Groppetti Gargoyle
  • Ch. Brite Star's Dual Image
  • Ch. Niko Grossman, CD
  • Ch. Hera's King Zeus
  • Ch. Cee-Cee's Mister Bentley
  • Ch. Maximillion's Sherman Tank
  • Ch. CC Sir Michael O Fergie
As of August 1997 there are 569 male mastiffs that were born since January 1990 that have been OFA certified clear of hip dysplasia, of these 258 are also champions. If you would like a free list of these dogs or you just want to discuss mastiffs and testing, please call or write. From January 1974 to May 1997, 2404 mastiffs were OFA certified.

If more breeders would breed exclusively to OFA certified clear males, more dogs would be tested! According to OFA as of May 1997, 77.2% of mastiffs whose x-rays were sent to OFA passed with clear hips. If all the mastiff stud dogs were tested we would have plenty of quality examples of the breed with clear hips, in fact we already have quite a few, especially in some lines. The point is we need to know which males have good hips, including as many relatives as possible, so that we can make informed breeding decisions.

"For those of you who choose not to breed to these (untested) animals," I applaud, keep up the good work. If you really want to breed to an untested male, call their owner up and tell them you would love to breed your bitch to their gorgeous dog if only he were tested clear, they might surprise you! I personally know of several mastiffs that have been tested for just this reason.

If you are afraid that a large older male mastiff cannot pass OFA let me point out that Ch. Lionsire Grizz, MCOA Hall Of Fame, recently had his hips OFA certified as excellent at the age of 7 1/2.

If you care about mastiffs, breed for good temperament, soundness, and breed type, they deserve it all! Personally, I will not breed to a dog because he is OFAed, and I will not breed to a dog unless he is OFAed.

Deb Jones

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