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Gold Five Star

Mandatory for this award are seven tests: Permanent two-year certifications from OFA for hips and elbows, CERF certification (June 1996 or later) or Mastiff Reporter eye normal certification within twelve months of award date, thyroid (OFA certification or MSU equivalent full panel) within twelve months of award date,  vonWillebrands normal 70% or greater (from qualified lab), OFA certified heart and patella. If cystinuria testing has been done, this will be noted and cystinuria normal certification issued.

Note that some of these awards have been upgraded with the addition of additional testing criteria. Also, they may be renewed annually with updated testing for eyes and thyroid.

Dogs who have received Gold Five Star awards are listed in alphabetical order (excluding titles). To access, press the letter below corresponding to the first letter of a dog's name. This will take you to the first dog listed whose name begins with that letter. If there are no dogs whose names begin with a specific letter, that letter's link will be inactive.

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Int'l/Am. Ch. Comstocks the Enchantress, CGC
Apricot Female; DOB 2/20/95
Sire: Ch. Marcus Junius Brutus II
Dam: Ch. Southports Comstock Velvet, CGC

Hips MF-3068G37F-5; Elbows MF-EL884-T;
Patella MF-PA194/37/F/P-T; Heart MF-CA22/18F/C;
Thyroid MF-TH59/35F-T; VWD MRV-173/98040;
CERF MF-891/98-40; Eyes MRE-137/98-40
Cystine Negative

Owner/Breeder: Ronald & Caroline Tobin

Ch. Crestwood Righteous Rebellion
Fawn Male, DOB 9/7/95
Sire:    Ch. Eldorado Rebel W Out A Pause, CD, WD, CGC, TDI, TT
Dam:   Gold Coasts Amanda, CGC

Hips MF-2794F24M-T; Elbows MF-EL726-T;
CERF MF-1058/97-17; Thyroid MRT-106/97-16;
Patella MF-PA97/16/M; VWD MRV-174/97-16
Heart MF-CA52/16M/P-T

Owner: Dan & Jill Limbaugh
Breeder: Jerome L. Krauss, Jr. & Sharon A. Krauss

Gold Coasts Amanda, CGC
Fawn Female, DOB 1/6/93
Sire: Farnaby Fearful Symmetry
Dam: Gold Coasts Emelia

Hips MF-1787F24F; Elbows MF-EL203;
CERF MF-447/96-46; Eyes MRE-05/96-46;
Heart MF-CA15/62F/P-T; Thyroid MRT-036/96-39;
Patella MF-PA09/24/F; VWD MRV-046/93-2

Owner: Lisa Nicolello & Sharon A. Krauss
Breeder: Lisa Nicolello

Greco's Nigel of Northampton
Fawn Male, DOB 4/15/94
Sire: Ch. Greco's Hollesley Rogue
Dam: Greco's Saint Bernadette Holl

Hips MF-2226G24M; Elbows MF-EL392;
CERF MF-488/96-30; Thyroid MRT-073/96-24;
Patella MF-PA96/34/M; Heart MF-CA46/24M/P;
VWD MRV-098/96/24

Owner: David Boyle
Breeder: Norma Jean Greco

Greiner Hall Hayden Vn Eva
Fawn Female, DOB 6/17/94
Sire: Greiner Hall Falcon
Dam: Greiner Hall Valkyrie

Hips MF-2292G24F; Elbows MF-EL426; 
CERF MF-635/95-14; Thyroid  OFA MF-TH3/24F;
Patella MF-PA32/14/F; Heart MF-CA45/31F/P;
VWD MRV-159/96-25

Owner: Christy Webb
Breeder: Stephen & Leah Napotnik

Ch. Hera's King Zeus
Brindle Male, DOB 5/2/95
Sire: Burns Hall Zee B Zacharia
Dam: Jasmine Victoria Olson

Hips MF-2646E24M-T; Elbows MF-EL612-T;
CERF MF-984/96-18; Thyroid MRT-094/97-23;
Patella MF-PA103/23/M-T; Heart MF-CA58/23M/P-T;
VWD MRV-163/97-21

Owner: Nancy A. & Aaron H. Bullock
Breeder: Scott & Tracia M. Olson


Highcountry Rufians Calliope
Fawn Female, DOB 12/28/94
Sire: Ch. Southports Prime Time
Dam: Ch. Sillars Highcountry Ruffian

Hips MF-2595G26F-T; Elbows MF-EL582-P;
CERF MF-1035/97-26; Thyroid OFA MF-TH27/26F-T;
Patella MF-PA95/26/F-T; Heart MF-CA50/26F/P-T;
VWD MRV-162/97-27

Owner: Judi & Fred Ropes
Breeder: John & Paula Lange

Ch. Lyonhurst Lady Abigale Kinmor
Fawn Female, DOB 11/25/95
Sire: Castle Mount?s Kodiak
Dam: Lyonhurst Home Again Hildy

Hips MF-2900G24F-5; Elbows MF-EL787-T;
CERF MF-852/97-19; Eyes MRE-083/97-19;
VWD MRV-085/96-3; Thyroid MRT-095/98-28;
Heart MF-CA83/21F/P-T; Patella MF-PA132/21/F-T

Owner: F. D. & Edna E. Morris
Breeder: Bonnie C. Faulstich

Ch. Lyonhurst Orson, CGC
Brindle Male, DOB 5-8-95
Sire: Sir Buckingham of Navaho Run
Dam: Lyonhurst Regina

Hips MF-2705G25M; Elbows MF-EL877-T;
CERF MF-779/98-36; Eyes MRE-075/98-36; 
Thyroid MRT-105/98-42; Heart MF-CA151/36M/P-T;
Patella MF-PA55/12/M; VWD MRV-170/98-42

Owner/Breeder: Bonnie C. Faulstich


Ch. Mastiff Cove Rocknroll Heavn, CGC
Fawn Male, DOB 6-24-95
Sire: Ch. Semper Fi Groppetti Gargoyle
Dam: Ch. Burdettes Sweet Maggie Mae

Hips MF-2741G24M-T; Elbows MF-EL681-T;
CERF MF-989/97-19; VWD MRV-167/97-25; 
Thyroid MRT-101/97-25; Heart MF-CA81/29M/P-T; 
Patella MF-PA117/24/M-T

Owner: Sandy White
Breeder: Delwin Burdette

Megamillions Hurricane Hugo
Brindle Male, DOB 9/20/94
Sire: Farnaby Fearful Symmetry, CGC
Dam: Ch. Megamillions Tuff E Nuff, CD

Hips MF-2505G27M-T; Elbows MF-EL539-T;
CERF MF-512/96-15; Thyroid MRT-058/97-28;
Patella MF-PA83/27/M-T; Heart MF-CA57/30M/P-T;
VWD MRV-038/94-2

Megamillions Masterpiece
Apricot Male, DOB 9/20/94
Sire: Farnaby Fearful Symmetry, CGC
Dam: Ch. Megamillions Tuff E Nuff, CD

Hips MF-2518G27M; Elbows MF-EL545;
CERF MF-517/96-23; Thyroid MRT-096/97-30;
Patella MF-PA89/27/M; Heart MF-CA44/27M/P;
VWD MRV-037/94-2

Owner: Mary Ann Rodriguez
Breeder: Anthony & Sharon Cesany

Megamillion's Pooka, CGC, TDI
Brindle Female, DOB 5/23/93
Sire: Ch. Gold Coasts Marshall Tucker, CGC, TDI
Dam: Megamillions Kahlua & Cream

Hips MF-2041F28F-T; Elbows MF-EL285-T;
CERF MF-388/43-97; Thyroid MRT-050/95-27;
Patella MF-PA05/14/F-T; Heart MF-CA37/43F/P-T;
VWD MRV-021/93-3

Owner: Lisa J. Nicolello
Breeder: Anthony & Sharon Cesany

Monarch's Dantes Inferno
Fawn Male, DOB 12/11/94
Sire: CH. Sir Cedrick, CD
Dam: Koala of Sir Grizzleys

Hips MF-2477G24M-T; Elbows MF-EL522-T;
CERF MF-558/97-27; VWD MRV-074/95-6; 
Thyroid MRT-109/97-25; Heart MF-CA13/18M/C-T; 
Patella MF-PA35/12/M-T

OwnerBreeder: Linda Monroe

Monarch's Gypsy Rose Lea
Brindle Female, DOB 3/6/94
Sire: Kodiak of Sir Grizzleys
Dam: Nageea's Cheyenne of Monroe

Hips MF-2179F24F-T; Elbows MF-EL369-T;
CERF MF-556/96-23; Eyes MRE-122/96-23;
Thyroid MRT-089/95-20; Patella MF-PA101/36/F-T;
Heart MF-CA17/27F/C-T; VWD MRV-156/96-30

Owner/Breeder: Linda Monroe

Monarch's Lady Sydney
Fawn Female, DOB 7/5/94
Sire: General Patton Sir Grizzleys
Dam: Monroe's Rebekah

Hips MF-2327G24F-T; Elbows MF-EL447-T;
CERF MF-555/96-19; Eyes MRE-124/96-19;
Thyroid MRT-091/95-16; Patella MF-PA63/26/F-T;
Heart MF-CA20/25F/C-T; VWD MRV-160/95-16

Breeder/Owner: Linda Monroe

Monarch's Lady Tiffany
Fawn Female, DOB 9/19/95
Sire: Ch. Avalon Tucson Warrior, CGC, TDI
Dam: Monroe?s Nikita of Wisperwind

Hips MF-2870G25F-T; Elbows MF-EL771-T;
CERF MF-743/98-28; Eyes MRE-144/98-29;
VWD MRV-118/95-2; Thyroid MRT-110/98-28;
Heart MF-CA30/12F/C-T; Patella MF-PA66/12/F-T

Owner/Breeder: Linda Monroe

Ch. Monarch's Orion Shall Rise, CD
Fawn Male, DOB 8/16/93
Sire: Kodiak of Sir Grizzleys
Dam: Monroe's Nikita of Wisperwind

Hips MF-2012F24M; Elbows MF-EL294-T;
CERF MF-466/95-22; Eyes MRE-046/95-22;
Thyroid MRT-068/96-23; Patella MF-PA100/43/M-T;
Heart MF-CA16/34M/C-T; VWD MRV-064/94-11

Owner: Tina & Wes Copas
Breeder: Linda Monroe

Monarc's River God
Brindle Male; DOB 9/05/95
Sire: Monarch's Black Sun Rising
Dam: Monroe's Rebekah

Hips MF-2797G24M-T; Elbows MF-EL732-T;
Eyes MRE-143/97-26; Patella MF-PA67/14/M-T;
Heart MF-CA31/13M/C-T; Thyroid MRT-109/97-25; 
VWD MRV-178/95-1

Owner:    Linda Monroe, Beth & Michael Harper
Breeder:    Linda Monroe

Monroes Nikita of Wisperwind
Fawn Female, DOB 3/29/91
Sire: Dakar's Baron Von Wolf
Dam: Dakar's Roxanne Roll

Hips MF-1338F24F-T; Elbows MF-EL099-T;
CERF MF-422/96-58; Eyes MRE-05/96-58;
Thyroid MRT-016/93-25; Patella MF-PA23/50/F-T;
Heart MF-CA15/62F/P-T; VWD MRV-015/93-29

Owner: Linda Monroe
Breeder: J. & M. Barry

Am.Can. Ch. Monroe's Queen Antigone
Fawn Female, DOB 6/20/92
Sire: Sir Grizzley's Sir Romeo
Dam: Coburngore Courtney

Hips MF-1661G25F-T; Elbows EL154-T;
CERF MF-423/94-19; Thyroid MRT-04/93-16;
Patella MF-PA19/36/F-T; Heart MF-CA10/47F/C-T;
VWD MRV-04/93-14

Owner: Linda Monroe
Breeder: Amon & Connie Aharanov

Monroe's Rebekah
Fawn Female, DOB 4/4/92
Sire: Ch. Greco's Hollesley Rogue
Dam: Greco's Reggi Anne

Hips MF-1569G24F-T; Elbows MF-EL123-T;
CERF MF-421/96-47; Eyes MRE-04/96-47;
Thyroid MRT-015/93-18; Patella MF-PA20/38/F-T;
Heart MF-CA04/47F/C-T; VWD MRV-014/93-18

Owner: Linda Monroe
Breeder: N. Lawson

Skylar's Angel Among Us
Fawn Female, DOB 1-12-95
Sire: Ch. His Majesty's Lion of Judah
Dam: Ch. Skylar's High Hopes

Hips MF-2712E29F-T; Elbows MF-EL661-T;
CERF MF-907/97-29; Eyes MRE-134/97-29;
VWD MRV-165/96-17; Thyroid MRT-099/97-24;
Heart MF-CA68/29F/P-T; Patella MF-PA110/29/F-T

Owner: Kim & Ann-Marie McDonald
Breeder: Ann-Marie McDonald

Tamarack Cassandra
Apricot Female, DOB 8-16-91
Sire: AM/Mex/Intl. Ch. Tamarack Top Gun Gunner
Dam: Tamarack Hannah Bear

Hips MF-1565G30F; Elbows MF-EL120;
CERF MF-338/96-58; Eyes MRE-025/96-58;
VWD MRV-02/92-4; Thyroid MRT-02/97-66;
Heart MF-CA66/69F/P-T; Patella MF-PA8/29/F

Owner: Jerome L. Krauss, Jr. & Sharon A. Krauss
Breeder: Carole Smith

Ch. Windfall's Bit of Honey
Fawn Female, DOB 9/15/93
Sire: Ch. Tejas Sonrise Dakota, CD, TT, CGC, TDI
Dam: Mac's Silver Lady

Hips MF-2034G25F; Elbows MF-EL307;
CERF MF-489/96-37; Eyes MRE-045/96-37;
Thyroid MRT-051/95-24; Patella MF-PA94/41/F;
Heart MF-CA47/41F/P; VWD MRV-063/93-24

Owner: David Boyle
Breeder: Chuck & Jan McNamee

Windfall's Golli Miss Molli
Fawn Female, DOB 9/25/93
Sire: Ch. Tejas Sonrise Dakota, CD
Dam: Mac's Silver Lady

Hips MF-2042G24F; Elbows MF-EL308;
CERF MF-493/97-43; Thyroid MRT-062/97-42;
Patella MF-PA103/43/F-T; Heart MF-CA60/43F/P-T;
VWD MRV-091/95-24

Breeder/Owner: Chuck & Janice McNamee

Intl. Am. Can. Ch. Windy Mts Mighty Tonka, CGC, TT
Fawn Male, DOB 1/11/95
Sire: Am. Can. Ch. Moonstone's Coaltraine
Dam: Intl. Am. Can. Ch. Moonstone's Amazing Grace

Hips MF-2537E24M; Elbows MF-EL557;
CERF MF-734/97-24; Eyes MRE-123/97-24;
Thyroid MRT-090/97-26; Patella MF-PA92/24/M;
Heart MF-CA46/24M/P; VWD MRV-157/96-14

Owner: Louise Roland
Breeder: Tracy L. Lane

Windy Mts. Princess Grace
Fawn Female; DOB   2/21/96
Sire: Ch. Barnes Sinderfella
Dam: Ch. Moonstones Amazing Grace

Hips MF-3002G24F-5; Elbows MF-EL843-T;
Patella MF-PA175/24/P-T; Heart MF-CA131/24F/C-T;
Eyes MRE-136/98-25; Thyroid MF-TH68/24F-5;
VWD MRV-172/98-24

Owner: Margaret Mitchell
Breeder: Tracy Lane


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