Mastiff Index
Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/00 thru 6/00

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Aardvark's Joe General						 Ch. Meriwether's Mo Jo Man					  Aardvark's Emily						   N Alcorn
 11/29/1994 brindle 4/00					  OFA MF1497E40M OFEL CERF					   								   N Alcorn

Abnet's Thor God Of Thunder					 Cardell's Tucson Ironman					  Big Daddy's Little Love					   J Abnet
 12/11/1997 fawn 5/00CERF					  								   								   P Cardell

Ch. Acorn Hill Ruff N Ready ,CGC				 Ch. Iron Hills Warwagon					  Ch. Lionsire Indigo Of Pax River				   G Anelli
 9/9/1991 fawn 3/00OFA MF1710G36M				  OFA MF1041G60M						   								   M Owens

Ch. Agape's Allshookup At Newgate				 Ch. Acorn Hill Uther Pendragon ,CGC,TDI			  Ch. High Country Agape Scarlett ,CGC				   S Forkner
 1/18/1996 fawn 1/00OFA MF3008E25M OFEL CERF			  OFA MF1158G24M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF2015G25F CERF						   S Forkner

Arriola Gateau Balou						 Austins Rogue Warlord						  Austins Elle Lee May						   S McComas
 11/17/1997 fawn 6/00						  								   								   M Austin

Atilla The Hun Randys Pride					 Pedersen Ridge Harley						  Madam Spicy Cajun						   R Leggett
 8/15/1998 fawn 2/00						  								   								   P Harley

Awesome Duke Of Radford						 McArthur's Buddy Of Radford's					  Awesome Trixie Marie Radford					   L Loury
 3/8/1999 fawn 6/00						  								   								   G Radford

Bane Rector Coleman						 Peanut Butter Jones						  Wolfe-Pac Camelot Lady Shamu					   J Rector
 10/15/1997 fawn 5/00						  								   								   B Jones

Bear It All							 Copenhaver's Sampson						  Copenhaver's Katheran Fefe					   S Anderson
 2/26/1999 brindle 5/00						  								   								   R Copenhaver

Beauregard Of Hyland House					 Raheen Curling							  McGill's Sara Lee Goliath					   D Luhn
 9/28/1998 fawn 5/00						  OFA MF3300G46M OFEL						   CERF								   S Blickenstaff

Ben Johnson Of Pityhill						 Dentays Mister Pistol						  Dentays First Hope						   S Estes
 7/5/1997 fawn 3/00						  OFA MF3185F32M						   								   D Denwalt

Benson On Golden Paws						 Brenkens Greco Big Ben Gump					  Dowell's Angel						   P Munson
 10/6/1998 fawn 3/00						  OFA MF2545F27M OFEL						   								   B Taylor

Ch. Beowulf's Leading Man Bogart				 Ch. Beowulf's Taylor MadeKodiakSon				  Am.Can.Ch. Beowulf's The Next Generation ,CGC			   S Everett
 11/4/1998 fawn 3/00CERF					  								   CERF								   S Everett

Big Bad Boris							 Southports Bodacious Brutus					  Southports Natasha						   K Harned
 11/4/1995 fawn 2/00						  								   								   K Harned

Big Boomer							 Boss Charley's Pride						  Duchess Sweet Pea						   M Costanza
 2/8/1996 fawn 3/00						  								   								   W Bullock

Bigfoot Bobo Bear						 								  Hello Dolly							   B Smith
 7/16/1998 fawn 1/00						  								   								   J VonHolten

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/00 thru 6/00

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Big Red Benjamin Douglas					 Wenmar's Colonel Samson					  Psai-Wi Susanah Groppetti					   R Lovelace
 10/18/1998 apricot 4/00					  								   								   S Alsager

Black Pines Moonstone Man					 Black Pines Augustus						  Candice Barton Chambliss SR					   B Mattozzi
 3/22/1995 apricot 5/00						  								   								   L Chambliss

Blue Mills Magnificent Max					 Ch. Haus Humboldt Shaman					  Haus Humboldt Lady Gwenivere					   B Duncan
 4/7/1998 brindle 6/00						  OFA MF1956F24M OFEL						   OFEL								   T Picard

Bolo Robinson							 Sagi Rochester New Addition					  Antelope Creek Annie						   D Robinson
 7/10/1997 fawn 5/00						  OFA MF2019G66M						   OFA MF2561G25F OFEL						   D Wuetherich

Bonnie Blue Angus Ark						 Ark's Rosco							  On Golden Paws Misty						   T Greenhill
 12/1/1998 fawn 4/00						  OFA MF3860F38M						   								   A Kauffman

Boss Gavin's Elvis						 Boss Charley's Pride						  Red's Green Collar						   J Lavalley
 12/27/1998 fawn 4/00						  								   								   B Henderson

Bossman Of Big Bone						 Churchill Of Sir Grizzley's					  Ginger Of Sir Grizzley's					   C Smith
 8/9/1997 apricot 4/00						  								   								   A Aharonov

Brandons Big Buddy						 McKenzie Cragen Grande						  Mistress Mercedes The Mastiff					   T Shields
 6/1/1998 apricot 1/00						  								   								   S Kuns

Brast's Big Pugsley						 Ch. Parkerhaus Midnight Magic					  Brast's Masked Twister					   P Brast
 4/5/1996 fawn 6/00						  OFA MF1999F73M OFEL						   OFA MF2049G32F						   P Brast

Brittney's Golden Prince					 Harrelsons Ice							  Sunstar Mannings Cruzier					   J Hickerson
 3/3/1999 fawn 5/00						  								   								   M Harrelson

Brutis Of Benjamin						 Lord Benjamin Of Deer Creek					  Countess Athelia						   J Gibson
 5/23/1998 fawn 2/00						  								   								   J Morris

Brutus King Of Clubs						 McArthur's Buddy Of Radford's					  Greco's Keista Of Radford's					   P Renteria
 5/14/1998 fawn 6/00						  								   								   G Radford

Buckeye Billy Ray						 PrairieCreek Billy						  Grabers Christy						   C Keck
 1/22/1998 brindle 4/00						  								   								   J Graber

Buddy Joe							 Int.Am.Ch. Groppetti Thorg Of Windzor				  Lady Di							   A Shirley
 12/18/1998 fawn 5/00						  OFA MF2937G24M OFEL MFCA11 CERF				   								   A Shirley

Buford Lionsire Greco						 Donachy's Buford Of Kirke					  Diamond G Greco						   G Everitt
 4/28/1998 fawn 6/00						  								   								   G Everitt

Bugs Looney Tunes Willard					 Hooch Lee Stuck						  Tosa Stuck							   A Willard
 11/14/1996 fawn 1/00						  								   								   M Stuck

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/00 thru 6/00

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Bull-Winkle Of Leavitt						 Greiner Hall Renegade						  Tempest Tara Bull						   M Bristor
 12/25/1996 apricot 4/00					  								   								   J Bristor

Bull Of The Woods						 Rambo The King							  Nike The Queen						   D Miller
 6/28/1996 fawn 5/00						  								   								   J Hooks

Byrd's Symba Lazy D						 Ch. I Guards Lazy D Marvelous Marv				  Ch. Groppetti Dixie Of Lazy D					   H Byrd-II
 3/1/1998 fawn 5/00OFA MF4173G29M OFEL CERF			  								   OFEL								   N Walker

Caesar Bear Bell						 Brutus XXVII							  Shenna II							   A Bell
 2/19/1998 brindle 3/00						  								   								   J Limacher

Calavar Lord Mavramorn						 Coinmor Dionach						  Sallymas Magic Moment						   K Brown
 11/3/1994 fawn 1/00						  								   								   R Sanders

Camelots Damian Call To Arms					 Jericho Ironwar Jake						  Flying W Lavada						   R Kozlowski
 8/4/1998 fawn 1/00						  								   								   F Wagner

Caroline's Creek Sampson					 Iron Chief Bubba						  Tiny IV							   T Bentley
 2/2/1998 fawn 1/00						  								   								   H Hayes

Celtic's O Danny Boy						 Ch. Iron Hills Storm' in Norman				  Brite Star's Blazing Inferno					   S O'Connor
 9/24/1997 brindle 5/00OFEL MFCA31 CERF				  OFA MF1611G38M						   OFA MF1795E24F OFEL MFCA10 CERF				   S Dilullo

Chagrin Grog							 Chagrin Danny Boy						  G H Chagrin Liberty Belle					   G Mester
 4/25/1997 brindle 1/00						  								   								   G Mester

Chardon's Sir Scooby Of Doo					 Biscuit Boy Breedlove						  KT's Powder Puff						   J Hancock
 6/4/1997 brindle 6/00						  								   								   K Caldwell

Chenango's Noah's Ark						 Ark's Rosco							  On Golden Paws Misty						   A Cooper
 12/1/1998 brindle 5/00						  OFA MF3860F38M						   								   A Kauffman

Cheryls Lord Mastiff Boss					 CBT's Semi							  Sheba Jo							   C Summers
 2/14/1998 fawn 2/00						  								   								   C Keck

Chocolate Moose Cat Stalker					 Walkers Cowboy							  Walker's Silver Belle						   L Hannah
 12/16/1997 brindle 3/00					  								   OFA MF3148F31F OFEL						   L Walker

Clyde IV							 Majestic Augustus Sextilis					  Katy Elder Harkness						   G Everitt
 6/16/1998 brindle 6/00						  								   								   W Harkness-II

Colonial Oaks Lucas						 Colonial Oaks Thunderous Thor					  Colonial Oaks Norma Mae					   S Karp
 11/16/1992 brindle 6/00					  								   								   S Karp

Cross Timbers WhoGooseDaMoose					 Ch. Cross Timbers American Ace					  Cross Timbers Pretty Penny					   R Miller
 8/17/1997 apricot 3/00						  OFA MF2176F52M						   OFA MF2670G28F						   J Anderson

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/00 thru 6/00

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Curmudgeon The Crusader						 Ch. Golden Hills Sir Wellington				  Rose O Sharon Fergie						   K Woods
 11/26/1996 fawn 1/00						  								   								   J Goodin

Dandylion Groppetti Imax					 Ch. Semper Fi Groppetti Gargoyle				  Lionsire S Kali Of Dandylion					   J Rigdon
 3/1/1998 fawn 3/00OFA MF4169G29M				  OFA MF2046GM							   OFA MF2116F32F OFEL						   D Linzy

Dandylion Teddy Bear						 Ch. Jewel Midas Touch Of CC					  Ch. Dandylion Maggie Magee					   C Morgan
 2/25/1998 fawn 6/00						  OFA MF2302F28M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF2115F27F						   D Linzy

Desert Storms Apachee						 Ceasar II							  Caer Acker's Ponce's Valentine				   S Stephens
 1/24/1998 brindle 4/00						  								   OFA MF1921F33F						   A Calhoun

Diesel								 Jordans Lionsire Big Bear					  Joansboroughs Phoenix Of Fire					   J Radan-Jr
 10/9/1996 fawn 5/00						  								   								   L Dupree

Dodi Of Dujon's Lionsire					 Ch. Lionsire Lazzuras Of Dujon					  Lionsire Allison Of Dujon					   S Waldorf
 12/29/1997 brindle 2/00CERF					  								   OFA MF3217G37F						   D Tribby

Don's Cerius Caesar						 Lawraleigh's Winston Abinadi					  Don's Sheeba							   D Cochran
 6/29/1998 fawn 3/00						  OFA MF2804G24M						   								   C Cochran

Double O's Last Chance						 Ch. Zilla's Obadiah Of Misty ,CGC				  Oberon's Bellatrix						   T Peart
 11/28/1997 fawn 4/00						  OFA MF3005G31M OFEL MFCA31 CERF				   OFA MF2523G97F						   T Peart

Dri Branch Brutus						 Gabriel Of Mystic Mtn						  Maggy Faith Of Mystic Mtn					   R Copenhaver
 1/18/1998 apricot 5/00						  								   								   T Hopper

Dutch's Tequilla Thunder					 Wenmar's Colonel Samson					  Psai-Wi Susanah Groppetti					   D Maxberry
 10/18/1998 apricot 3/00					  								   								   S Alsager

Erebor's Ulysses						 Graaf Erebor Thalion						  Erebor's Qisil						   S Napotnik
 1/17/1996 brindle 4/00						  								   								   M Cuypers

Fawnhill Mighty Samson Yaxley					 Can.Ch. Yarraville Muscles Maginty				  Sweet Pea Of Fawn Hill					   E Ainsworth
 9/17/1997 fawn 4/00						  OFA MF1673G34M CERF						   								   L O'Melay

Five Star General Wishbone					 General Charles Watson						  Stacy Star Collinsworth					   K Slovak
 10/8/1995 fawn 3/00						  								   								   C Collinsworth

Flurry's Sinbad							 Crosby's Masterful Murray					  Lots-Of-Luv Nolen's Maci					   R Flurry
 1/11/1999 fawn 5/00						  								   								   A Temple

General Lee II							 Gryphon							  Madison M							   B Hoffman
 11/15/1998 apricot 4/00					  								   								   V Riggs

General P G T Beauregard					 Rholyn Benton Of Koehn						  Greco's Cricket Of Hollesley					   T Tongyai
 6/28/1998 fawn 2/00						  								   OFA MF3213F25F						   J Banks

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/00 thru 6/00

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

George Jadoon Co Bo Sm Baker					 Royaloak Samson						  Bar-Kings Princess Caroline					   S Baker
 2/22/1997 brindle 3/00						  								   								   G Jadoon

Ginn's Golden Titan Too						 Briarcreek Columbo Peugeot					  Lady Abigail Leigh						   J Ginn
 11/10/1997 fawn 1/00						  OFA MF3105F26M						   								   A Jessie

GNB's Gentle Ben Of Cedarrio					 Ch. Cedar Ridge Majestic Bohemian				  Cedar Ridge In Trouble Again					   P Bass
 1/28/1997 fawn 5/00						  OFA MF3032F31M OFEL CERF					   								   S Blickenstaff

Ch. Golden Bear's Thumper Of Cluny				 Silver's Tobias Of Cluny					  Cluny's Lady Chelsea						   J Horrocks
 7/23/1994 apricot 2/00OFA MF2381F37M OFEL			  								   								   J Horrocks

Grand Traverse Gotta Go						 Grand Traverse Semper Finest					  Grand Traverse Solitary Rose					   H Gibson
 7/22/1997 fawn 5/00						  OFA MF3745F25M CERF						   								   K Rajtar

Grandviews Amazon Royal						 Jake Dusty Darrenger						  Gladiator Lady Molly						   L Gaipo
 8/3/1997 brindle 5/00						  								   								   L Askelson

Ch. Granite Bays Ancient Mariner				 Ch. Middle Earth Aragorn					  Granite Bays Calm Waters					   M Holmoe
 10/31/1997 fawn 1/00OFA MF3928E26M OFEL CERF			  OFA MF2666G24M OFEL						   OFA MF2841E40F						   M Holmoe

Greenfield Elvis						 Silver's Tobias Of Cluny					  Grete The Great						   B Mendenhall
 8/1/1998 apricot 4/00						  								   OFA MF2660G24F OFEL						   P Meyer

Greenwood's Sir Duke						 Park's Sir Nicholas Drake					  Caer Acker's Lady Chandler					   S Greenwood
 6/21/1994 fawn 6/00						  								   								   M Park

Grenke's Ares God Of War					 Lilac Acres Big Johnson					  Teague's Harley Banyon McKena					   D Grenke
 12/3/1998 brindle 6/00						  								   								   A Teague

Griffin Benjamin The Duke					 Cairo								  Baby Warbird							   J Griffin
 7/24/1997 fawn 4/00						  								   								   J Woodward

Ch. Groppetti Hales Fury					 Ch. Meriwether's Mo Jo Man					  Ch. Dandylion Wine At Groppettis				   D Warfield
 2/28/1997 apricot 3/00OFA MF3939G35M				  OFA MF1497E40M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF2652G30F						   D Warfield

Gunner II							 Ch. Banyon's Cosby						  Ch. Banyon's Blossom						   G Firestone
 4/24/1997 brindle 5/00						  OFA MF1757G37M						   								   J Zellen

Harleys Oatmealhead VanVoorst					 Cathys Bear Mountain High					  Cathys Tiger Mountain High					   D VanVoorst
 6/7/1997 brindle 3/00						  								   								   C Lapsley

Hercules Charlie Kobold						 Mogus Rhufus Kobolo						  Duchess Boudicca Kobold					   D Hook
 4/7/1998 apricot 6/00						  								   								   M Brown

Hercules IX							 River Ridge Royce Of Greco					  Cactus Flower Jill						   A Masakayan
 4/2/1997 fawn 2/00						  								   								   T Austin

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/00 thru 6/00

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Hercules Loughrey						 Apollo Dulce							  Athena Dulce							   L Ireland
 10/5/1996 fawn 3/00						  								   								   C Grosso

His Majesty's Montgomery MRP					 Ch. Creekside NKOTB Mighty Hogan				  Ch. His Majesty's Bruna Lea					   S Pozzi
 10/9/1997 fawn 2/00						  OFEL CERF							   OFA MF1953G32F OFEL						   E Gomez

Holmes Big Boy Zeus						 Koons Katchy Kilroy Kujo					  Zeus's Luscious Lady Leda					   C Gambill
 10/27/1998 fawn 4/00						  								   OFA MF3501G25F OFEL						   D Anderson

Hubba Bubba							 Deer Run Duke III						  Whitney Of Rockaway						   A Jacobsen
 7/10/1994 apricot 6/00						  								   								   D Bachand

Hudson's Lazy Hock						 Hagar Hockadad							  Ashli's Lazy Grace						   J Glascock
 9/21/1998 apricot 1/00						  OFA MF2976G25M						   								   C Morgan

Indian Run Preston's Cheyanne					 Indian Run Night Hawk						  Sadie May Gulley Of Indian Run				   D Preston
 2/26/1998 fawn 4/00						  								   								   J Gulley

Infinity's Diamond Smasher					 Rocky Top Flaming Gambit					  Ch. Timber Cove Nina						   P Chapman
 7/31/1998 apricot 5/00						  OFA MF3291G35M						   OFA MF1984F24F						   L Rushing

Ironwood's Brutus Beefcake					 Ch. Nyal's Risky Business					  Rancho Koala Tee Time						   M Tully
 1/4/1998 fawn 6/00						  OFA MF2787G27M OFEL MFPA27 CERF				   								   J Deppen

Jacknife's Shy Guy						 Chet Van Charlton						  Sheba Tale Werks						   T Kramer
 10/23/1997 fawn 2/00						  								   								   J Ebersol

Jacko Horse							 Raja Of Kiana Ridge						  Kokomo Morgan O'Kelly						   C Pedersen
 6/16/1998 apricot 4/00						  								   								   J Iske

Jamica's Ziggy Marley						 Coffey Creek Hoss						  Dodson's Doomsday Duchess					   J Moore
 6/18/1998 fawn 3/00						  								   								   K Dodson

Jay Bears Amadeus Red						 Surbition Malcolms For U Blue					  Indian Run IV Paws Preston					   J Behrends
 3/30/1999 apricot 4/00						  OFA MF1417F30M CERF						   								   J Harris

JC's English Ducats						 Sagi Sgt Semore Stripes					  Sagi Ronks Northern Lights					   J Collins
 9/26/1998 brindle 6/00						  								   								   T Bomgardner

Jesse Sarah's Little Bruiser					 Gene The Bruiser						  Sarah D Bruiser						   S Schillinger
 5/7/1995 apricot 4/00						  OFA MF1736G31M						   								   L Shain

Katy Elder's Big Boy						 Shearer's Brindle Tiger					  Katy Elder Harkness						   W Harkness-II
 11/6/1997 brindle 2/00						  								   								   W Harkness-II

Keystone's Alex The Great					 Brite Star's Brutus Beefcake					  Pearls Mishiefmaker						   D Smith
 4/17/1998 brindle 4/00						  								   								   T Hite

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/00 thru 6/00

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Knickie's Royal Coaltrain					 Am.Can.Ch. Moonstone's Nobelest Rasputin			  Golden Hills Katie Boycehaus					   H Cubbage
 5/31/1998 fawn 4/00						  OFA MF1880F37M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF2871E32F OFEL CERF					   A Boyce-Jr

Kodiak Bear Hildebrand						 Sir Mastin Lord Of Lionheart					  Cheyenne DanielleGemstoneWarnr				   L Hildebrand
 11/29/1998 brindle 3/00					  								   								   C Warner

Ladonna's Big Daddy D Dexter					 Augustus Of The Yellow Rose					  JC's Misty's Satin Lady					   N Halliburton
 8/14/1997 fawn 6/00						  								   								   J Crawford

Ch. La Paw's Drake Of Diamondhead				 Int.Am.Ch. Groppetti Thorg Of Windzor				  Lady Rowena Of Flint Creek					   M Lauritsen
 12/20/1997 fawn 4/00OFA MF4096E30M OFEL CERF			  OFA MF2937G24M OFEL MFCA11 CERF				   OFA MF2940F34F OFEL MFCA11 CERF				   C Long

Lee's Et Tu Brute						 Sir Winston Churchhill Lee					  Winstons Shadow In The Night					   C Holden
 6/9/1994 brindle 4/00						  								   								   C Lee

Leonardo Wellington Wycliff					 General Charles Watson						  Lady Gwinaver Of Dawson					   E McCray
 3/13/1997 apricot 6/00						  								   								   C Collinsworth

Leroy Edward of Big Sioux					 Mavricks Silver Star						  Bakleigh's Sterling Moon					   B Hollesen
 5/3/1997 apricot 6/00						  								   OFA MF2958F24F						   S Zeller

Lionhearted Double D Marco					 Ch. Eastland's Sir Bates					  Lionhearted Goliath's Emily					   G Davis
 11/14/1997 fawn 5/00OFA MF3835F24M				  								   								   G Davis

Ch. L Olympus Nemo						 Ch. Middle Earth Aragorn					  L Olympus Aurora						   E Nelson
 9/11/1997 fawn 1/00						  OFA MF2666G24M OFEL						   								   F Carnett

Lord Meshemu Of Lexington					 Quail Courts Sir Frank						  Quail Courts Chocolate Delight				   W Browning
 1/24/1999 brindle 3/00						  								   								   A Puckett

Lord Remington							 Hercules Of Romulus						  Nicky Nguyen							   R Brown
 7/27/1997 fawn 1/00						  								   								   C Nguyen

Lord Waldo Warlock Minter					 Lord Warlock-Mystic Paradox					  Exquisite Lady Cinder Fire					   D Minter
 2/7/1996 apricot 5/00						  								   								   K Johnson

Lu Dels Golden Boy St Nicholas					 Ch. Semper Fi Groppetti Gargoyle				  McArthur's Sassie						   B Plante
 12/30/1997 brindle 5/00					  OFA MF2046GM							   								   T McArthur

Ch. MacWoo Ben Hur Windhaven					 Am.Can.Ch. Windhaven Crusader					  Can.Ch. Lady MacDuff Of Doneright ,TT				   S Brown
 11/23/1994 apricot 3/00OFA MF2493G24M OFEL CERF		  OFA MF1167G32M OFEL CERF					   OFEL CERF							   D Caron

Malcoms Prim Rose Gumbo						 Surbition Malcolms For U Blue					  Four Paws Bristol Wallon					   A Shaw
 11/30/1998 fawn 5/00						  OFA MF1417F30M CERF						   								   J Harris

M And M's Son Of A Gun						 Sir Yogi Of Paradise Bluff					  Shegaleigh Of Ryka Farms					   C Oldenburg
 5/31/1998 fawn 1/00						  								   								   G Blankenship

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/00 thru 6/00

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Mary's Take Your Time Cujo					 Chance OfALifeTime Watts					  Lissingley Louise						   M Luecke
 12/15/1998 fawn 5/00						  								   								   M Luecke

Massars Rawhide Rowdy						 Gannaway's Sir Lancelot					  Massars Peaches N Cream					   J Morris
 3/26/1996 apricot 3/00						  								   								   T Massar

Matics Gaitor Gait						 Ch. Matics Pistol Paken Paxon					  Pinehollows Contessa Of Matic					   H Lockhart
 4/5/1995 brindle 6/00						  								   								   A Policastro

Max-A-Million II						 McArthur's Buddy Of Radford's					  Wheezer Of Russells Knoll					   R Brown
 5/16/1998 fawn 6/00						  								   								   R Radford

McKellar's Governor Of Florida					 Surbition Malcolms For U Blue					  Jimmie's Sure Cash						   J McKellar
 12/6/1997 apricot 4/00						  OFA MF1417F30M CERF						   								   J Harris

McLoughlin Castle Mukluk					 Golden Hills Ozzie Boycehaus					  Khimara Hills Whitney						   T Allsup
 11/18/1997 brindle 6/00					  CERF								   								   J John

MDC Otis Of Whispering Pines					 Lord Duncan Astomoor						  Lady Morgan Of Hinchmoor					   C Clayton
 4/30/1994 brindle 2/00OFA MF3561G58M				  								   								   G Hinchman

Mellon's Marvelous Maxwell					 Vito Of Noble Roman						  Desert Sky Bailey Girl					   E Mellon
 12/8/1998 brindle 4/00						  OFA MF3324G39M OFEL						   								   C Pritchert

Mercer's Zeus							 Running Bear's Pongo						  Whitt's Misty Molly						   M Mercer
 10/30/1996 fawn 3/00						  OFA MF2048G26M						   								   P Whitt

Miacis Lincoln Navigator					 Am.Can.Ch. Niko Grossman ,CD,WD,CGC				  Kasha Of Thunder Ridge					   W Franchuk
 11/6/1998 brindle 5/00						  OFA MF2202F26M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF3208G24F OFEL CERF					   D DeHaan

Mighty Buster Of Mayfair					 Isom's Majestic Tanner						  Sierra Renea Michel Collison					   D Cates
 11/4/1998 fawn 6/00						  								   								   T Collison

Mighty Mac Of Spartacus						 Rholyn To The Max						  Heidelbergers Curly Sue					   C Wahlstrom
 11/29/1997 apricot 6/00					  								   								   V Moore

Mighty Max Attack						 Willow Run Brooklyn						  Joey's Lucky Star						   R Smith
 2/15/1998 apricot 2/00						  								   								   J Riley

Mighty Sherekhan Markham					 Franks Mighty Goliath						  Princess Jasmine Of Jubilee					   L Markham
 5/27/1997 brindle 5/00						  								   								   T Witmore

Milehi's Powerstroke Diesel					 Rockie Greco Ashley						  Milehi's Mighty Aphrodite					   M Goldstein
 12/31/1997 fawn 2/00CERF					  								   OFA MF3297G27F						   H Price

Mill Creek's Storm Dancer					 Mill Creek's Ghost Dancer					  Mill Creek's Mercedes						   D Motz
 4/15/1998 brindle 2/00						  								   								   D Motz

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/00 thru 6/00

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Minder's Boastful Bert						 Cotton Hill Farms Chancellor					  Cotton Hill Farms Angel					   K Sitts
 3/22/1997 brindle 4/00						  								   								   R Hobbs

Missy II's Gus Von Bruise					 Phoebes' Bruiser Von Titan					  Missy II							   P Cummings
 1/15/1999 brindle 5/00						  								   								   S Girth

Montenegro Valley Le BeauChien					 Marycrest Simbah Pride						  PS Saraphina							   P Bolin
 2/12/1997 fawn 5/00						  								   								   B Prindle

Moondance Beau Murphy						 Int.Am.Can.Ch. Coltons Beauregard				  Ch. Moondance Guardian Angel					   J Lyons
 6/22/1996 fawn 3/00						  OFA MF1330F38M OFEL CERF					   CERF								   J Lyons

Mooneyhams Tedo							 McCray's Hero							  Nelson's Ironhouse Sandy					   S Mooneyham
 1/12/1999 fawn 5/00						  								   								   L Nelson

Moonshine's No Bull Dozer					 Nature Acres							  Southwinds Queen Elizabeth					   P Crosby
 2/15/1998 fawn 4/00						  								   								   N Schibbelhut

Ch. Moonstone's Bilgewater McBark				 Am.Can.Ch. Moonstone's Nobelest Rasputin			  MP Miss Button's And Bow's					   B Brazeau
 10/3/1996 fawn 6/00OFA MF3993G41M OFEL CERF			  OFA MF1880F37M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF2471F26F						   J Spencer

MQH Maxwell Kegger Of SMB					 MQH Xavier							  MQH Riata							   B Alioto
 10/11/1995 fawn 6/00						  OFA MF1941G24M OFEL						   OFA MF1934F24F OFEL						   J Mettrick

Mr Levi Of Savoy						 Mr Hank Turner Of Savoy					  Hooches Of Savoy						   D Contreras
 8/11/1998 fawn 4/00						  								   								   D Mumford

Mr T								 Sir Charles Of Bishop						  Merry Miss							   D Garrett
 4/15/1997 fawn 3/00						  								   								   M Ballard

Mystical's Mighty Montgomery					 Ch. Maplecreek's Jacob Of JG's					  Ch. Mystical Sweet Liberty					   M Schipper
 4/16/1998 fawn 5/00						  OFA MF2445G27M CERF						   OFA MF2733G24F CERF						   M Dristas

Natures Acres El Capitan					 High Deserts Carbon Copy					  Nature Acres Wunderbar Enami					   M Paduano
 7/7/1997 fawn 3/00						  OFA MF2932G39M OFEL						   								   M Paduano

NJ Grecos Little Rogue						 Legend Of Rogue						  Greco's Saint Catherine					   T Greco
 12/28/1997 fawn 2/00						  								   								   R Greco

Nk WileyWays Cosmic Force					 Noble Knight Of Greiner Hall					  NK Acorn Pearl Of Old School					   S Wiley
 12/6/1998 fawn 6/00OFP OFEL Prelim				  								   								   R Smith

Northwinds Little Sir Tonka					 Ch. Banyon's Cosby						  Northwinds Little Ms Libby					   P St
 12/18/1995 fawn 5/00						  OFA MF1757G37M						   OFA MF2154G24F						   E McCoy

Oberon's T-Bone							 Mastiff Beethoven Williams					  Ashley's Lady Sheeba						   J Eaton
 1/25/1998 fawn 4/00						  								   								   A Williams

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/00 thru 6/00

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Old School Snap E Tom						 Old School Maj's Brawny Bubba					  Old School Gertie O'Tintagel					   J Bahlman
 12/22/1996 apricot 4/00					  								   								   J Bahlman

Osbornes Awesom Walter						 Victouri's Lissingley Winston					  Cardinals Lissingley Sadie					   A Pollock
 5/30/1996 fawn 6/00						  								   								   T Pickering

Oso Jadoon Velasquez						 L Olympus Zues L Jaddon Reid					  Princess Zab Stub Geo Jadoon					   C Velasquez
 8/26/1998 brindle 4/00						  								   								   L Jadoon-Reid

Ozzybear Son Of Sammy						 Cody's Boy Sampson						  Jasmine Rose Kelly						   R Skeen
 5/3/1998 fawn 5/00						  								   								   D Kalabon

Pa-Shega's Double Trouble					 Sweetshops Sasquatch Legend					  Hyacinth Margaret Imhoff					   J Morris
 2/7/1998 fawn 5/00CERF						  OFA MF2338G36M CERF						   OFA MF1890G26F CERF						   J Morris

Pa-Shega's Singa-Raga of NA					 Sweetshops Sasquatch Legend					  Hyacinth Margaret Imhoff					   M Paduano
 2/7/1998 apricot 2/00						  OFA MF2338G36M CERF						   OFA MF1890G26F CERF						   J Morris

Pallone Conan The Barbarian					 Ch. Arciniega's Sweet Willie					  Pallone Crowning Glory					   C Buckaloo
 4/27/1998 fawn 3/00CERF					  CERF								   OFA MF3140F49F OFEL						   J Pallone

Pallone Gannaway's Samson					 Ch. Arciniega's Sweet Willie					  Pallone Crowning Glory					   D Gannaway
 4/27/1998 fawn 3/00						  CERF								   OFA MF3140F49F OFEL						   J Pallone

Parmers Boaz Of Cedar Yard					 Sir Saxon Of Wheeless						  M'Lady Deira Of Wheeless					   K Parmer
 10/3/1997 fawn 3/00						  								   								   J Gibson

Ch. Pendragon Bailiffs Farlough ,CGC				 Ch. Acorn Hill Uther Pendragon ,CGC,TDI			  Lady Lindsay Of Wyndehaven					   J Tyrpak
 12/7/1995 fawn 4/00OFA MF3046F27G OFEL				  OFA MF1158G24M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF105F24M OFEL CERF					   W Krauser

PJ's Thundar Of Tritan						 Ch. Arciniega's Silvers Bingo					  B Booper							   W Bouras
 12/8/1994 apricot 2/00						  OFA MF1340G26M						   								   P Dunston

Pooh Bear And His Dirt						 Ty's Bigfoot							  Razzilla							   C Aragon
 12/1/1998 apricot 5/00						  								   								   T Spears

Prince Henry Stout						 King's Guardian Moose						  Anah Malkah Berakah						   J Martinez
 9/7/1998 brindle 4/00						  OFA MF2361G26M						   								   B Blaylock

PR Salsman's Gus						 Kewayden's Foundation Rock					  Diamond Tierra's Ebony Eve					   R Henson
 9/4/1998 brindle 6/00						  								   								   L Bailey

Ch. Quail Hill's Majestik Turbulnc				 Ch. Quail Hill's Chubacca					  Quail Hill's Bowsprit Gypsy					   S Visocchi
 11/3/1997 fawn 5/00OFA MF3973G27M OFEL CERF			  OFA MF2163E25M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF2520G29F CERF						   G Bacon

Quinder's Bouche D'ean						 Eagerside Wolfgang Amedeus					  ZZ's Casey							   T Devon
 12/20/1994 fawn 4/00						  								   								   J Lane

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/00 thru 6/00

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Random Tank Quest Of Oakridge					 Duke Kisumu Of Oakridge					  Duchess Valfrekr Of Oakridge					   S Boyes
 9/28/1995 fawn 5/00						  								   								   C Ivar

Rathnau Rose Bay Outta Control					 Rose Bay Reflection Of Jubal					  Ch. Rathnaus A Dynasty In Dallas				   A Smith
 9/28/1998 brindle 6/00						  								   OFA MF2528G24F						   K Rathnau

Red Baron Of Sir Grizzleys					 Churchill Of Sir Grizzley's					  Ginger Of Sir Grizzley's					   J Andriolo
 12/31/1998 apricot 6/00					  								   								   A Aharonov

Reyerson's Rowdy Star						 Sagi Rochester New Addition					  Antelope Creek Annie						   S Zubke
 7/10/1997 fawn 2/00OFA MF3783E25M				  OFA MF2019G66M						   OFA MF2561G25F OFEL						   D Wuetherich

Rockin Bubba Bruno						 General Charles Watson						  Stacy Star Collinsworth					   L Sherrill
 4/10/1996 fawn 4/00						  								   								   C Collinsworth

Ch. Sagi Guardian Dragon					 Ch. Lionsire Run'n Bear Samson					  Limeville Sharon Rose						   R Sheetz-Lytle
 9/22/1998 fawn 5/00						  OFA MF2003E28M						   								   A Stoltzfus

Samson Gurrola							 Deer Run Zues							  Princess Shaughnessy						   A Gurrola
 11/1/1991 fawn 4/00						  								   								   M Shaughnessy

Samson Thunder Bear						 Thor Thunder Bear						  Gavin's Miss Lucy						   R Pales
 5/1/1998 fawn 4/00						  								   								   J Lavalley

Schaeffer							 McArthur's Buddy Of Radford's					  Christmas Bear Becca Of Greco					   D Tullis
 12/28/1998 fawn 5/00						  								   								   G Radford

Selkirk's Mr Magoo						 Snowwhite's Awesome Bear					  Selkirk's Grey Mist						   C Bunch
 11/20/1992 fawn 1/00						  								   								   H Lasater

Semi Caesar							 CBT's Semi							  Sheba Jo							   J Noehre
 2/14/1998 fawn 4/00						  								   								   C Keck

Ch. Shabas Kodiak Kay						 Am.Can.Ch. Moonstone's Nobelest Rasputin			  Willow Creek Charisma						   S Kay
 10/5/1995 fawn 4/00OFA MF3009G29F OFEL				  OFA MF1880F37M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF1858F28F CERF						   K Richards

Sherman The Tank						 Sundances Bufford						  Sundance's Fancy Stepper					   A Cudworth
 11/12/1996 apricot 3/00					  								   								   D Cottongim

Sir Bo Onassa							 Sitzes Mongo Big						  Kerry's Tiny Pepper						   L Tritch
 11/12/1997 fawn 3/00						  								   								   K Sitzes

Sir Brutus Of Gregis Manor					 The Duke Of Buckskin						  Pike Run's Shamey						   C Gregis
 4/2/1995 fawn 2/00						  								   								   L Bailey

Sir Caesar Cerberus Grant					 Sir Mangus Xavier Grant					  Millie Of Burnt Mill Road					   D Helm
 10/11/1996 apricot 4/00					  								   OFA MF1751G27F						   D Morgan

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/00 thru 6/00

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Sir Caesar Goliath Grems					 Nightwinds Zachariah						  NW Maggie							   T Grems
 4/2/1997 fawn 1/00OFA MF3716F28M OFEL				  								   								   R Pozanc

Sir King Gentle Brutus						 Foxfire's Gentle Ben						  Foxfire's Tequila Sunrise					   C Breyman
 11/19/1993 apricot 3/00					  								   								   L Schroeder

Sir Klunker Klaws						 Wenmar's Major Beaureguard					  Funny Farm's Bronte-Saurus					   T Core-Ward
 1/13/1998 fawn 2/00						  								   								   J Hagy

Sir Lancelot Of Camelot						 Amos Moses Moon Heavensgate					  Zekiah Bessie Moon						   G Radun
 9/28/1996 brindle 4/00						  								   								   A Moon

Snow Tiger's Baloo						 Caledonia Come Back Kid					  Tuckasee's Star Lite						   C Henson
 3/17/1997 fawn 1/00						  								   								   S Wactor

Ch. Spicewood's I Go To The River				 Ch. Enchanted Acres Trust Me					  Ch. Queen Elizabeth Heavensgate				   G Moore
 3/8/1997 fawn 5/00OFA MF3697E28M OFEL				  OFA MF1599E32M OFEL CERF					   								   G Moore

Spirit Of Arizona RJ						 Barbs Big Boy Bo Bo Furbis					  SK Mary							   R Harrison
 12/2/1997 fawn 4/00						  								   								   J Stinson

Ch. Springwood Sagi TheDragonSlayr				 Semper Fi Ronks Cleo						  Sagi Springwood New Beginning					   R Lytle
 2/20/1998 fawn 2/00						  OFA MF3527G26M						   OFA MF3499G45F						   R Lytle

St Albans' Sir Oscar Duncan					 Mellabee Orange Crush						  Centaurs Pumba						   D Holtzen
 11/20/1997 fawn 6/00						  								   								   C Williams

Steinberger's Baby Boy Titan					 Victouri's Lissingley Winston					  Lissingley's Miss Ruby					   R Steinberger
 1/24/1998 apricot 3/00						  								   								   M Pickering

Stimson Brannen							 Ch. Meadowhawks Yanagua ,CD					  Lillie's Billie						   A Brannen
 7/30/1998 apricot 3/00						  OFA MF3447F26M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF2965G36F						   K Koelker

Sugarfoot Mack Daddy						 Ch. Lamar's JJ Wilder ,CGC					  Sugarfoot Touch Of Class					   J Andersen
 9/13/1998 fawn 1/00						  OFA MF1430G24M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF3763G50F OFEL CERF					   S Glaspey

Sullivan's Mister Bodatious					 Maximillion III						  Kookie 'N Cream						   G Sullivan
 12/9/1997 brindle 2/00						  								   								   B Stauffer

Tank Howitzer Whitely						 Ace								  Kristy's Bitsy Companion					   L Whitely
 11/14/1997 apricot 3/00					  								   								   M Huffman

Ch. Tanyard Orions Dragonslayer					 Ch. Enchanted Acres Trust Me					  Peripatetic Orions Diana ,CD					   C Gentry
 7/6/1996 apricot 6/00OFA MF3226E25M OFEL			  OFA MF1599E32M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF2171F38F OFEL CERF					   C Gentry

The Great Spartagus Of Greco					 Cardels' Magnum						  Cardels' Magoalene						   A Jackson
 2/2/1999 fawn 6/00						  								   								   R Grant

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/00 thru 6/00

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Thor Dogg Of Thunder						 Mr Brindles Greathouse						  Paradise Bluff Tosha Fawn					   N Conrad
 11/6/1998 fawn 3/00						  OFA MF2927G24M						   OFA MF2844G37F						   B Taylor

Thunder Jiego Of Waukegan					 King Sinbad Of Cambridge					  Sweet Sassy Of Connersville					   H Anit
 12/7/1998 fawn 5/00						  								   								   D Dunaway

Thunder Runs Gunther Noble					 Ch. Megamillions Maximillion IMOT ,CD				  Thunder Run's Bailey Noble ,CGC				   T Roehlig
 9/28/1997 fawn 4/00OFA MF3803G24M OFEL CERF			  OFA MF1738G25M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF2076G37F OFEL CERF					   T Roehlig

Thunder Runs Sir Lancelot					 Ch. Skamania's Tug Beau-T					  Northwood Fire On Ice						   R Clark-Phd
 9/13/1997 fawn 2/00						  OFA MF3186G29M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF3096F40F OFEL CERF					   R Clark-Phd

Titan Super Nova						 Ju-Ty's Thunder N Lightning					  Ju-Ty's Charmed Peachschnaps					   S Bretana
 8/4/1997 apricot 6/00OFA MF3734E24M				  								   								   J Sutton

Ch. Truitts Billionaire Playboy					 Ch. Groppetti Down Under					  Howling Hills Sassy						   C Sweatt
 10/21/1997 fawn 4/00						  OFA MF3858G24M OFEL						   								   S Truitt

Tuckasee's Harley Clark						 Tuckasee's Mr Magoo						  Cannon's Seton Hall Lady					   C Newsome
 8/1/1997 fawn 2/00						  								   								   C Newsome

Warlords Alexander The Great					 Warlords Le Duc Du Rive					  Warlords Lady Jasmine						   T Devier
 3/5/1998 apricot 4/00						  								   								   M Bowermaster

Warlords Red Of Reeseland					 Warlords Le Duc Du Rive					  Warlords Lady Jasmine						   L Reese
 3/5/1998 apricot 6/00						  								   								   M Bowermaster

Warren Acres Cody Wyoming					 Ch. Crystal Creek Tango Bango					  Apple Creeks Destiny						   M Warren
 6/18/1995 fawn 1/00						  OFA MF1972G42M OFEL CERF					   								   M Warren

Washi Anidona's Uwasa						 Deer Run War Stevens						  Lady Chelsie Dawn Of Jocar					   S Innamoratt
 6/7/1995 fawn 3/00						  								   								   C Brazell

Weavers Brut Force						 Harley Davis' Vixen						  Ginn's Warrior Princess-Xena					   V Weaver
 3/30/1998 fawn 2/00						  								   								   J Ginn

Wheeler's Gentle Ben						 Geolin Farm's Uncle Ole					  Crystal's Mercedes Benz Ann					   F Wagner
 5/27/1996 fawn 5/00						  								   								   G Hendle

Willow Run Thunder O' Big Sky					 Willow Run Gideon						  Willow Run Patience						   T Yocum
 1/19/1998 fawn 6/00OFA MF3934G24M OFEL				  								   OFA MF2644G32F						   T Yocum

Am.Can.Ch. Windhaven Notorious Bacchus				 Windhaven Colossus Of Boris					  Ch. Windhaven Bonn-A-Mie					   S Brown
 10/4/1991 fawn 6/00OFA MF1458E24M OFEL CERF			  								   OFA MF1168G29F						   S Brown

Windy Acres Maximillion						 Crossbow The Hunter						  Molley In The Valley						   C Fitzgerald
 10/22/1998 brindle 2/00					  								   								   K Knaus

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/00 thru 6/00

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Winsor's Samson The Humongous					 Tuckasee's Deejay Samson					  Deejay's Cleopatra						   J Winsor
 10/2/1998 fawn 2/00						  								   								   J Porter

Woody's Mighty Hercules						 Greco's Tristan Hollseley II					  Tuckasee's Lady Alexandra Rose				   D Woodward
 11/22/1998 brindle 3/00					  OFA MF2629G24M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF3960F32F OFEL						   R Simora

Wrights Gentle Ben						 McCray's Hero							  Duchess Grace							   D Wright
 5/17/1999 fawn 6/00						  								   								   C Shuler

Ch. Wunderbar Enchanted-A Deer-R				 Ch. Enchanted Acres Trust Me					  Peripatetic Orions Diana ,CD					   J Hoffman
 7/6/1996 brindle 2/00						  OFA MF1599E32M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF2171F38F OFEL CERF					   C Gentry

Yo Bruno Yooz Sumkindadawgo					 Zeus Rumble Dozer						  Gladerun's Embers Lace					   S Grantz
 11/27/1997 fawn 1/00OFA MF4023G28M				  								   								   D Pitts

Youree Butler Beau Regard					 Stella's Beau Regard						  Tuckasee's Sheena Bear					   J Jones
 12/25/1998 fawn 5/00						  								   								   K Spaccarotell

Zeus Hernandez							 Kemo Of Clifford						  Taizia Hawkins						   O Hernandez
 3/24/1999 brindle 6/00						  								   								   B Hawkins


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