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Hypothyroidism is the most common hormone imbalance found in dogs. It has so many symptoms that it often is called 'the great impersonator'. ... WE DO NOT RECOMMEND BREEDING ANIMALS WITH HIGH AUTOANTIBODIES AND/OR LOW RESTING THYROID LEVELS. ... Animals with low thyroid levels are more susceptible to immune-based diseases. Vaccination and drug therapy should be administered carefully.
If you decide to breed a bitch with hypothyroidism be sure to put her on thyroid medication and make sure that she is retested and that thyroid and autoantibody levels are within recommended levels at least several months before breeding to avoid passing the problem to puppies through the placenta. Please note that this problem can be inherited as well as passed through the placenta.

Testing, have your vet contact OFA and Michigan State University (517) 353-1683.

     Interpreting Blood Test Results
     Endocrinology FAQ about... Thyroid Function In Dogs
     Hypothyroidism: A New Direction
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von Willebrand's Disease (vWD)

Bleeding disorder. Inherited, autosomal (non sex-linked) incompletely dominant trait. The test for vWD detects carriers as well as dogs that actually have vWD. A dog that has vWD usually dies in the womb (which may account for absorption of some or all of the litter before whelping, or still births).

Testing: have your vet contact Dr Dodds in Albany, NY, call (518) 869-4507.

     Understanding von Willebrands Disease
     DNA Test for vWD
     Inherited and Acquired vWD


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