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  Star Awards

We began the Star Award program in February 1994 to recognize those owners and breeders who are working to improve our breed's genetic health by conscientiously screening their dogs. Submission of all dogs was accepted—companions or breeding stock (including spayed or neutered animals). Full testing on all Mastiffs was and still is encouraged. The more information we have, the better we will be able to make breeding decisions that will serve to better the breed.

Late 1999, MCOA instituted their Health Award program. At that point, we decided to discontinue our Star Awards in favor of the parent club's program, since we feel that the breed club is where this type of program belongs.

Our program requirements were slightly different from the new MCOA program and are listed below:

Mandatory for all awards —

    1.    OFA certification of Fair, Good or Excellent hips (permanent two-
            year certification).

    2.    OFA certification of clear elbows (permanent two-year certification).

    3.    CERF certification (after June 1996) and/or exam sheet showing       that eye status complies with CERF certification standards effective June 1996. Date of exam must be within 12 months of submission date for award.

Mandatory for Five Star Awards —

    4.    An OFA Thyroid Certification or a thyroid report (from MSU or equivalent) showing all values for TT4, TT3, FT4, FT3, T4 Autoantibody, T3 Autoantibody and any other tests which may be added in the future by MSU. Report date must be within 12 months of the date submitted for award and dog/bitch must be at least 12 months of age at time of testing. It is also recommended that bitches have had their maiden heat prior to testing and that testing be done at least 8-12 weeks before or after a heat cycle.

Additional tests for Five Star Award levels —

    5.    von Willebrand test report (from qualified lab) showing normal value of 70% or greater. This test can be done at any age.

    6.    OFA certification of clear Patellas (permanent certification available at one year).

    7.    OFA certification of clear Heart (permanent certification available at one year).

At the time the Star Award program was discontinued, cystinuria testing had not become well established. Those testing for cystinuria who submitted test reports had them noted on the award and were issued a certificate by the Reporter of cystinuria normal status. This is a one time test which can be done at any time.

The following awards were offered —

Four Star — Hips/elbows/eyes mandatory, plus one more from either patella, heart, thyroid or vonWillebrand.

Five Star — Hips/elbows/eyes/thyroid mandatory, plus one more from either patella, heart or vonWillebrand.

Silver Five Star — Hips/Elbows/eyes/thyroid mandatory, plus two more from either patella, heart or vonWillebrand.

Gold Five Star — All seven tests.

To view recipients, click on the award button below.

Four Star Five Star Silver Five Star Gold Five Star

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Last updated May 02, 2002