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Silver Five Star

Mandatory for this award are permanent two-year certifications from OFA for hips and elbows, CERF certification (June 1996 or later) or Mastiff Reporter eye normal certification within twelve months of award date, thyroid (OFA certification or MSU equivalent full panel) within twelve months of award date and two additional tests from either vonWillebrands (from qualified lab), OFA certified heart or patella.

Note that some of these awards have been upgraded with the addition of additional testing criteria. Also, they may be renewed annually with updated testing for eyes and thyroid.

Dogs who have received Silver Five Star awards are listed in alphabetical order (excluding titles). To access, press the letter below corresponding to the first letter of a dog's name. This will take you to the first dog listed whose name begins with that letter. If there are no dogs whose names begin with a specific letter, that letter's link will be inactive.

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Ch. Brookside Shakespeare Clifford
Brindle Male, DOB 9/7/93
Sire: Ch. Brookside?s Goliath
Dam: Ch. Lionsire Dinah of Brookside

Hips MF-2671G44M; Elbows MF-EL631;
CERF MF-1241/97-49; Thyroid MF-TH35/46M;
Heart MF-CA54/42M/C; Patella MF-PA108/45/M

Owner:  Darlynn A. Tracy-Oberg
Breeder: Nancy A. Pitas

Lyonhurst Salacious Simon
Fawn Male, DOB 5/6/93
Sire: Ch. Lord Valerian of Lyonhurst
Dam: Lyonhurst Home Again Hildy

Hips MF-1988G26M; Elbows MF-EL282; 
Patella MF-PA37/31/M; Thyroid MRT-048/95-27
CERF MF-624/95-27; Eyes MRE-041/95-27;
VWD MRV-060/95-29

Owner/Breeder: Bonnie C. Faulstich

Monarch's Queen of Eternity
Fawn Female, DOB 1/31/95
Sire: Ch. Greiner Hall Jedadiah
Dam: Monroe's Quen Antigone

Hips MF-2665F27F-T; Elbows MF-EL552-T;
CERF MF-653/97-33; Eyes MRE-099/97-34;
Patella MF-PA47/13/F-T; Thyroid MRT-111/96-15;
VWD MRV-071/95-5

Owner/Breeder: Linda Monroe

Ch. Watney's Kingmont Red Barrel
Apricot Male, DOB 5/25/93
Sire: Ch. Brite Star's Storm Trooper
Dam: Omar V Herman Babs

Hips MF-1930G24M; Elbows MF-EL538;
CERF MF-878/96-39; Eyes MRE-135/96-39
Thyroid MF-TH32/48M-T; Heart MF-CA38/43M/C
Patella MF-PA93/45/M

Owner/Breeder: Nanci Manceau & Robert D. Leyes



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Last updated May 02, 2002