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Lisa Nicolello
Dedicated to Producing Mastiffs with Sound Temperaments, Longevity and Genetic and Reproductive Soundness
The Biggest Problem By C. A. Sharp
How to Give Your Cat a Pill By Bob Story

Medial Patella Luxation
Bad Genes, Babies and Bathwater By C. A. Sharp
What Price Glory? Should Winning be Everything? By C. A. Sharp

January 1999
The Price of Popularity - Popular Sires & Population Genetics By C. A. Sharpe
Doing It Naturally By Linda Monroe

May 1998
Degenerative Joint Disease ... Arthritis
Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)
Canine Health Foundation
Hip Dysplasia Research
Signs of Bloat
March 1998
Canine Health Foundation
Doing It Naturally by Linda Monroe
Bath Time Training by Doreen Gray
January 1998
Hocks by Fred Lanting
World of the Web - Drool, Slobber, ...
Eye Disorders by Linda Monroe
Tidbits from History

November 1997
General's Story - Leptospirosis and Kidney Damage
The Wobbler Syndrome . . .
Doing It Naturally - Diet That Is
September 1997
Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rupture
Brief Introduction To Genetics (Part 3 of 3) By Fred Lanting
World of the Web
Shedding Solutions
Obedience Tips By Doreen Gray
May-July 1997
The Care and Fostering of Newborn Mastiffs by Robin Smith, DVM
Brief Introduction to Genetics (Part 2 of 3) By Fred Lanting
World of the Web
Slime Slinging
Obedience Tips by Doreen Gray
Seizure Disorders . . .
January-March 1997
Brief Introduction to Genetics (Part 1 of 3) By Fred Lanting
The Genetics of "Hairies" by Linda Monroe
Breeders Need to Know: All Progesterone Testing Is Not Reliable
Slime Slinging
Obedience Training (Part 6 of 6) by Doreen Gray
AKC Canine Health Foundation Annual Research Awards

November 1996
Antibiotics & Steroids by Marina Zacharias
Dog Breeders Await Cue From Us Buyers by Larry Shook
Obedience Training - Part V of VI by Doreen Gray
Preparing for Puppy by Linda Monroe
September 1996
The Ostrich Syndrome by C. A. Sharp
Open Registry Offers Rx For Dog Ailments by Larry Shook
I Am Famous Now
Obedience Training - Part IV of VI by Doreen Gray
Vaccine Good News -- Bad News by Marina Zacharias
RE: Katie: Lyme Disease Vaccine Victim
July 1996
Katie - Immune-Mediated Polyarthritis by Terri Roehlig
Interview: Chris Levingston and Lesley Dellar-Levingston in Australia
Help on the Way for Breeders, Buyers by Larry Shook
DNA Progressive Retinal Atrophy Research in Mastiffs by Kimberley Wall
Obedience Training - Part III of VI by Doreen Gray
OFA vs Just X-Ray by Linda Monroe
Blast from the Past
May 1996
How to Spend a Two-Dog Night by Bev Ryba
Dog World Family Ties Grow too Tight by Larry Shook
Obedience Training - Part II of VI by Doreen Gray
Natural Therapies for Dealing with Skin Problems by Marina Zacharias
March 1996
Death In The Afternoon - The Reality Of Bloat by Lisa Nicolello
Common Sense and Nonsense Feeding by Marina Zacharias
Obedience Training - Part I of VI by Doreen Gray
Troubling Case of the Medicated Mothers by Larry Shook
January 1996
Breeders and Vets Forging a Partnership in the Fight against Genetic Disease
Nutrition: Is it a Factor in Bloat and Torsion? (Third of three parts) by Linda Arndt
Letter from Dr. Dodds about Thyroid

November 1995
The Mastiff and Thryoid
Nutrition: Is it a Factor in Bloat and Torsion? (Second of three parts)
Tidbits of History
Tips and Tricks
vWD Testing - Lower Rates for Whole Litters
September 1995
Nutrition: Is it a Factor in Bloat and Torsion? (First of three parts)
Flood, Fire, Earthquake: How to Protect & Care for Your Dog in an Emergency
Can They Reason?
July 1995
Dragon Slayers - All (poem)
Solitary Search ... for a Reputable Breeder
Re: Using Program for Flea Control
May 1995
Sleeping Dragons - Hereditary Disease - Breeder Ethics
Weight Pulling ... An Interview with Greg & Julie Hibler
Food for Thought By Marina Zacharias
Re: The Day My World Stood Still
March 1995
The Day My World Stood Still
The Prostate Gland (Problems and Practical Help)
Vaccination For Dogs at Risk for Immunological Disorders

October 1994
Elbow Disorders in the Mastiff and Other Breeds Part III By Fred Lanting
Never Had Any Problem with H.D.? By Sylvia Evans
Can Bloat Risk for Individual Dogs be Predicted by External Measurements?
The Dog Genome Project: Principles and Goals
August 1994
Elbow Disorders in the Mastiff and Other Breeds Part II By Fred Lanting
Homeopathy and the Fading Puppy
Ariel by Heather Taylor
Bloat Notes: Veterinarian's Viewpoint by Gary Lantz, DVM
Head Type vs. Byte by Betty Baxter
June 1994
Elbow Disorders in the Mastiff and Other Breeds Part Iby Fred Lanting
Lyme Disease
Bloat Notes
The Eyes Have It - Persistent Pupillary Membranes
A Simple Low-Fat, Low-Calorie Snack
New Anti-Freeze Warning
Book Review... The Puppy Report By Larry Shook
April 1994
Improving Orthopedic Soundness By Fred Lanting
Homeopathy And Herbal Supplements By Marina Zacharias
Mastiff Standard Predisposing Eyes To Problems?
Boric Acid Part II
Raised Dog Diners By Laurie Brooke Adams
February 1994
Opinion & Information on Boric Acid
Mastiff Temperament
Agility for the Mastiff
Killed Versus Live Vaccines

October 1993
Telephone Interview with James Crowley
Nutritional Cataracts
Are We Mastiff Breeders, or Just Breeding Mastiffs by Sharon Krauss
Cosequin for Musculoskeletal Disorders
August 1993
John Cargill on Thyroid
Natural Rearing Report
Interpretting Canine Bacterial Dermatitis by Deborah Ahlers
Questions, Questions.. How to Answer a Hungry Novice
Vaginal Hyperplasia
Reabsorption of Puppies
Plasma for Neonates.. and Management of Viral Disease
War Notes From the Editor
Book Review.. See Jane Train Spot 1 and Grandeur and Good Nature, the Character of the Mastiff
June 1993
Some Things to Think About by Priscilla K. Stockner, MS, DVM, MBA
Retinal Dysplasia
Natural Rearing Report
Using Pharmaceuticals To Treat Joint Disease - Clinical Evidence Shows Success
Tellington Touch Therapy
War Notes From The Editor
Book Review: Natural Healing for Dogs & Cats by Diane Stein
April 1993
Introduction / Editorial
Poisonous Plants
Natural Rearing
DLPA - Pain Relief
Building a Whelping Box The Easy Way
Wholewheat Dog Biscuits

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