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Five Star

Mandatory for this award are permanent two-year certifications from OFA for hips and elbows, CERF certification (June 1996 or later) or Mastiff Reporter eye normal certification within twelve months of award date, thyroid (OFA certification or MSU equivalent full panel) within twelve months of award date and one additional test from either vonWillebrands (from qualified lab), OFA certified heart or patella.

Note that some of these awards have been upgraded with the addition of additional testing criteria. Also, they may be renewed annually with updated testing for eyes and thyroid.
 Dogs who have received Five Star awards are listed in alphabetical order (excluding titles). To access, press the letter below corresponding to the first letter of a dog's name. This will take you to the first dog listed whose name begins with that letter. If there are no dogs whose names begin with a specific letter, that letter's link will be inactive.

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Admiral Spruance of Grandeur
Fawn Male, DOB 6/12/92
Sire: Altom's Mobe
Dam: Ch. G G's Classic Contessa

Hips MF-2807G63M-T; Elbows MF-EL733-T;
CERF MF-1265/97-66; Thyroid MRT-102/97-64;
VWD MRV-168/97-64

Owner:  Lynn Bliss & Donna Dick
Breeder: James & Donna Dick

Ch. A Shobiz Hannah of Gaia
Fawn Female; DOB 5-7-91
Sire: Ch. A Show Biz Sugarpuss O?Shea
Dam: Ch. A Show Biz Hippolyta

Hips MF-1349G24F; Elbows MF-EL215;
Eyes MRE-032/95-44; CERF MF-532/95-44;
Thyroid MRT-040/94-41; VWD MRV-052/95-45

Owner:  Diana Van Sandt
Breeder: Alice Amyx-West & Gary R. Vise

Beowulf Prince of Brownshavn, CDX, CGC, TDI, DD, WD, VCCX, ASCA CD
Apricot Male, DOB 8-7-92
Sire: Ch. J-Lam Ace of Diamonds
Dam: Rahab The Large Lady

Hips MF-2300G47M; Elbows MF-EL430;
CERF MF-593/96-45; Eyes MRE-095/96-45;
 VWD MRV-114/96-47; Thyroid MRT-084/96-47

Owner:  Danielle & Mark Brown
Breeder: Rober Spinner

Ch. Creekview's Major Montgomery, CD, CGC, TDI
Fawn Male, DOB 5-3-92
Sire: Ch. Matts Joshua of Dogwood Knoll
Dam: Ch. Old School Creekview Major K, CD, CGC, WD

Hips MF-1658G25M; Elbows MF-EL271;
Eyes MRE-042/95-32; VWD MRV-061/95-40; 
Thyroid MRT-049/95-40

Owner:  Kay Routten
Breeder: Kay Routten

Farnaby Fearful Symmetry
Brindle Male; DOB 2-24-91
Sire: Farnaby Touch of Class at Trevabyn
Dam: Ch. Farnaby Fraze and Fable

Hips MF-1362G40M; Elbows MF-EL60-T:
Eyes MRE-034/95-47; CERF MF-303/94-31;
Thyroid MRT-46/95-49; VWD MRV-53/95-49;
Patella MF-PA14/49/M-T

Owner:  Laurie Brooke Adams
Breeder: Betty Baxter

Greco's Nigel of Norhamton
Fawn Male, DOB 4-15-94
Sire: Ch. Greco's Hollesley Rogue
Dam: Greco's Saint Bernadette Holl

Hips MF-2226G24M; Elbows MF-EL392; 
CERF MF-488/95-17; Eyes MRE-079/95-17; 
VWD MRV-098/96-24; Thyroid MRT-073/96-24

Owner:  David Boyle
Breeder: Norma Jean Greco

Gold Coasts Amanda, CGC
Fawn Female; DOB 1-6-93
Sire: Farnaby Fearful Symmetry
Dam: Gold Coasts Emelia

Hips MF-1787F24F; Elbows MF-EL203;
Eyes MRE-025/95-24; CERF MF-447/95-24;
Thyroid MRT-035/95-24; VWD MRV-046/93-2; 
Patella MF-PA9/24/F

Owner:  Jerome L. Krauss, Jr. & Sharon A. Krauss
Breeder: Lisa J. Nicolello


Gold Coasts Mick Ballou
Brindle Male, DOB 2-16-94
Sire: Farnaby Fearful Symmetry
Dam: Gold Coasts Emelia

Hips MF-2238F26M; Elbows MF-EL407;
Eyes MRE-013/96-29; VWD MRV-044/94-2;
Thyroid MRT-074/96-27

Owner:  Stacey Graves
Breeder: Lisa J. Nicolello

Haus Humboldt
Brindle Female; DOB 11-20-90
Sire: Arciniega's Merani Beto
Dam: Haus Humboldt Omni

Hips MF-1258G24F; Elbows MF-EL91;
Eyes MRE-03/94-38; Thyroid MRT-13/93-30;
VWD MRV-12/93-29

Owner:  Linda Monroe
Breeder: Doris Von Koch

Ch. His Majesty Agincourt Jester
Fawn Male, DOB 10-4-92
Sire: Ch. His Majesty's Lion of Judah
Dam: Ch. Pinewoods One Day At A Thyme

Hips MF-1737F24M; Elbows MF-EL181;
Eyes MRE-121/96-45; CERF MF-881/96-45
VWD MRV-155/94-24; Thyroid MRT-088/96-49 

Owner:  Jennifer V. Modica
Breeder: Carolyn C. Hehir & Eva Gomez

Ch. Iron Hills Into The Night
Brindle Male, DOB 7/6/93 
Sire: Ch. Iron Hills Paint Your Wagon
Dam: Kara Stonehage

Hips MF-2277G34M-T; Elbows MF-EL683-T;
CERF MF-1159/97-36;Thyroid MRT-100/97-49;
VWD MRV-166/97-49

Owner:  Glenn & Mary Capelle, Scott Phoebus
Breeder: Scott & Pam Phoebus

Ch. Iron Hills Primo Wagon
Fawn Male, DOB 10-5-94
Sire: Ch. Iron Hills Once Upon A Wagon
Dam: Night Stalker Prima Remo

Hips MF-2397G24M; Elbows MF-EL477;
CERF MF-614/96-25; Eyes MRE-094/96-25;
VWD MRV-113/96-25; Thyroid MRT-083/96-25

Owner:  Tanja & Mark Tavarez
Breeder: Roy & Karley Patterson

Iryshe Molly Malone
Brindle Female, DOB 4-30-92
Sire: Ch. Foxglove Won't Be Denied
Dam: Western's Sovereign Sudie, CD

Hips MF-1626G25F; Elbows MF-EL142;
CERF MF-717/95-43; Eyes MRE-081/95-44;
VWD MRV-099/96-48; Thyroid MRT-076/96-47

Owner/Breeder:  Linda Irish & Robert B. Irish

Iryshe Abby McGee
Fawn Female, DOB 4-30-92
Sire: Ch. Foxglove Won't Be Denied
Dam: Western's Sovereign Sudie, CD

Hips MF-1669F27F; Elbows MF-EL158;
CERF MF-718/95-43; Eyes MRE-082/95-44;
VWD MRV-100/96-48; Thyroid MRT-077/96-47

Owner/Breeder:  Linda Irish & Robert B. Irish

Karo K's Nola Roxette
Apricot Female, DOB 10-31-91
Sire: Ch. Greco's Sir Tristan
Dam: Daniel's Trinket

Hips MF-1495G25F; Elbows MF-EL95;
CERF MF-448/95-41; Eyes MRE-040/95-41; 
VWD MRV-059/93-26; Thyroid MRT-047/95-45

Owner:  Karen F. Boydstun & Susan E. Prickett
Breeder: Debra Smith

Liongates Mandie
Fawn Female, DOB 2-14-93
Sire: Ch. Lionsire Fronhils Bollo
Dam: Lion Gate's Pasha

Hips MF-1816G24F; Elbows MF-EL214;
Eyes MRE-043/95-31; VWD MRV-054/95-24; 
Thyroid MRT-041/95-24

Owner:  Doreen K. Gray
Breeder: Lavon L. Nyberg

Lyonhurst Salacious Simon
Fawn Male, DOB 5-6-93
Sire: Ch. Lord Valerian of Lyonhurst
Dam: Lyonhurst Home Again Hildy 

Hips MF-1988G26M; Elbows MF-EL282;
CERF MF-524/95-27; Eyes MRE-041/95-27; 
VWD MRV-060/95-29; Thyroid MRT-048/95-27

Owner:  Bonnie Falstich
Breeder: Bonnie Falstich

Mac's Silver Lady
Fawn Female, DOB 8-9-91
Sire: KK's Bosco Bear Jr.
Dam: KK's Jessica of Norton

Hips MF-1459G26F; Elbows MF-EL117;
CERF MF-327/96-60; Eyes MRE-072/96-60; 
VWD MRV-040/94-35; Thyroid MRT-033/95-49

Owner:  Chuck & Janice McNamee
Breeder: Catherine A. Cassidy

Megamillions Janis
Fawn Female, DOB 5-23-93
Sire: Ch. Gold Coasts Marshal Tucker, CGC, TDI
Dam: Megamillions Kahlua N Cream, CD

Hips MF-2001G27F; Elbows MF-EL290;
CERF MF-393/95-23; Eyes MRE-033/95-23; 
VWD MRV-062/95-28; Thyroid MRT-059/95-28

Owner:  Dan Winborn
Breeder: Anthony & Sharon Cesany

Ch. Megamillions Maximillion IMOT
Fawn Male, DOB 8-1-92
Sire: Ch. Oaklane's Sir Winston Knights
Dam: Tony's Tequila Sunrise, TT

Hips MF-1738G25M; Elbows MF-EL182;
CERF MF-340/94-27; Eyes MRE-026/94-27; 
VWD MRV-083/95-39; Thyroid MRT-029/95-29

Owner:  Sharon Cesany & Marylou Menefee
Breeder: Anthony & Sharon Cesany

Megamillions Pooka, CGC, TDI
Brindle Female, DOB 5-23-93
Sire: Ch. Gold Coasts Marshal Tucker, CGC, TDI
Dam: Megamillions Kahlua N Cream, CD

Hips MF-2041F28F-T; Elbows MF-EL285-T;
CERF MF388/95-27; Eyes MRE-044/95-27; 
VWD MRV-021/93-3; Thyroid MRT-051/95-27

Owner:  Lisa J. Nicolello
Breeder: Anthony & Sharon Cesany

Ch. Megamillions Sturgis Of Pimlico
Brindle Male; DOB 5-16-91
Sire: Ch. Gold Coasts Polaris Titan, CDX
Dam: Tony's Tequila Sunrise

Hips MF-1358F24M; Elbows MF-EL57; 
CERF MF-290-/94-36; Thyroid MRT-94/36; 
VWD MRV-92/14

Owner:  Dawn A. Anderson
Breeder: Anthony & Sharon Cesany

Megamillions Tuff E Nuff
Fawn Female; DOB 8-1-92
Sire: Ch. Oaklane's Sir Winston Knights
Dam: Tony's Tequila Sunrise, CGC

Hips MF-1790G29F-T; Elbows MF-EL204-T;
Eyes MRE-027/94-19; CERF MF-339/94-19;
Thyroid MRT-030/95-29; VWD MRV-047/94-24

Owner:  Anthony & Sharon Cesany
Breeder  Anthony & Sharon Cesany

Ch. Monarch's Orion Shall Rise, CD
Fawn Male, DOB 8-16-93
Sire: Kodiak of Sir Grizzleys
Dam: Monroe's Nikita of Wisperwind

Hips MF-2012F24M-T; Elbows MF-EL294-T; 
CERF MF-466/95-22; Eyes MRE-046/95-22; 
VWD MRV-064/94-11; Thyroid MRT-068/96-30

Owner:  Wes & Tina Copas
Breeder: Linda Monroe

Monroe's Rebekah
Fawn Female; DOB 4-4-92
Sire: Ch. Greco's Hollesley Rogue
Dam: Greco's Reggi Anne

Hips MF-1569G24F-T; Elbows MF-EL123-T;
Eyes MRE-04/94-25; Thyroid MRT-15/93-18;
VWD MRV-14/93-18

Owner:  Linda Monroe
Breeder: N. Lawson

Monroe's Nikita of Wisperwind
Fawn Female; DOB 3-29-91
Sire: Dakar's Baron Von Wolf
Dam: Dakar's Roxanne Roll

Hips MF-1338F24F-T; Elbows MF-EL99-T;
Eyes MRE-05/94-35; Thyroid MRT-16/93-25;
VWD MRV-15/93-29

Owner:  Linda Monroe
Breeder: J. & M. Barry

Ch. Oaklane Jeremy's Lucy
Brindle Female, DOB 7-2-93
Sire: Oaklair's Shadow Shaka
Dam: Ch. Oaklane Rose Bay Isis, CD, CGC, TDI, WD

Hips MF-2108G30F; Elbows MF-EL466; 
CERF MF-915/96-36; Eyes MRE-092/96-36; 
VWD MRV-111/96-38; Thyroid MRT-081/96-38

Owner:  Marlyne & Jeremy Tyre
Breeder: Vicki & Tim Hix

Ch. Oaklane Polaris Intimidator, CGC, TDI
Fawn Male; DOB 8-9-94
Sire: Ch. Argus Hill Medallion Delbert, CGC
Dam: Ch. Oaklane Polaris Pocohauntes, CD, WD, CGC

Hips MF-2347G24M; Elbows MF-EL459; 
CERF MF-537/96-21; Eyes MRE-091/96-21;
Thyroid MRT-066/96-20; VWD MRV-110/96-23

Owner:  Tim/Vicki Hix & Nicki Camerra
Breeder: Nicki Camerra & Tim/Vicki Hix

Ch. Oaklane Polaris of Crosswind
Fawn Female, DOB 8-9-94
Sire: Ch. Argus Hill Medallion Delbert, CGC
Dam: Ch. Oaklane Polaris Pocohauntes, CD, CGC, WD

Hips MF-2335G24F; Elbows MF-EL453;
CERF-916/96-21; Eyes MRE-093/96-21;
VWD MRV-112/96-25; Thyroid MRT-082/96-25

Owner:  Vicki Hix & Nicki Camerra
Breeder: Tim & Vicki Hix, Nicki Camerra

Ch. Polaris Oaklane Eloise, CD
Fawn Female, DOB 8/9/94
Sire: Ch. Argus Hill Medallion Delbert, CGC
Dam: Ch. Oaklane Polaris Pocohauntes, CD, CGC, WD

Hips MF-2350G24F-T; Elbows MF-EL461-T;
CERF MF-520/97-34; Eyes MRE-90/97-38;
Thyroid MRT-104/97-38; VWD MRV-169/97-39

Owner:  Nicki Camerra; Tim/Vicki Hix; Lee Brown
Breeder: Nicki Camerra; Tim/Vicki Hix


Sir-Morgan-Bailey-Crown Prince
Fawn Male, DOB 6/29/93
Sire: Harley's Cuspid Special
Dam: Roxy Music

Hips MF-2869G52M-T; Elbows MF-EL770-T;
CERF MF-1299/98-55; Thyroid MF-TH62/56M-T;
Patella MF-PA177/56/M/P-T

Owner:  Robert & Pam Adema
Breeder: Javon Tubic

Ch. Stratton's Ms Tulsi of Asgard, CGC, TDI
Fawn Female, DOB 7-15-93
Sire: Ch. Asgards Thor Valhalla
Dam: Ch. Asgards Copper Penny

Hips MF-2106G30F; Elbows MF-EL334;
Eyes MRE-078/96-34; VWD MRV-097/96-32;
Thyroid MRT-072/96-32

Owner:  Donita BETH Kimball
Breeder: Jim & Terry Hudspeth

Ch. Subigres Challenger My T Max, CGC
Brindle Male, DOB 5-16-91
Sire: Ch. Gold Coasts Polaris Titan, CDX, TT, CGC, TDI
Dam: Tony's Tequila Sunrise, TT

Hips MF-1361G24M; Elbows MF-EL59; 
CERF MF-414/93-28; Eyes MRE-031/94-43;
Thyroid MRT-038/95-48; VWD MRV-050/93-31

Owner:  William A. & Susan E. Prickett
Breeder: Anthony & Sharon Cesany

Ch. Sugarfoot's Bodacious Girl
Fawn Female, DOB 1-8-92
Sire: Ch. Sugarfoot's Beau Brummel
Dam: G'Ways Petrosec Gabriel

Hips MF-1518F24F; Elbows MF-EL446-T;
VWD MRV-129/96-57; Thyroid MRT-086/96-48;
CERF MF-894/96-55

Owner:  Bridget L. Edgell
Breeder: David & Cyndee Mabry

Tony's Tequila Sunrise, CGC
Fawn Female; DOB 4-11-89
Sire: Elsa's Pride Maximillion
Dam: Mangowoods Minerva

Hips MF-1026G26F; Elbows MF-EL132;
Eyes MRE-028/94-47; CERF MF-250/94-58;
Thyroid MRT-031/95-69; VWD MRV-010/91-28

Owner:  Anthony & Sharon Cesany
Breeder: Brainard Hines

Ch. Windfall's Bit of Honey
Fawn Female, DOB 9-15-93
Sire: Ch. Tejas Sonrise Dakota, CD
Dam: Mac's Silver Lady

Hips MF-2034G25F; Elbows MF-EL307;
CERF MF489/95-24; Eyes MRE-045/95-24; 
VWD MRV-063/95-25; Thyroid MRT-052/95-25

Owner:  David A. Boyle
Breeder: Chuck & Janice McNamee

Ch. Winsome's Beautiful Babe, CD, CGC, TT, TDI
Fawn Female; DOB 12-22-91
Sire: Ch. Oaklane Sir Winston Knights
Dam: Ch. Meadowlark's Lady Fergie, CD

Hips MF-1573G27F; Elbows MF-EL124;
Eyes MRE-08/94-31; CERF MF-494/94-30;
Thyroid MRT-017/94-28; VWD MRV-048/95-39

Owner:  Scott & Roberta Schwartzbach
Breeder: Marylou Menefee

Macy upgraded from Four Star to Five Star with addition of her vonWillebrand test


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