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Above, the same female mastiff pictured at 1, 2, and 3 years of age.
Am.Can.Ch. Monroe's Queen Antigone, TT,CGC,TDI
"Annie" is loved and missed by Linda Monroe.

This page contains information about Mastiffs primarily written by Mastiff breeders. There is information about Mastiff litters, books, health, titles, the AKC standard, links to other web sites about Mastiffs, and detailed information, including pictures, for over 200 Mastiff stud dogs of the past and present. This information comes from the Mastiff Stud Dog Register, The Mastiff Reporter, and other articles written by breeders.

Mastiff Longevity Project Update 12/24/2014 .

PRA - will your mastiff go blind? Night blindness is often the first symptom of Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), a blindness causing, hereditary problem. PRA in Mastiffs is dominant. DNA test now available.
Mastiffs DNA Tested Clear of PRA This information is now in the OFA database.
PRA DNA Testing Clinics
Canine Eye Registration Foundation.
Eye care for your dog

OptiGen Testing for Canine Multi-focal Retinopathy (CMR) in Mastiffs (retinal folds)
CMR in Mastiffs is an autosomal recessive disease, so the gene mutation is inherited from both sire and dam. By utilizing OptiGen's CMR DNA test and following their breeding recommendations, breeders can use dogs in their breeding program regardless of the dogs' CMR genetic status and at the same time work to eliminate the disease from the Mastiff gene pool.

Litter Announcements Updated: 12/22/14
Mastiff litters are announced on this page free of charge.
The Mastiff Reporter Archive - edited by Sharon Krauss and Lisa Nicolello. Numerous articles on many Mastiff related topics. April 1993 thru 2000.

Mastiff Rescue
Health Problems Found in Mastiffs
Health Certificates updated 4/2004
List of veterinarians who can x-ray for OFA without anesthesia. Updated 5/2012

Articles About Mastiffs Written By Breeders Updated: 2/5/98

Mastiff Stud Dog Register Sorted by Country/State Updated: 11/18/12
Online Registration Form
PLEASE NOTE: most of the information about each stud dog is provided by the dog's owner and is not verified. Much of the data provided is subjective and is based on the owner's experience and unique perspective.
This section contains a list of mastiff stud dogs ordered by the country and state that the owner lives in. There is a hypertext link to a detailed page for each dog. In the three-generation pedigrees, dogs' names in bold have OFA clear hips and dogs' names that are in italics have OFA clear elbows. Published offspring and siblings appear in an AKC Stud Book, AWARDS, OFA list, and/or CERF list.

Mastiff Stud Dog Archive Sorted by Registered Name
This section contains detailed information about male mastiffs that have sired a litter, but are no longer available as studs or whose availability is unknown.
Female Mastiffs OFA Clear of Hip and Elbow Dysplasia Updated: 9/1/03
Female Mastiffs that have appeared in both the OFA hip and OFA elbow lists published by the AKC and/or MCOA.
Male Mastiffs OFA Clear of Hip and Elbow Dysplasia Updated: 9/1/03
Male mastiffs that have appeared in both the OFA and OFEL lists published by the AKC and/or MCOA.

Male Mastiffs Listed in AKC Stud Books 1/01 to 6/01 Updated 9/9/01
A mastiff appears in the AKC Stud Book only once, after a litter produced by the mastiff is registered.
[7/00 to 12/00]   [1/00 to 6/00]   [7/99 to 12/99]   [1/99 to 6/99]
[7/98 to 12/98]   [1/98 to 6/98]   [7/97 to 12/97]   [1/97 to 6/97]
[7/96 to 12/96]   [1/96 to 6/96]   [7/95 to 12/95]   [1/95 to 6/95]
Mastiff Stud Dog Statistics Updated 8/11/01.

AKC Standard
Hindquarters Illustrated

Mastiff Books and Publications

Links to other Mastiff pages

Mastiffs Issued a CHIC Certificate in 2003 and 2004
You can now see CHIC information at the OFA OFA web site.


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Goya and his fight with Coonhound Paralysis
A touching and informative blog about a mastiff's struggle with Coonhound Paralysis
A Good Look At Mastiffs
A collection of stories about mastiff heroes, healers, teachers, and guides.
Poems and Stories About Mastiffs
Mastiff Related Products Updated 10/07.
Links to pages about pedigree program, T-shirts, statues, collectibles.
Mastiff Web
Extensive information on mastiffs - temperament, grooming, chat, message board, photos, history, how to play with a Mastiff, training, size issues, picture archive (you can add your Mastiff), interactive games.
Sara, The Shy Mastiff and Mastiff Temperaments
Gold Coast Mastiffs
Gorgeous pictures of Mastiffs doing all kinds of things. Also, litter testing tables - wouldn't it be great if all breeders were able to get their pups tested and made these public?
More web pages about mastiffs. Updated 9/16/06.
Mastiffs On The Internet Updated 7/10/04.

Dog Infomat - tons of info especially on canine health
Mastiff Infomat Page
Open Directory Project
Dogs, Diet, and Disease:
An Owner's Guide to Diabetes Mellitus, Pancreatitis, Cushing's Disease, and More
Author: Caroline Levin, RN
Copyright 2001, 172 pages, Paperback Item # DV180 Price: $29.95
From for catalog call (800) 776-2665.
Thunder Phobia
Thunderstorm Anxiety
Dogs on the Couch, behavior therapy for training and caring for your dog.
Lachman, L. & Mickadeit, F. 1999, Overland Press, New York
ISBN # 0-87951-922-3
The Pet Arthritis Resource Center
Over 100 articles on treating arthritis and hip dysplasia in pets, the science backing glucosamine, a review of treatments, a pet arthritis newsletter, and more.

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Old dogs are the best dogs - in the background Ch. Gold Coasts Marshal Tucker, CGC,TDI owned by Lisa Nicolello taking a break!

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