Mastiff Index
Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 7/00 thru 12/00

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Al-Magnifico Muligan Mastino					 Menagerie's Rite On Da Bulzak					  Menagerie's Mokie Blue					   M Convis
 8/3/1999 fawn 12/00						  								   								   S Rupp

Alsea River							 Alsea River Sir Samson Knight					  Moonstone's Lady Faleasha					   T Slobig
 6/3/1998 brindle 12/00OFA MF4227F28M				  								   								   D Stagner

Andre Of Rivermont						 King Tanner Of Longtrees					  Rome's Majestic Brandy					   D Castaneda
 11/5/1998 fawn 8/00						  								   								   D Castaneda

Andre The Gentle Giant						 Running Bear's CJ Bozworth					  Queen Velvet Of Bam						   L Brown
 11/25/1998 fawn 12/00						  								   								   B Munger

Ashley Greco's Bredwardine					 Ch. Greco's Titan I Did It My Way				  Greco's Saint Jessica II					   R Greco-Ashley
 4/15/1996 brindle 9/00						  OFA MF2279F25M OFEL CERF					   								   L Ashley

Ashley Greco Sir Lawrence					 Sascott's Bad Boy Brock					  Ashley Greco's Saint Coco					   J Enos
 7/6/1998 fawn 7/00						  OFA MF2604G26M						   								   N Henry

Atticus Of Wildomar						 Moose The Czar Of Wildomar					  Sweetshops Angelique						   J Jimenez
 9/15/1998 fawn 9/00						  								   								   J Watanabe

Baby Poltoe Hillyard						 Koons Katchy Kilroy Kujo					  Baby Burgundy Blue Hillyard					   A Hillyard
 5/16/1999 fawn 9/00						  								   								   A Hillyard

Ch. Badger Mtn Rampant						 Am.Can.Ch. Moonstone's Nobelest Rasputin			  Semper Fi Beltaine Evening					   B Gendel
 11/25/1998 fawn 9/00OFEL MFPA24 CERF				  OFA MF1880F37M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF3145G25F CERF						   B Gendel

Bad To The Bone Tyrone						 T D Dozer							  Little Miss Cleo						   J Ohnstad
 5/15/1997 fawn 9/00						  								   								   J Jedd

Bailey's Irish Creme Martin					 Ch. Golly D's Haugen Dawg					  Willow Creek Raspberry					   K Martin
 9/8/1999 fawn 12/00						  OFA MF2863F27M						   OFA MF2858F24F OFEL						   S Lewis

Balto Baby Hillyard						 Jericho Ironwar Jake						  FWF Elsa							   A Hillyard
 11/13/1996 fawn 7/00						  								   								   F Wagner

Banyon's Golieth						 Ch. Banyon's Oscar						  Banyon's Emmalee						   D Shaffer
 11/12/1995 apricot 7/00					  								   								   J Zellen

Banyon's Zeb							 Ch. Banyon's Oscar						  Banyon's Mandy						   D Reed
 9/24/1997 fawn 9/00						  								   								   J Zellen

Beauregard Brutus Sully						 Little Mound's Smooth Clyde					  Princess Kate Of Albany					   C Sullivan
 10/12/1996 fawn 12/00						  								   								   J Hendrix

Am.Can.Ch. Beowulf's Code Of Arms				 Ch. Albert Hunter Of Jericho ,CGC				  Ch. Beowulf's Prime Mistress					   D Everett
 3/10/1999 fawn 12/00CERF					  OFA MF2824G24M OFEL MFPA14 CERF				   								   S Everett

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 7/00 thru 12/00

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Big Boy Brutas							 Edison's Medicine						  One More Time Lucy						   L Kell
 11/29/1997 fawn 11/00						  								   								   L Cafin

Big Boy Buster Brown						 Mtn Top Heartbreaker Buck					  Mountain Top Zoola Azzurrote					   A Oram
 3/17/1997 apricot 9/00						  								   								   L Webster

Blackstones Honorable Impact					 Ch. Skamania's Tug Beau-T					  Windy Mts Blackstone Fancy					   D Shook
 3/3/1998 fawn 9/00OFA MF4554G39M OFEL				  OFA MF3186G29M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF2553G25F						   D Shook

Blaster								 Sagi Sgt Semore Stripes					  Sagi Nala							   D Haverman
 5/16/1999 brindle 11/00					  OFA MF4378G62M						   								   T Englebright

Bobby Boucher							 Cross Timbers Aggie Dan					  Chris' Lady Shane Shirebrook					   V Perkins
 10/17/1998 fawn 10/00						  								   								   J Moore

Bocephus Of Red Oak Flats					 King Simba Of Pope's Estate					  Lady Brandy Of Pope's Estate					   M Culley
 3/25/1998 apricot 7/00						  								   								   M DelPope

Bo Of Elbert							 Dave's Goliath							  Dave's Sheeba							   M Giallonardo
 9/10/1999 fawn 12/00						  								   								   D Colton

Ch. Bredwardine Sir Greco Joshua				 Bwlchygwyn Of Bredwardine					  Bredwardine Broteifi						   L Ashley
 5/31/1999 apricot brindle 10/00				  								   								   P Tugwell

Ch. Brite Star's DifficultDecision				 Ch. Brite Star's Dual Image ,CGC,TDI				  Ch. Brite Star's Fallen Angel					   G MacDonald
 10/7/1996 brindle 8/00OFA MF3314F24M CERF			  OFA MF1985G30M OFEL CERF					   CERF								   L House

Brufus								 Morgan Maximillion Max Cruse					  Max's Nala Baby						   J Davis
 8/22/1998 fawn 9/00						  								   								   M White

Bruno Leinfelder						 Gibraltar Col Of Old School					  Gibraltar's Miss Got Rox					   M Leinfelder
 12/23/1996 fawn 8/00						  								   								   E Rea

Bubba Running							 Running Bear's Bojangles					  Tasha Shawntee						   J Parris
 11/21/1998 fawn 7/00						  								   								   B Watson

Buc Of Room Enough						 Donachy's Buford Of Kirke					  Gadget Of Room Enough						   A Ramsey
 5/20/1999 fawn 12/00						  								   								   G Everitt

Cabin Creek's Almighty Zeek					 Bowen's General Marmaduke					  Miss Jolly Molly						   T Hut
 12/23/1996 fawn 9/00						  OFA MF2498G46M						   								   J Cassell

Cactus Flower Tsavo						 Sunny Boy Of Jerico Warlion					  FWF Elsa							   C Ainsworth
 12/31/1998 fawn 7/00						  								   								   F Wagner

Caesar VIII							 Brutus XXVII							  Shenna II							   T Torline
 2/19/1998 brindle 9/00						  								   								   J Limacher

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 7/00 thru 12/00

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Ch. Caledonia Second Promise					 Ch. Caledonia Darkman						  Caledonia Pandemonium						   K Brenner
 12/8/1997 brindle 7/00OFA OFEL CERF				  OFA MF2077F24M						   								   D Farber

Cannon's Own Billy Bob						 Ch. Cannon's Own Bubba						  Lady Sylvia Of Cannon						   P Woodward
 10/31/1998 brindle 12/00					  OFA MF2253G25M						   								   P Woodward

Cara Del Mastino's Newt						 Chris' Mud Lake Brutis						  Chris' Mud Lake Olive						   N Halliburton
 1/7/1999 brindle 9/00						  								   								   C Vaughn

Cardell's Stonecold Ironman					 Cardell's Tucson Ironman					  Ch. Lakewood's Mai Ling					   P Cardell
 9/3/1996 fawn 8/00						  								   								   P Poteat

Ch. Castletop's Tankers Aweigh					 Castletop's Drumroll						  Castletop's Stepping Out					   J Tortorella
 1/15/1997 fawn 8/00						  								   								   Z Tice

Chandlers Mighty Moe McInnis					 Oxford's Bodacious Bull					  Princess Victoria Spencer					   S McInnis
 7/10/1999 fawn 10/00						  								   								   P Dowden

Chappell's Friar Tuck						 Barnaby							  Giaconda							   C Chappell
 1/29/1996 brindle 7/00						  								   								   W Nacey

Chews On Shoes Brown						 Sir Gabriel Of McGlothins					  Carmilla Sunshine McGlothlin					   C Brown
 4/27/1999 brindle 7/00OFA MF4507G24M				  								   								   B McGlothlin

Ch. CI Mawr Stone House Casey ,CGC,TDI				 Ch. Stonehouse Country Squire ,CGC,TDI				  Ch. Ci Mawr Tara Of Windhaven					   W Harris
 5/28/1994 fawn 10/00OFA MF2331G26M				  OFA MF1204E61M CERF						   								   W Harris

Classact's Jerry Of Imax					 Ch. Lazy D CCR							  RWR Thelma Of Classact					   P Boneza
 6/30/1999 fawn 8/00						  								   								   C Lewis

Cluny's Colonel Barkley						 Cluny's Constant Companion					  Cluny's Autumn Wildfire					   T Bundy
 11/10/1997 fawn 10/00OFA MF4015G28M OFEL			  OFA MF3207G35M						   OFA MF3219G25F						   M Isserstedt

Cluny's Ironman Higgins						 Cluny's Constant Companion					  Lady Arragon							   T Bundy
 9/21/1996 fawn 9/00OFA MF3322G25M OFEL				  OFA MF3207G35M						   

Clyde Dale							 Zeus's Mighty Force						  Queen Mira							   N Clayton
 6/27/1999 fawn 10/00						  								   								   J Randazzo

Cole's Scoot Goliant						 Bailey The Masked Bandit					  Queen Lajane							   H Cole
 2/11/1999 fawn 10/00OFEL					  								   								   W Hoover

Comb's Sherman Tank						 Ch. Colemax's Thundering Bear					  Hutch's Lily Of The Valley					   M Marshall
 2/4/1999 apricot 8/00						  OFA MF3496G24M						   								   J Hutchinson

Copper Medallion						 Ready N' ABle Of Biloe						  Merrily We Roll Along						   R Klataske
 11/22/1996 apricot 11/00					  								   								   D Loe

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 7/00 thru 12/00

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Country Critters' Joab						 Hotlanta Ruger Of Blackhaven					  Andrada's Apricot Diamond					   D White
 8/1/1998 apricot 8/00						  								   								   W Massie

Crazy Cooter							 Lapsleys Sneaky Mtn Midget					  Lapsleys Mtn Moonshine Baby					   A Everette
 12/30/1998 brindle 7/00					  								   								   C Lapsley

Ch. Creekview'sKingHenryOfSafeHavn				 Ch. Regal Hill Sudden Impact					  Creekview's Major Annabelle ,CD				   K Routten
 7/13/1998 fawn 7/00OFA MF4197F25M OFEL CERF			  OFA MF2372G24M CERF						   OFA MF2196G31F CERF						   K Routten

Dartmouth Lord Charlemagne					 Dartmouth Sir Laurence						  Dartmouth Dame Meredith Solo					   R Tingdale-Jr
 1/5/1997 fawn 9/00						  								   								   R Tingdale-Jr

Deebeaux Of Red Oak						 Agustus Of The Yellow Rose					  Princess Grace Of Red Oak					   C Hobbs
 6/12/1998 brindle 9/00						  								   								   W Hughes

Ch. Diamond Dan Gem Of Jersey					 Am.Can.Ch. Greiner Hall Jedadiah ,CGC,TDI			  Ch. Lady Ruby The Gem Of Jersey				   R Pavoll
 8/8/1997 fawn 11/00OFA MF3739G24M OFEL MFPA24			  OFA MF1604G41M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF3555F45F OFEL CERF					   R Pavoll

Doerrs Ozark Centurian						 Ch. Groppetti King Spencer					  Princess Lacey My Baby Girl					   N Wiebelt
 9/12/1997 brindle 8/00						  								   								   J Roberts

Dojo Gus							 Dojo Jake							  Dojo Scenic Route						   D Anderson
 8/3/1998 brindle 8/00						  OFA MF2845G30M						   OFA MF3607G36F OFEL						   L Hennen

Dolly's Sur Zeus						 Victouri Sur Le Havel						  Stohlmanns Dolly Dolittle					   T Jens
 3/22/1998 fawn 7/00						  								   								   A Stohlmann

Dozer St Andrews						 McArthur's Buddy Of Radford's					  Greco's Keista Of Radford's					   D Ramnes
 5/14/1998 fawn 8/00						  								   								   G Radford

Dozer The Bull Of Priceless					 Bailey The Masked Bandit					  Lucky Looser							   A Price
 9/8/1998 fawn 11/00						  								   								   M Hoover

Duke Of Dirtwater						 Doni Dolomount							  Loni Dolomount						   T Boone
 5/10/1997 apricot 12/00					  								   								   G Deitch

Duke of Kingsbury						 Donachy's Buford Of Kirke					  Diamond G Greco						   C Williamson-J
 12/31/1998 fawn 10/00OFA MF4489F27M OFEL			  								   								   G Everitt

Dukie Boy							 Joszac's Thundering Titan					  Joszacs Stormy Days Dahlia					   K Houston
 10/8/1998 fawn 9/00						  								   								   L Chambliss

Emerald Gold Tazmaniac						 Am.Can.Ch. Moonstone's Nobelest Rasputin			  Willow Creek Charisma						   T Nestegard
 10/5/1995 fawn 10/00OFA MF3775G30M OFEL MFPA30			  OFA MF1880F37M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF1858F28F CERF						   K Richards

Ch. Falling Leaf's Copenhagen					 Blacksheep's Ruger Blackhawk					  Pendragon Attn To Detail					   K Burks
 1/28/1997 brindle 11/00OFA MF4240F43M OFEL			  								   								   E Blevins

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 7/00 thru 12/00

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Fancys Masked Mirader						 Caledonia Cassius Clay						  Caledonia Fancy Lil Wagon					   R Melton
 4/24/1996 brindle 8/00						  OFA MF2127G47M CERF						   OFA MF2126G24F						   R Melton

Freddy Fred Fred						 Revo Fantasia Wellington					  Rizzo Girlie Wellington					   G Rexroad
 2/22/1996 fawn 8/00						  								   								   R Williams

Fultz's Sir Sampson						 Katana KK's Royalcourt Josh					  Maggie Mae III						   R Fultz-Jr
 12/6/1997 brindle 7/00						  OFA MF2661G35M OFEL						   								   M Dziak

FWF Sunny Boy							 Sunny Boy Of Jerico Warlion					  FWF Elsa							   F Wagner
 12/31/1998 fawn 8/00						  								   								   F Wagner

General MacArthur II						 Running Bear's CJ Bozworth					  Queen Velvet Of Bam						   M Halbrook
 1/24/1998 apricot 7/00						  								   								   B Munger

Get On The Bus Gus						 D Nine Dozer							  Margarita							   B Sandberg
 12/7/1996 brindle 11/00					  								   								   H Cubbage

UKC Ch. Gibson's Greathouse Sir Yogi ,CGC,TDI			 Sir Yogi Of Sir Grizzley's					  Martha Of Sir Grizzley					   L Monroe
 8/25/1998 fawn 8/00OFA MF4161G24M OFEL CERF			  OFA MF2874G53M OFEL						   OFA MF3050G45F OFEL						   H Gibson

Gladerun's Royal Jester						 Zeus Rumble Dozer						  Gladerun's Embers Lace					   K Becher
 11/27/1997 fawn 8/00						  								   								   M Pitts

Goliath XII							 Patterson's Buford						  On Golden Paws Bertha						   D Genco
 5/5/1999 fawn 12/00						  								   								   M Patterson

Grand Master Mac Bear Killer					 Grand Master Bee Of T T					  JD Royal Duchess Of Elbert					   R Lopez
 11/5/1997 brindle 11/00OFA MF4200F34M CERF			  								   								   D Weber

Grand Traverse Griffin						 Grand Traverse Shoot and Score					  Cascob Blue Breeze						   V Stanfield
 12/3/1998 brindle 8/00						  								   OFA MF2896F35F OFEL						   K Rajtar

Greco's Grand Benji Bear					 Ch. Greco's Grand Bear						  Athenia Greco Little Girl					   K Clifton
 5/7/1996 fawn 12/00						  OFA								   								   C Willard

Greiner Hall Egan						 Greiner Hall Nicholas						  Greiner Hall Tuppence						   S Napotnik
 11/12/1998 brindle 9/00					  OFA MF4372G41M						   								   S Napotnik

Greiner Hall Man In Black					 Gildasan Tommy Tempest						  Greiner Hall Tuppence						   S Napotnik
 12/21/1997 brindle 8/00					  								   								   S Napotnik

Ch. Groppetti Eagle Nest Goliath				 Ch. Semper Fi Groppetti Gargoyle				  Groppetti Waltzing Matilda					   P Gambone
 8/13/1994 fawn 12/00						  OFA MF2046G25M						   								   J Blake

Groppetti Munster of Imax					 Ch. Semper Fi Groppetti Gargoyle				  McArthur's Sassie						   P Boneza
 12/30/1997 fawn 9/00						  OFA MF2046G25M						   								   T McArthur

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 7/00 thru 12/00

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Groppetti Rocky							 Whispknites RuPaul Groppetti					  Bowsprit Beach Baby						   D Isringhausen
 1/17/1999 brindle 8/00						  								   								   P Groppetti

Groppetti Sharp's Garth						 Dandylion Manderley's Cisco					  Groppetti Oprah						   D Sharp
 2/12/1999 fawn 8/00						  OFA								   OFA MF3429G29F						   D Chan

Gryphen Moon							 Scarey Creek's Elmo						  Peabodys Atara Of Scarey Creek				   A Moon
 12/14/1998 brindle 8/00					  								   								   P Stephenson

Guitar Mans' Buckwheat						 Cross Timbers Guitar Man					  Wheezer Of Russells Knoll					   S Rhodes
 4/12/1999 fawn 11/00						  								   								   S Rhodes

Hawkins Zues							 Agustus Of The Yellow Rose					  JC's Misty's Satin Lady					   T Vaden
 11/23/1998 brindle 7/00					  								   								   J Crawford

Hercules Of Maplerose Manor					 Joe Shaw Smart							  Copenhaver's Little Abbie					   L Benson
 7/19/1999 apricot 11/00					  								   								   P Fromm

Ch. His Majesty's Michael Angel-O				 Ch. Creekside NKOTB Mighty Hogan				  Ch. His Majesty's Bruna Lea					   G Gordon
 10/9/1997 fawn 10/00OFA MF4045G31M				  OFEL CERF							   OFA MF1953G32F OFEL						   E Gomez

Hogan's Dewey Pyle Of Audley					 Ch. Creekside NKOTB Mighty Hogan				  Gargoyles Gator Of Audley					   N Spiller
 10/15/1999 fawn 11/00						  OFEL CERF							   								   N Spiller

Huger Big Foot							 Tuckasee's Rock						  Sadies Easy Money						   J Beeler
 12/12/1997 fawn 7/00						  								   								   D Ricker

Irenes Sir Rocky						 Monumental Chivas Regal					  Silver Bombae Gin						   I Aurand
 12/15/1996 fawn 7/00						  								   								   K Jaramillo

Ironduke Blackoak Terminator					 Black Pines Augustus						  Black Pines Toby						   M Robins
 7/17/1997 apricot 8/00						  								   								   V Roberts

Int.Am.Ch. Iron Hills Bar Open All Night			 Ch. Iron Hills InTo The Night					  Iron Hills One Drink Limit					   M Reid
 1/16/1998 brindle 8/00OFA MF4126G29M OFEL MFPA29 CERF		  OFA MF2277G34M OFEL CERF					   								   S Phoebus

Iron Hills Smokey Mustelier					 Ch. Iron Hills Portfolio					  Acorn Hill Betts Her Last					   J Mustelier
 12/29/1995 fawn 10/00						  OFA MF2111G32M						   								   M Heiser

Ironlion Greco Of Major						 Donachy's Buford Of Kirke					  Diamond G Greco						   R Moore
 4/28/1998 fawn 7/00						  								   								   G Everitt

IV Paws Colonel Brandon						 Rockey Jackson							  Four Paws And Feather Hello					   B Milstein
 7/3/1999 apricot 7/00						  								   								   J Harris

Jag McGwire Piercy						 Apollo Reese Piercy						  Cheyenne Makee Piercy						   B Piercy
 5/31/1998 fawn 9/00						  								   								   B Piercy

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 7/00 thru 12/00

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Jake V								 Ch. Moonshadow War's Desert Storm				  Villa Sturla's Vesta						   B Markey
 7/10/1995 fawn 8/00						  OFA MF1752G33M						   OFA MF1639G24F OFEL						   G Sturla

Jen's Sir Duke							 Golden Hills Rocky Black Mask					  Golden Hills Kendra Kindrick					   W Kalinoski
 6/2/1997 fawn 7/00						  OFA MF2627F82M OFEL CERF					   								   K Kindrick

Joshua's Zeus							 Ch. Still's Czar						  Still's Penny							   B Lindsey
 6/10/1996 apricot 9/00						  OFA MF2757G30M						   OFA								   M Still

Justamere Maximillion						 General Patton II						  TK's Claudia Patton						   T Brink
 11/16/1998 fawn 7/00						  								   								   B Patton

Keating's Dexter						 Chenault's Ceasar						  Kitty's No Damm Money						   K Keating
 7/19/1999 fawn 12/00						  								   								   J Kincaid

Kelzer Sozei							 Run'n Bear's Divine Thunder					  Running Bear's Rose Of Sharon					   J Bacon
 3/26/1998 fawn 10/00						  								   								   A Sacasa

King Zues Of Smitty's Ville					 Este's Sarge Of Pityhill					  Estes' Maggie Z Hollesley					   E Smith
 5/10/1999 fawn 11/00						  								   								   S Estes

Kirlu's Zeus							 Weston Acres Barnaby Boy Too					  Lilac Acres Hope						   L Fleming
 3/10/1999 brindle 11/00					  								   OFA MF3597G26F						   K Adamski

KK's Bubley Do Little						 Bam Bam Out Goes The Light					  KK's Myrtle							   R Nusbaum
 4/3/1997 fawn 11/00						  								   								   S Fitzgerald

KK's Line Shaker Webster					 Bam Bam Out Goes The Light					  KK's Myrtle							   J Hall
 4/3/1997 brindle 11/00						  								   								   S Fitzgerald

KK's Six Killer							 Ark's Rosco							  Nay's Girl Frances						   J Fitzgerald
 12/20/1998 fawn 11/00						  OFA MF3860F38M						   OFA MF3442F48F						   A Kauffman

Konan Thane							 Sir Bull Taurus Of Windridge					  Jamie Crystal							   M Perkins
 2/15/1999 brindle 9/00						  								   								   L Klein

Lakeside Mastiffs Mn Clyde					 Ch. Headley's Boycehaus Sir Albert				  Brite Star's Morgan OfLarkhill				   D Wuetherich
 7/28/1999 apricot 11/00					  CERF								   								   S Fillis

Lakewood's Lancelot Of Camelot					 Lakewood's Sampson Of Pauline					  Lakewood's Matilda Of L'Quinta				   T Talley
 7/12/1998 fawn 7/00						  								   								   R Poteat

Ch. Lazy D's Diamond HeadJudgeDred				 Ch. I Guards Lazy D Marvelous Marv				  Ch. Groppetti Dixie Of Lazy D					   A Holland
 2/24/1999 fawn 9/00						  								   OFEL								   J Walker

Ch. Lazy D's Fortunate Son Of Marv				 Ch. I Guards Lazy D Marvelous Marv				  Ch. Groppetti Dixie Of Lazy D					   J Walker
 2/24/1999 fawn 9/00OFA MF4383G24M OFEL CERF			  								   OFEL								   J Walker

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 7/00 thru 12/00

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Lekotas S.T. Sir Mortimer					 Willow Run Lekota's Tatonka					  Willow Run Scarlet O'Lekota					   V Lindelien
 9/1/1998 brindle 8/00OFA MF4361G29M CERF			  OFA MF2680E27M CERF						   OFA MF2278G42F						   G Letexier

Leonardo Of Seven Hills						 Zoso's Sampson Of South Breeze					  Terra Rosa's Chelsea						   D Faulkner
 4/23/1999 brindle 7/00						  								   								   J McCormick

Lionhearted Goldstar Jake					 Greiner Hall Sherman Tank					  Lionhearted Star Of India					   L Campbell
 4/17/1999 apricot 10/00					  OFA MF2328F25M OFEL						   OFA MF3920G25F						   G Davis

Lionhearted King Of Midnight					 Ch. Avalon Tucson Warrior ,CGC,TDI				  Lionhearted Blackberry's Gypsy				   G Davis
 7/31/1998 brindle 7/00OFA MF4215G25M OFEL			  OFA MF1444G24M OFEL CERF					   								   G Davis

Lionhearted Medieval Man					 Ch. Double D Cameo's Mario					  Lionhearted Double D Mariah					   G Davis
 6/19/1999 brindle 7/00OFA MF4119G24M OFEL			  OFA MF2129F57M						   								   D Allegro

Locust Brindle Scotts						 Chet Van Charlton						  Scott's Magnificent Magy					   M Thornbury
 12/2/1997 brindle 7/00						  								   								   V Esh

Lord Alexander O'Hera						 Chico Al Pachino						  Scarlett O'Hera						   D Davis
 11/23/1997 fawn 9/00						  								   								   O Vyaersi

Lord Benjamin Of Willow Run					 Rhyne's Capt Woodrow F Call					  Willow Run Jewel						   D Hinman
 6/26/1996 fawn 7/00						  OFA MF2716F30M OFEL						   OFA MF1915G30F OFEL						   T Yocum

Lord Damian Baskerville						 RR Raigous Times Never Ends					  Rose Hill's Little Gabrielle					   R Eldridge
 4/24/1998 brindle 7/00						  OFA MF2539G29M OFEL						   								   A Allen

Lord Manchester Of Gr. Britan					 Ch. Cluny's Zac Crown Valley					  Crown Valley's Queen Victoria					   M Ford
 11/28/1996 fawn 9/00						  OFA MF2603G27M						   								   M Beigh

Lovesmalot TNT Nayati Tonka					 Jengais Red Baron						  Cleo Of Sir Grizzleys						   T Wilmoth
 1/7/1999 brindle 8/00						  								   								   A Aharonov

Lukow's T Rex							 Burns Hall Zee B Zacharia					  Demott's West Plains Drifter					   M Duewer
 10/23/1994 fawn 7/00						  OFA MF2167G39M OFEL MFPA42 CERF				   								   S Demott

Lyonhurst Oftaceeda Wizard					 Ch. Castle Mounts Kodiak					  Lyonhurst Home Again Hildy					   B Faulstich
 2/19/1998 apricot 8/00CERF					  OFA MF2181F34M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF1466G27F						   B Faulstich

Madigan's Big Beautiful Zeus					 Ch. Nassau Tudor Max						  Lionsire Misty Blue						   L Fuentes
 2/15/1999 brindle 8/00						  OFA MF3274G29M OFEL						   OFA MF3279G24F OFEL						   M Alexander

Magnolias Grizzly Teddy Bear					 Acadian Tiny Apricot Beau					  Alis Grand Southern Belle					   T Chambers
 9/28/1998 fawn 9/00						  								   								   J Coleman-II

Major The Great							 Running Bear's Bojangles					  Imperial Pets Lady Tiger					   D Shackleford-
 6/23/1998 fawn 9/00						  								   								   A Tanner

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 7/00 thru 12/00

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Master Dozer Sidle						 Master Hercules Sidle						  Madigan Xena Sidle						   D Sidle
 8/7/1999 fawn 12/00						  								   								   D Sidle

Master Jack							 Lazy Daze Sir Jaws						  Tiffany Rose							   D Hill
 11/22/1998 apricot 8/00					  								   								   D Hill

Maximillion Knows No Bounds					 Tuff Enough Of Deer Run Ranch					  Queen Reba Of Calhoun						   A Hooker
 2/19/1998 fawn 8/00						  OFA MF4129G58M						   								   S Boatman

Menagerie							 Chagrin JJ Of Redrock Mount					  Menagerie's Mokie Blue					   P Tabaka
 8/12/1998 brindle 8/00						  								   								   S Rupp

Mercy's Ultimate CyborgOfGreco					 Ch. Cross Timbers American Ace					  Ch. Cross Timbers Hard Hrtd Hanna				   H Pracht
 10/26/1997 fawn 10/00						  OFA MF2176F52M						   OFA MF2504G28F						   J Anderson

Ch. Millenniums Momentum					 Iron Hills Crazy Horse						  Ch. RR Lady Christine						   T Plezbert
 6/9/1998 fawn 10/00OFA MF4098F24M				  OFA MF3109G32M CERF						   OFA MF2299F24F CERF						   C Jones

MM Tamarack Renaissance Man					 Ch. Groppetti Lord Henry Of MMRB				  Semper Fi Lady Rosalie					   C Smith
 3/30/1999 fawn 7/00CERF					  OFA MF3301G28M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF3732E32F CERF						   J Lepman

Moks Demolition Expert						 Ch. Von Dinkels Raging Calm					  Sillar's Moks Threes A Charm					   R Mok
 2/13/1999 apricot 9/00						  OFA MF3156F24M OFEL						   								   R Mok

MQH Kings Tazmanian Angel					 MQH Saddleup Wrangler						  MQH Lady Smith N Wesson					   J King
 8/25/1999 brindle 12/00					  								   OFA MF4082E29F OFEL MFCA29					   J Mettrick

Mr Benj Bull Twinkle						 Sir Bull Taurus Of Windridge					  Jamie Crystal							   P Goldsmith
 2/15/1999 apricot 7/00OFA MF4511G26M				  								   								   L Klein

Mtn Oaks Master Jake						 Ch. Headley's Mt Oaks Renegade					  Mtn Oaks Princess Xena					   E Cruz
 11/28/1997 apricot 8/00					  CERF								   								   T Moe

Mtn Oaks My T Moose						 Ch. Headley's Mt Oaks Renegade					  Mtn Oaks Princess Xena					   D Skiles
 11/28/1997 brindle 7/00					  CERF								   								   T Moe

Mtn Oaks Saxson							 Ch. Sir Roberts Sampson Delight				  Mtn Oaks Sweet Magnolia					   A Williams
 3/5/1998 brindle 7/00OFA MF4086G27M OFEL			  								   OFA MF3679F47F OFEL CERF					   A Williams

Mufasa Williams Mastiffs					 Brite Star's Elvis Puppie					  Kingmont's Big Red Girl					   D Williams
 7/25/1999 fawn 12/00						  								   								   D Hatton

Mychals Always The Bear						 Ch. Lakewood's Sometimes The Bear				  Lakewood's Elsa Of La Quinta					   K Bolton
 7/2/1999 brindle 12/00						  OFA MF2577G24M						   								   P Poteat

Ch. Mystery Mnt Ready To Rumble					 Ch. Groppetti Lord Henry Of MMRB				  Semper Fi Lady Rosalie					   D Springfield
 3/30/1999 fawn 7/00						  OFA MF3301G28M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF3732E32F CERF						   C Henderson

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 7/00 thru 12/00

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Mystery Mountains Shaq Attach					 Ch. Groppetti Lord Henry Of MMRB				  Semper Fi Lady Rosalie					   C Henderson
 3/30/1999 brindle 7/00CERF					  OFA MF3301G28M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF3732E32F CERF						   C Henderson

Nelson's Mighty Beast						 McCray's Hero							  Mannings Lady Qwenavier Reba					   L Nelson
 7/3/1998 fawn 10/00						  								   								   P McCray

Night Watch Time Flies						 Ch. Night Watch Shadrack					  Thunder Sky NightWatchMagdalen				   D Hill
 7/10/1999 fawn 9/00						  OFA MF2696G25M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF3616F26F OFEL CERF					   M Fassenbender

Nikee Jordan Of Shamrock					 Robin Heud Of Brill Wood					  Maide Marion Of Brill Wood					   P Whitesell
 6/30/1999 apricot 12/00					  								   								   D Hood

Nui Braveheart Kauhane						 Golden Hills Sir Maxwell					  Nadia Ashley							   F Kauhane-Jr
 10/8/1996 apricot 8/00						  OFA MF1748G40M						   								   A Ashley

Ch. Oaklane's This Bud's For Us					 Am.Can.Ch. Iron Hills Under The Influence			  Ch. Oak Lane's Image Of Dale					   T Hix
 4/1/1999 fawn 12/00OFA MF4448G24M OFEL CERF			  OFA MF3388G24M OFEL MFCA13					   OFA MF3371F24F OFEL MFTH54					   N Camerra

Old School Night Traine						 Ch. Old School Sgt Major's Sagar				  Ch. Old School Drucilla					   D Shook
 11/2/1997 brindle 12/00OFA MF4056G30M OFEL			  OFA MF2064F66M OFEL						   CERF								   J Bahlman

Old Style's Titan Warrior					 Omar V. Herman Mugsey Jr O.S.					  Big Roxanne							   R Tripoli
 1/17/1999 fawn 12/00OFA MF4571F29M				  								   CERF								   R Tripoli

Old Style's Xerxes Nikumus					 Cochise's Broken Arrow Of O S					  Lady Shelby Of Windridge					   B Williams
 11/18/1998 apricot 11/00					  								   								   A Williams

Omar V. Herman Arrize						 Ch. Jai Bee Wymon of Oakhills					  Omar V. Herman Deliha						   J Korito
 5/25/1992 apricot 11/00					  								   								   J Korito

On Golden Paws Badlands Griz					 Gannaway's Sir Spartacus					  Davidson's Baby O' Baby					   P Powell
 2/8/1997 brindle 11/00						  OFA								   								   B Taylor

On Golden Paws Shaquille					 Brenkens Greco Big Ben Gump					  On Golden Paws Amazonie					   J Anteliffe
 9/14/1997 fawn 9/00						  OFA MF2545F27M OFEL						   								   B Taylor

Ozarks King Guntherino						 Mtn Oaks King Osoi Of Osoland					  Queen Duchess I Of Osoland					   S Richardson
 8/31/1998 brindle 12/00					  								   								   A DeLaTorre

P.S. Wilbers Little Thug					 TNT's Wilber De Merrimac					  PS Semper Fi's To Die For					   S Shirk
 5/15/1998 fawn 11/00						  								   								   P Reichard

Ch. Pegasus Southpaw Bear Rug					 Ch. Acorn Hill Uther Pendragon ,CGC,TDI			  Ch. Ms Buffington Lady Of Shadow				   A Azzam
 3/24/1997 fawn 11/00OFEL					  OFA MF1158G24M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF2376G24F OFEL CERF					   P McCune

Popeye The Sailor Phillips					 Ebenezer Augustus						  Ch. St John's Glen Emma					   J Phillips
 9/22/1998 fawn 7/00						  								   								   V Millican

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 7/00 thru 12/00

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Prince Buford Blair Of Arthur					 King Arthur Of Lynchburg					  King Arthur's Lady Magdalynn					   D Cooper
 12/6/1995 fawn 7/00						  								   								   M Samnik

Prince Eric							 King II							  Shelby II							   L Beals
 1/6/1996 fawn 7/00						  								   								   H Cubbage

Pryde Thorn's							 Apric's Big Thorndike						  Francesca Aaron Richards					   E Wilson
 4/29/1999 fawn 9/00						  								   								   A Richards

PS Mighty Juniper Ganamede					 TNT's Wilber De Merrimac					  PS Miss Bad To The Bone					   S Blickenstaff
 6/25/1997 fawn 10/00						  								   								   P Reichard

Raskes Odysseus							 Indian Run Night Hawk						  Sadie May Gulley Of Indian Run				   T Raske
 3/5/1999 apricot 8/00						  								   								   J Gulley

Raven Rock's Maximum Overdrive					 Matthias Of Misty Meadows					  Dogwoods Ms Molly						   M Lavin
 1/9/1999 fawn 8/00						  OFA MF4091G36M CERF						   OFA MF2883G25F OFEL CERF					   D Shook

Reiko Black Masked Diablo					 Jenkinson's Bruno Hector					  Meadowlark's New Dawn						   F Maxey
 3/15/1991 fawn 8/00						  								   								   J Jenkinson

Rhett The Duke Of Shibley					 Duke Duggie The Terrible					  Scarlet's Priscilla						   T Kerby
 12/18/1998 fawn 9/00						  								   								   T Kerby

Ricky's Angel							 Triple J's Ruger						  Gannaway's Lady Mariah					   R Board
 1/16/1999 fawn 9/00						  								   								   P Edwards

Rocky's Intimidating Force					 Can.Ch. Wynmast's Baccus					  Brite Star's Apricot Brandy					   J Melnik
 7/28/1998 apricot 10/00					  OFA MF3417F48M						   								   W Hite

Romeo Of Crimson Creek						 Creekview's Time Will Tell					  Quincy's Quintessential Tasha					   J Vasquez
 12/9/1998 fawn 7/00						  								   								   L Wirtjes

Rose Bay Vanguard						 Rose Bay Rebellion						  Ch. Rose Bay Priscilla					   A Smith
 12/6/1998 fawn 12/00						  								   								   A Smith

Rose Hills Big Sampson						 RR Raigous Times Never Ends					  Rose Hill's Little Gabrielle					   V Wood
 4/24/1998 fawn 11/00						  OFA MF2539G29M OFEL						   								   A Allen

Rufus Lee							 Remington							  Sassy Gal See							   C Brown
 9/28/1995 fawn 10/00						  								   								   B See

Running Bear's Chief Bailey					 Doe-G Mack Gonzalez						  Sheena Diane							   C Oelker
 6/1/1998 fawn 7/00						  								   								   A Stoltzfus

Running Bear's Gipper						 Ch. Still's Czar						  Still's Payton						   K Gantner
 1/16/1997 fawn 9/00						  OFA MF2757G30M						   								   F Still

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 7/00 thru 12/00

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Sampson The Mighty						 D Nine Dozer							  Peaches N Cream O'Kelly					   K Jones
 6/4/1999 fawn 8/00						  								   								   J Kelly

Samson Of Crestwood						 Little Mound's Brutus						  Little Mound's My Baby					   R Stocks
 10/5/1995 brindle 11/00					  								   								   K Langford

Samsons Indiana Bakerink					 Axl Gun Rose							  Aphrodities Six Eumenides					   R Hurd
 10/4/1994 fawn 8/00						  								   								   A Harvey

Samson The Mayan						 Master Henrich Van Damme					  Valleymere Misten						   J Mayan
 4/23/1999 fawn 11/00						  								   								   J Esch

Samson With Pride						 Ashley Greco's St Francis					  Shadow Chaser							   A Hruska
 9/22/1997 fawn 9/00						  								   								   D Huey

Scarey Creek's Dark Knight					 Scarey Creek's Elmo						  Peabodys Atara Of Scarey Creek				   S Lyons
 12/14/1998 brindle 10/00					  								   								   P Stephenson

Semper Fi Bentley						 Semper Fi Full Metal Jacket					  Semper Fi Cocoa Puff O'Audley					   G Poole
 7/15/1999 brindle 9/00						  OFA MF3715E25M OFEL CERF					   								   J Aber

Semper Fi Code Of Justice					 Semper Fi Full Metal Jacket					  Semper Fi Steel Magnolia					   M Morris
 10/21/1998 fawn 8/00						  OFA MF3715E25M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF3053G27F						   C Sharer

Semper Fi Lions Den Tonka					 Semper Fi Do Or Die						  Tyger Hall Minnie Miney Mo					   A Antone
 10/24/1996 fawn 7/00						  								   OFA MF2083F24F OFEL CERF					   M Rose

Ch. Semper Fi Warlords War					 Semper Fi Full Metal Jacket					  Ch. Tyger Hall Marilyn Monmo					   L Sandlin
 8/6/1998 fawn 12/00OFA MF4224G25M OFEL CERF			  OFA MF3715E25M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF2095E24F OFEL CERF					   M Rose

Shishoni Jambello's Wind					 Bosnak's Mount Shavano						  Sheba The Shy One						   S Olah
 2/5/1996 fawn 7/00						  								   								   K Richter

Ch. Silver's Double Trouble					 Ch. Silver's Keeper of the Stars				  Ch. Silver's Captin Kickin Bootie				   C Silverthorn
 1/20/1999 fawn 12/00						  OFA MF3843G26M OFEL						   CERF								   C Silverthorn

Silver's SandKastle's Day Off					 Ch. Silver's Ode To Otis					  Ch. Silver's Happy Hooker					   A Kemry
 11/21/1997 fawn 12/00OFA MF4290F35M OFEL			  								   								   C Silverthorn

Sir Clyde							 Fischer's Mighty Moses						  Bath Sheba McWilliams						   M Gray
 4/3/1999 brindle 11/00						  								   								   P McWilliams

Sir Duke Of Deleware						 Axl Gun Rose							  Aphrodities Six Eumenides					   A Moore
 7/12/1995 fawn 8/00						  								   								   A Harvey

Sir Dutch J N Palmer						 Sir Dakota J C Damascus					  Shelby Shade Forrest						   J Palmer
 2/27/1999 fawn 8/00						  								   								   M Forrest

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 7/00 thru 12/00

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Sir Elliot Of Finchville					 Black Stones Studley Of Noble					  Lady Abigail Leigh						   C Strahan
 1/16/1996 fawn 10/00						  								   								   A Jessie

Sir Gallahan							 McCray's Hero							  Triple D Emma Dea						   L Hillard
 7/7/1999 fawn 11/00						  								   								   W Hawley

Sir Gars Dandy Duke						 Sir Lancelot Luke						  Gars Dandy Lonnie						   L Pebworth
 4/27/1999 fawn 8/00						  								   								   P Barrier

Sir Goliath Of Somerset						 Master Henrich Van Damme					  Valleymere Misten						   L Wrighter
 4/23/1999 apricot 9/00						  								   								   J Esch

Sir Moose Elk							 Tuckasee's King Ralph						  Maximillion's Daisy Mae					   D Scragg
 7/26/1999 fawn 11/00						  								   								   E Ramirez

Sir Murdock Augustus						 Black Pines Augustus						  Seymour Stormy Simba						   R Amstutz
 3/19/1997 apricot 7/00						  								   								   B Dale

Sir Samson Of Camelot						 Ike McTivish							  Rosyrae Of Hilltop Mastiffs					   S Fadden
 5/13/1998 fawn 9/00						  								   								   K Wickstrom

Sir Smokey Machado						 Sir Smokey Winchester						  Lelli's Diamond Lady						   S Machado
 1/9/1999 brindle 12/00						  								   								   S Lelli

Sir Tanks Alot							 Massko Rusty Maxazelia						  Rockzie Maxmillion						   L Spagnola
 11/28/1998 fawn 8/00						  								   								   A Statham

Sir Thomas Glenn						 Ch. Groppetti Lord Henry Of MMRB				  Faynad Chakalak Of Rayvonley					   B Glenn
 12/12/1998 apricot 7/00OFA MF4526G29M				  OFA MF3301G28M OFEL CERF					   								   C Smith

SMHC Ceasar The Great						 Jericho Ironwar Jake						  Lionheart's Guardian Angel					   R Wagner
 5/26/1998 fawn 11/00						  								   								   F Wagner

Snow Tiger's Rhinehart						 Master Tiny Of Trackers Inn					  Websters Dame Edna						   K Henson
 2/12/1999 brindle 12/00					  								   								   J Wheeler

Sparky Kruse Howard						 Garth Brooks Kruse						  Shania Greco Kruse						   P Howard
 3/23/1998 brindle 9/00OFA MF4143G27M				  OFA MF2781G25M						   OFA MF3309G27F						   D Kruse

Spencer Duke							 Natures Acres Remington					  Sadie May Hollesley Victory					   O Chita
 11/17/1998 apricot 9/00					  								   OFA MF3809G40F						   R Goodin

Spike The Great							 Triple J's Ruger						  Gannaway's Lady Mariah					   J Wauson
 1/16/1999 fawn 8/00						  								   								   P Edwards

Springwood's Fred						 Sagi Sgt Semore Stripes					  Springwood's Lassie Of Sagi					   M Balick
 11/17/1998 fawn 8/00						  OFA MF4378G62M						   								   A Stoltzfus

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 7/00 thru 12/00

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Stone's Throw Total Excellence					 Ch. Guardia's Roll Of The Dice					  Pendragon Peach Blos'm Special				   P Smith
 12/3/1997 fawn 9/00						  								   								   P Smith

Stratton's Tell-Tale Heart					 Stratton's White Oaks Shiva					  Ch. Stratton's Ms Tulsi Of Asgard ,CGC,TDI			   D Kimball
 4/1/1999 fawn 11/00						  								   OFA MF2106G30F OFEL CERF					   D Kimball

Can.Ch. Superior Lynnspride Bilko				 Ch. Sagi Tiamat's Trick Or Treat ,CGC				  Abbey D ,CGC							   L Storeshaw
 2/27/1996 apricot 10/00OFA MF3473G35M OFEL CERF		  OFA MF1499G25M OFEL MF96 CERF					   OFA MF1831F25F OFEL						   C Dvorak

Sweet Holmes Mighty Hudson					 Ch. Grandgaards Diesel						  Black Stones Molly Me Dear					   S Field
 3/3/1996 fawn 7/00OFA MF3164E2M- OFEL				  OFA MF2096F25M OFEL						   OFA MF1821E26F						   C Holmes

Talshire's Buckaroo Bonzai					 Dawn Edge D'Artagnan						  Rhoads' Star Of Destiny					   M Ressa
 12/31/1998 fawn 10/00						  CERF								   								   M Henry

Tango II							 Smokey Brajad Anderson						  Victoria Daisy may Sunset					   G Virgilio
 12/9/1997 apricot 8/00						  								   								   E Reeves

Tepes Baby Boris						 Koons Katchy Kilroy Kujo					  Koons Kelsie Bleu Knight					   D Tepe
 2/11/1998 brindle 7/00						  								   								   D Tepe

Theodore Butterscotch Garcia					 Lord Warlock-Mystic Paradox					  Exquisite Lady Jaguar Greco					   F Garcia-II
 1/17/1998 apricot 9/00						  								   								   K Johnson

Thunder Oaks Great Red Caeser					 Warlords Alexander The Great					  Avalon Murphy							   K Harris
 8/8/1999 apricot 12/00						  								   								   D Holm

Tiger Bear Douglas						 Boss Jr. Dillon						  Cinnamon Biscuit Dillon					   J Douglas
 3/12/1998 apricot 9/00						  								   								   R Dillon

Tuckasee's Caleb's Honor					 Tuckasee's Mr Magoo						  Cannon's Seton Hall Lady					   D Gray
 8/1/1997 fawn 11/00						  								   								   C Newsome

Tuckasee's Otis Tucker						 Grayslands Razin Cain						  Tuckasee's Magoo Sugar Bambi					   J Mullins
 4/23/1999 brindle 7/00						  								   								   C Newsome

Tuckasee's Yaz Man Casey					 Tuckasee's Magoo Seton Hall					  Tuckasee's Magoo Sugar Bambi					   J Cosey
 11/5/1997 fawn 7/00						  								   								   C Newsome

Twin Oaks Maximilian						 Twin King Harum						  Lionsire Free As A Bird					   M Price
 4/25/1998 fawn 9/00						  								   								   M Redman

Ty's Gentle Ben							 McCray's Hero							  Razzilla							   T Spears
 12/1/1998 brindle 8/00						  								   								   T Spears

Tyger Hall Semper Fi Monopoly					 Semper Fi Do Or Die						  Deer Run Margaret Thatcher					   M Rose
 9/6/1995 brindle 9/00OFA MF3316G3M OFEL CERF			  								   OFA MF1293G24F CERF						   M Rose

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 7/00 thru 12/00

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Valley Hills Burley						 Sagi Sir Chester						  Amber's Dusty Pines Duchess					   J Hill
 1/7/1999 fawn 9/00OFA MF4415G24M				  OFA MF4034G46M						   								   R Miller

Valleymere Tony							 Windsorsprings Mixin Nitro					  Cross Timbers Pretty Penny					   J Esch
 3/27/1999 apricot 9/00						  								   OFA MF2670G28F						   K Bolton

Vann's Kingkong Butch						 King's Duke Of Winfield					  Alvord's Abigail Ruby						   G Vann
 11/17/1996 fawn 9/00						  								   								   R Alvord

Vly Oasis Sir Sebastian						 Mtn Oaks Hunter						  Mtn Oaks Casandra						   J Green
 5/17/1997 brindle 7/00						  								   								   D McVay

W.A. Charcoal Patches						 Sagi Sir Chester						  Mountain View Charcoal Ellie					   W Miller
 8/22/1999 brindle 11/00					  OFA MF4034G46M						   								   W Miller

Walnutknobs Cerano Of Libby					 Groppetti Big Boy Brutis					  Waddell's Sweet Dream Shasta					   L Libby
 6/17/1999 brindle 9/00						  								   								   J Waddell

Walnut Ridge's Macho Man					 Apollo-Lord Of Anne's Lake					  Majestic Mollie Mallone					   C Francis
 3/15/1999 fawn 9/00						  								   								   A Connors

Wartrail's Redman						 Dees Tiger The Tyrant						  Wartrail Vixen						   C Holmes
 7/8/1999 apricot 11/00						  								   								   C Holmes

Ch. Whispering Knights Bismark					 Groppetti Handsom Sampson					  Ch. Groppetti Whispknights Anna				   L Stanley
 9/20/1997 fawn 9/00OFA MF3812F24M OFEL CERF			  								   OFA MF2901G27F OFEL						   L Stanley

Whispknights Biltmore Defender					 Groppetti Handsom Sampson					  Ch. Groppetti Whispknights Anna				   M Kwasny
 9/20/1997 fawn 11/00						  								   OFA MF2901G27F OFEL						   L Stanley

Ch. Wileys Hawkeye Huffman					 Prime Minister Winston						  Burns Hall Millenium						   S Wiley
 6/24/1997 fawn 10/00OFA MF3930G30M OFEL CERF			  OFA MF2044G46M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF2573G27F OFEL CERF					   S Wiley

Willow Run Lord Bishop						 Willow Run Lord Balador					  Michael's Samantha						   T Yocum
 8/20/1998 brindle 8/00OFA MF4156F24M OFEL MFPA24		  OFA MF1574F24F OFEL						   OFA MF3317G32F OFEL						   T Yocum

Willow Run Mighty Moses						 Ch. Carter's Grove's Jake ,CGC,TDI				  Willow Run Jewel						   D Smith
 9/28/1994 apricot 9/00						  OFA MF1714F43M CERF						   OFA MF1915G30F OFEL						   T Yocum

Windy Plains Jolly Blk Duke					 Zeus Cobb Of Stanberry Court					  Edelman's Finney Mae Jolly					   D Scott
 10/13/1998 brindle 11/00					  OFA MF3007E27M						   OFA MF3692F37F						   P Jolly

Winston Churchill Hunt						 Kid Bear Hunt							  Pretty Foxy Baby						   B Hamlin
 2/21/1995 fawn 10/00						  								   								   L Hunt

Am.Can.Ch. Yarraville Sir Oliver ,CGC,TDI			 Can.Ch. Yarraville Muscles Maginty				  Megan Maginty Of Fawn Hill					   S Fazekas
 12/7/1995 fawn 10/00OFEL CERF					  OFA MF1673G34M CERF						   								   S O'Melay

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 7/00 thru 12/00

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Zsor Arthur							 Silver's Vanguard Shere Khan					  Nikki Summer Magnum						   A Malin
 3/24/1998 fawn 9/00						  OFA MF2141G32M OFEL						   OFA MF2368E26F						   J Ball


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