Mastiff Index
Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/01 thru 6/01

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Abbott's Big Boned Bonar					 Gemstone's Bonar Peridot					  Una Bella Signora Grassa					   K Abbott
 4/15/2000 fawn 5/01						  								   								   R Willard

Aces Prince Charming Samson					 Cathys Bear Mountain High					  Mastiff Cove's Miss Meriwether				   J Beeler
 6/16/1999 fawn 2/01						  								   								   R Ricker

Ajak Lawn And Fence						 Duke Of Hawthorne						  Duchess Of Hawthorne						   B Faught
 4/27/1999 apricot 1/01						  								   								   E Salter

Alexander's Xanthic Gizmo					 Ch. Groppetti Down Under					  Lil Al's Fancy Golden Soule					   A Saurer
 6/13/1999 fawn 4/01						  OFA MF3858G24M OFEL						   								   A Douglas

Andy's Boy Damien						 Ramsey Anubis The Great					  Precious Africa Queen						   A Kupferschmid
 1/15/2000 brindle 4/01						  								   								   J Crawford

Angus Signs							 Bullett Pomeroy						  Mellissa Pomeroy						   J Signs
 2/13/1998 brindle 1/01						  								   								   S Pomeroy

Annette's Geni Of Muzette					 Greco's Tristan Hollseley II					  Tuckasee's Lady Alexandra Rose				   C Nichol
 6/12/1999 fawn 3/01						  OFA MF2629G24M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF3960F32F OFEL						   R Simora

Antonio's Spartan Pride						 King Midas Winfield O'Carney					  Antonios Petra Pride						   G Antonio
 12/13/1996 brindle 3/01					  								   								   G Antonio

Ashley Greco's Monkey						 Milliken Tamarack Theodore					  Double Zees Princess						   L Scheopner
 12/21/1998 brindle 5/01OFA MF4362G25M OFEL			  								   								   C Norcutt

Ashley Greco Grandish						 Sampson X							  Delilah Heether						   J McSpadden
 3/2/1997 fawn 1/01						  								   								   S Heether

Auto Of Subaru							 Zeus King Of D.O.G.S						  Zoe Of Marycrest						   A Boursy
 9/18/1997 apricot 3/01						  								   								   A Boursy

Baby's Bourdreaux						 Gannaway's Sir Eolus						  Baby Peabody							   T DeVore
 2/17/1999 apricot 4/01						  								   								   A Lehman

Bachand's Chewbakka						 PJ's Samson Gard						  Beautekogard							   B O'Donnell
 1/20/1998 apricot 4/01OFA MF4402F37M OFEL			  								   								   A Lehman

Banyon's Maverick Schalte					 Ch. Banyon's Cosby						  Ch. Banyon's Blossom						   J Schalte
 4/24/1997 brindle 4/01						  OFA MF1757G37M						   								   J Zellen

Ch. Banyon's Mighty Elmo Of CC					 Ch. Jewel Midas Touch Of CC					  Banyon's Harmony Maplecreek					   J Zellen
 9/27/1996 fawn 3/01CERF					  OFA MF2302F28M OFEL CERF					   								   J Zellen

Bear Von Garcia							 King Mufassa							  Ginger Grace Hearnsberger					   R Garcia
 6/20/1998 fawn 5/01						  OFA MF2790G31M						   								   S Hearnsberger

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/01 thru 6/01

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Beckham's Lucky Lindbergh					 Beckhams Sir Jr Mulcher Jr					  Hyacinth Margaret Imhoff					   D Beckham
 5/22/1996 fawn 1/01						  OFA MF2122F43M						   OFA MF1890G26F CERF						   C Imhoff

Big Brew's Nash							 Moncho Man Cabbage						  Tequila II							   N Brewington
 12/31/1999 apricot 5/01					  								   								   H Cubbage

Big Duke Of The Missions					 Stohr's Jack							  Stohr's Cloey							   D Halbmaier
 8/6/1998 apricot 5/01						  								   								   K Knaus

Bishop Of Buckingham						 B B Riley							  Little Kayla Sue						   T Smith
 7/2/1996 fawn 2/01						  OFA MF1814G24M						   								   S Henker

Black Creek's Florister Toby ,CGC				 Gabniel Of Peacock Ridge					  Black Creek's Little Froggy					   L VanDamm
 10/12/1996 apricot 3/01OFA MF4274G49M OFEL CERF		  OFA								   OFA MF2008G27F						   S Elkin

Black Lion							 Brookside Testarossa						  Old School Ironclad Promise ,CGC,TDI				   M Alexander
 11/22/1996 brindle 2/01					  								   								   M Alexander

Ch. Black Mountain Quincy's Tuck'r				 Ch. Ridgewood's Otis						  Ch. Rancho Lady Sadie Sunshine				   M Pent
 10/9/1998 fawn 2/01OFA MF4238F24M CERF				  OFA MF2162F48M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF2681F24F						   J Powers

Blade								 Groppetti Big Boy Brutis					  Waddell's Sweet Dream Shasta					   D Ruffner
 6/17/1999 brindle 4/01						  								   								   J Waddell

Bocephus Of South Place						 Gabriel Of Mystic Mtn						  On Golden Paws Stardust Aria					   L Menke
 10/11/1998 brindle 2/01					  								   								   T Hopper

Bodacious Little Thunder					 Winsor's Samson The Humongous					  Winsor's Humoungus Puddy					   D Templin
 10/19/1999 fawn 4/01						  								   								   J Winsor

Bondee's Bodacious Bogey Man					 Ch. Patrician's Lord Bentley					  Shilohe's Lady Gynivere					   B Whitehurst
 6/13/1996 fawn 5/01						  								   								   B Slifkin

Bour Cher Prairie Pride						 X-L's Rush To Excellence					  X-L's Prairie Pride Lucy					   J Hull
 2/21/1999 fawn 6/01						  								   								   A Nunnenkamp

Bozwell Of Harwell						 Ch. Lakewood's Sometimes The Bear				  Black Creek's Lady Savannah					   S Sanford
 2/4/1998 brindle 5/01						  OFA MF2577G24M						   OFA MF3268G38F OFEL						   S Elkin

Braveheart's Amish Gunner					 Will Scotty Chief						  Tina II							   D Dewoody
 7/18/1999 fawn 3/01						  								   								   K King

BriarCreek							 Briarcreek Columbo Peugeot					  Vanilla Bon-Bon Of Windridge					   J Norman
 6/26/1998 fawn 2/01						  OFA MF3105F26M						   OFA MF3407F50F						   A Jessie

Buddy Bedford							 Apollo Dulce							  Athena Dulce							   C Coester
 10/30/1997 fawn 6/01						  								   								   C Grosso

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/01 thru 6/01

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Ch. Buster Bear Harvey						 Jericho Iron Chief War Lion					  Lady Tigress Of Jericho					   E Willaman
 2/4/1995 brindle 2/01						  OFA MF2588G41M						   OFA MF2178G30F OFEL						   J Ward-III

Caesar Of Spring Creek						 Victouri Sur Le Havel						  Victouri On The Allegheny					   B Travis
 3/27/1997 fawn 1/01						  								   								   C Grauer

Cape Wind's Zeus God OfThunder					 Alfred E Newman Of Cdridge					  Ironclads Abigal						   S Peterson
 11/8/1999 brindle 2/01						  								   								   G MacDonald

Cargo Diamond G Everitt						 Raja Of Kiana Ridge						  Serena							   R Ivie
 6/27/1999 fawn 6/01						  								   								   K Kern

Ch. CC Sir Michael O Fergie					 Ch. Southports Prime Time					  Ch. CC Fergie Of Sidetrack					   J Heveran
 6/20/1994 fawn 3/01OFA MF2490G30M				  OFA MF1173G34M OFEL CERF					   								   J Heveran

Cecil's Tiny The First						 Camelot's Hercules						  Carol's Tipper Anna						   R Feagin-II
 5/7/1996 brindle 5/01						  								   								   C Locklear

Cesare's Norton The Great					 Ramsey Anubis The Great					  Shari's Oona Of Hollister					   P Dicesare
 2/3/1999 brindle 1/01						  								   								   S Chavez

Ch. Clearview's Agamemnon					 Ch. Creekview's Major Montgomery ,CD,DD,WD,CGC,TDI		  Ch. Princess Clearview's Augusta				   J Weaver
 12/13/1996 fawn 2/01						  OFA MF1658G25M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF2193G34F OFEL CERF					   J Robertson

Cletus Calhoun Of Krals Rest					 Zeus Alexander Alleman						  Nikita Marie Alleman						   T Kral
 3/22/1999 fawn 5/01						  								   								   L Metzler

Clifford O Y'ville						 Can.Ch. Yarraville Muscles Maginty				  Yarraville Selby May						   J Voyce
 8/25/1995 fawn 4/01						  OFA MF1673G34M CERF						   								   S Parker

Clyde Wills Sir Dale						 General Charles Watson						  Stacy Star Collinsworth					   C Collinsworth
 4/10/1996 fawn 5/01						  								   								   C Collinsworth

Cody Boudreaux							 Captain Chaos							  Calamity							   P Dailey
 4/8/1998 brindle 4/01						  								   								   M Smith

Comparet's Grand Jacob Glory					 Sherbondy's Colossus Butkus					  Maude Rue							   T Comparet
 11/25/1993 fawn 4/01						  								   								   T Comparet

Conan's Rocky Dakota						 Moonstone's Conan Of Shaba					  Golly D's Sweet Samantha					   E Foley
 1/23/1997 brindle 1/01						  								   OFA MF2611F45F OFEL						   S Lewis

Cooks Mask Of Zorro						 Cross Timbers Guitar Man					  Buddy's Mandy Of Radfords					   J Cook
 6/30/1999 fawn 4/01						  								   								   S Rhodes

Corbitt's Dante							 Lapsleys Mtn Samson For Pat					  Lapsleys Deep Mtn Shadow					   M Corbitt
 5/12/1999 fawn 1/01						  								   								   C Lapsley

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/01 thru 6/01

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Cotton Hill Farms Brutus					 Agustus Of The Yellow Rose					  Cotton Hill Farms Angel					   R Hobbs
 12/16/1999 fawn 5/01						  								   								   R Hobbs

Cotton Hill Farms Silver					 Colonel Of Sleepy Hollow					  Meaghan Of Sleepy Hollow					   R Hobbs
 9/1/1999 fawn 4/01						  								   								   C Vaughn

Couch's Loving Big Baby Huey					 Ch. Greco's Grand Bear						  NJ Grecos Heart Of Dixie					   A Couch
 11/27/1998 fawn 2/01						  OFA								   								   A Greco

Cougar Zale Downes						 Vanderhyde Mastiffs						  Vanderhyde Mastiffs Shadow					   B Downes
 2/24/1999 fawn 4/01						  								   								   P Vanderhyde

Curry's Stormy Weather						 Just A Vagabond Lover						  Lady Mollie Of Obi						   D Curry
 1/19/1999 fawn 3/01						  								   								   J Nellis

Dawn Edge Rafael						 Dawn Edge D'Artagnan						  Willow Run Dawn Edge Ginger					   A Burke
 3/30/1999 apricot 5/01						  CERF								   OFEL CERF							   M Yates

Dellas Big Earl							 Foxys Abby							  Foxys Big John						   A McDermott
 7/1/1999 fawn 6/01						  								   								   H Foxworthy

Devonshire's Dark Shadow					 Chagrin JJ Of Redrock Mount					  Menagerie's Mokie Blue					   J Devon
 8/12/1998 brindle 4/01						  								   								   S Rupp

Diana's Mystic Running Bear					 Run'n Bear's Divine Thunder					  Running Bear's Golden Song					   D Taylor
 11/5/1997 fawn 6/01OFA MF4280F37M				  								   								   A Sacasa

Diesel Cornell							 Alfred E Newman Of Cdridge					  Marcy Morgan							   C Fox
 2/28/1999 apricot 6/01						  								   								   S Dwyer

Di Gentle Sandstorm						 Groppetti Rocky						  Imperial Gwendalyn Hardin					   A Isringhausen
 12/31/1999 fawn 6/01						  								   								   A Isringhausen

Draco Duke Of Mischief						 McArthur's Buddy Of Radford's					  Awesome Trixie Marie Radford					   D Stetson
 3/8/1999 fawn 5/01						  								   								   G Radford

Einstein							 D Nine Dozer							  Margarita							   B Stoddard
 12/7/1996 fawn 3/01						  								   								   H Cubbage

Ch. Eklesia's Thorny Crown					 Ch. Smok'N Lad Bett'R Watchout					  Virginia City's Jubilee					   S Jabbour
 12/1/1996 fawn 2/01						  								   								   S Jabbour

Enchanted Forest Humphrey LH					 Ch. Greco's Titan I Did It My Way				  Enchanted Forest Brook					   C Gailie
 5/22/1998 fawn 6/01OFA MF4191G26M				  OFA MF2279F25M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF3394F32F OFEL						   B Mrozik

Flinthills Shamus The Valiant					 Michaels Blackjack						  Alvord's Abigail Ruby						   B Breen
 12/29/1999 brindle 1/01					  								   								   R Alvord

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/01 thru 6/01

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Freedom Ridge Samson						 Boomer Bam Bam White						  Running Bear's Blk Jack Quest					   R Reed
 1/21/1999 fawn 6/01						  								   								   T Baker

Funny Farm's Giant Gunther					 Mighty Max Attack						  Sheeba Sampson Kelly						   S Prochnow
 12/2/1999 fawn 5/01						  								   								   A Lumpkin

Funny Farm's Major Bo Goliath					 Wenmar's Major Beaureguard					  Funny Farm's Bronte-Saurus					   K Cleek
 1/13/1998 fawn 5/01						  								   								   J Hagy

General Beaureguards BB Vol					 Tuckasee's Rock						  Sadies Easy Money						   A Lawrence
 6/17/1999 brindle 5/01						  								   								   D Ricker

Gibson's Greathouse Diesel					 Gibson's Chevy Royal Palm					  Gibson's Isis Of Grizzleys					   H Gibson
 1/20/1998 apricot 3/01						  OFA MF2884G24M OFEL						   OFA MF3062G29F						   H Gibson

Gliath								 Sir King Gentle Brutus						  Deaners Ray Of Hope						   N Grnjak
 12/17/1999 fawn 5/01						  								   								   D Deaner

Goldenhearts Southern Gent					 Sir Klunker Klaws						  Fikki's Sentimental Treasure					   D Boze
 4/4/2000 fawn 6/01						  								   								   T Cone

Grabers Tweedy							 CBT's Semi							  Sheba Jo							   J Graber
 6/7/1999 fawn 1/01						  								   								   C Keck

Grace's Colossal Lord Logan					 Hoffman's Massive Sampson					  Hoffman's Moonstruck Grace					   D Campbell
 12/23/1998 fawn 1/01						  								   								   G Koch

Grayslands Samson Jolly						 Gray's Tonka Del Greco ,CGC,TDI				  Tuckasee's Micah Jo ,CGC,TDI					   J Jolly
 11/28/1996 fawn 1/01OFA MF3653G30M				  OFA MF2107G25M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF1970F24F OFEL CERF					   D Gray

Great Ceasar Of Vegas						 Zeus Rumble Dozer						  Gladerun's Embers Lace					   R Hukill
 11/27/1997 fawn 4/01						  								   								   M Pitts

Greco's Maxim Of Manderly					 Ch. Greco's Grand Bear						  Lady Rebecca Of Flint Creek					   B Sullivan
 9/28/1997 fawn 3/01						  OFA								   								   T Schuknecht

Greenway Farms Joe Ezekiel					 Mayfair Farm Mighty Mitchell					  Mayfair Farms Jayna Belle					   L Harding
 1/22/2000 fawn 4/01						  								   								   C Cates

Greingrec's Boomer						 Greiner Hall Boaz						  Greco's Echo Of Cougar Ranch					   R Scott
 3/21/1997 fawn 3/01OFA MF4184G41M				  								   								   B Bell

Groppetti Manheim The Moose					 Ch. Groppetti Down Under					  Ch. Dandylion Maggie Magee					   M Umthun
 9/28/1999 fawn 4/01						  OFA MF3858G24M OFEL						   OFA MF2115F27F						   D Linzy

Ch. Groppetti Rufus Grizley Groper				 Ch. Semper Fi Groppetti Gargoyle				  Deer Run Bettin						   S Ellerth
 6/28/1994 brindle 3/01OFA MF3382F53M OFEL CERF			  OFA MF2046G25M						   								   D Kraft

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/01 thru 6/01

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Grubby's Bud Light						 Holly Redeemer's Sherman					  Holly Redeemer's Daisy					   H Grubbs
 6/3/1996 brindle 6/01						  								   								   J Baldes

Ch. Half Moon Dakota's RiverOfGold				 Ironclads Man In Black						  Half Moon II							   C Kowalczyk
 4/25/1999 brindle 3/01OFP OFEL PrelimCERF			  OFA MF4064F30M OFEL CERF					   								   C Kowalczyk

Hamilton's Brutus						 Angus Young Flores						  Paige's Nina							   P Palmer
 3/3/1999 fawn 5/01						  								   								   R Desrosiers

Hampton Thomas Huntley						 Noah Czark Stanley						  Stanley's Unwavering Faith					   J Huntley
 9/14/1999 fawn 4/01						  								   								   D Stanley

Harts Big Ol Ox							 Sir Tango Of Hurlbut Manor					  Princess Jasmine Of Jubilee					   A Hartsell
 10/26/1998 fawn 2/01						  								   								   M Hurlbut

Hastert's-Dnd's Thunder Rolls					 Ch. Von Dinkels Raging Calm					  Ch. Sillar's All That Jazz					   H Decker
 4/9/1999 fawn 1/01						  OFA MF3156F24M OFEL						   OFA MF3899F44F						   D Hastert

Haus Humboldt Mikado Grande					 Ch. Haus Humboldt Saint Judge					  Haus Humboldt Mona Lisa					   D VonKoch
 3/18/1999 fawn 1/01						  OFEL								   OFEL								   D VonKoch

Haus Humboldts Bawana						 Ch. Haus Humboldt Saint Judge					  Ch. Byrd's Nala Birnam Roc					   D VonKoch
 12/10/1998 fawn 2/01						  OFEL								   								   H Byrd-II

Hector Dwayne							 Goldleaf Maximillian						  Sandrock's Panzi						   D Eck
 5/28/1999 fawn 6/01						  								   								   L Fisher

Henry The Hallowed						 Cuban Awesome Deer						  Powerheads Gentle Breeze					   S Finley
 11/1/1999 fawn 5/01						  								   								   D Hagewood

Hercules Of Rhodes Rovers					 James Junior							  Priness Big Foot Ellis					   S Rhodes
 2/8/1999 apricot 4/01						  								   								   J Rosenkrans

Ch. His Majesty Pinewood Winston				 Ch. Creekside NKOTB Mighty Hogan				  Ch. Pinewoods Good Vibrations					   J Hehir
 5/6/1999 fawn 2/01						  OFEL CERF							   OFA MF2643G29F OFEL						   J Hehir

His Way Pistol No Sacrifice					 Ch. Brite Star's Dual Image ,CGC,TDI				  El Grande Born To Discover					   B Vandyke
 3/20/1999 fawn 4/01						  OFA MF1985G30M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF3285G35F						   R Oxford

Hoss Lionheart							 Simba Thunder Bear						  Mercy's Grace Of Greco					   J Long
 7/27/1999 fawn 3/01						  								   								   J Johnson

Hotpepper Salsa Of Francisco					 Lionsire Big Chief Blakstone					  Tigress Lilly Of Francisco					   J Brown
 8/6/1998 brindle 5/01						  CERF								   OFA MF3286F33F						   J Brown

Ch. Impressive Heritage						 Ch. Nyal's Risky Business					  Ch. Groppetti ImpressiveBootSkootn				   T Ahrens
 5/18/1999 fawn 5/01						  OFA MF2787G27M OFEL MFPA27 CERF				   OFA MF3891E31F OFEL						   M Ahrens

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/01 thru 6/01

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Ironhills Celestial St Francis					 Ch. Iron Hills InTo The Night					  Ch. Iron Hills Little Earthquake				   E Durante
 6/17/1999 fawn brindle 5/01CERF				  OFA MF2277G34M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF3056G30F OFEL						   P Phoebus

Iron Hills Lucca Brazzi						 Ch. Night Stalker Sillars Clyde				  Iron Hills Miss Clairol					   C Prete
 8/28/1998 fawn 1/01OFA MF4432G30M OFEL MFPA30 CERF		  OFA MF1529G24M CERF						   OFA MF3365G28F OFEL						   C Prete

Ch. Iron Hills Mtn Shadow Scout					 Ch. Night Stalker Sillars Clyde				  Ch. Iron Hills Total Disregard				   D Henson
 11/20/1997 fawn 1/01OFA MF4214G34M				  OFA MF1529G24M CERF						   OFA MF3189G33F OFEL						   P Phoebus

Iron Hills Yabba Dabba Doo					 Ch. Ironhills Doorman to Mt Moriah				  Ch. Iron Hills Mo'Money Mo'Money				   S Phoebus
 8/1/1999 fawn 4/01OFP OFEL Prelim				  OFA MF3850E24M OFEL						   OFA MF3347F42F OFEL						   P Phoebus

Iron Thunder's Sentinel						 Ch. Semper Fi Groppetti Gargoyle				  Deer Bubbles							   M Inches
 11/30/1994 fawn 4/01						  OFA MF2046G25M						   								   N Spiller

Jacob Gods Chosen One						 John Redeemer's Isaac						  Sweet Sarah Lee						   K Cormier
 1/29/1999 brindle 1/01						  								   								   J Parris

Jake Blair							 Ch. Cluny's Zac Crown Valley					  Crown Valley's Queen Victoria					   D Blair-Jr
 7/10/1997 brindle 4/01OFA MF3946G30M OFEL			  OFA MF2603G27M						   								   M Beigh

Jenkins Monster Tonka Truck					 Tazwell							  Hampton's Ember Lace						   J Jenkins
 8/18/1999 fawn 5/01						  								   								   K Showalter

Jethro Patrick Hogg						 Knickie's Royal Coaltrain					  Margarita							   L Polt
 1/8/2000 apricot 5/01						  								   								   H Cubbage

Jogart's King Edward						 Joli Jogar							  Tiago Doxie							   N Broomfield
 11/23/1996 fawn 3/01						  								   								   P Page

Jo Jo Big Boy							 Joe Shaw Smart							  Peaches And Cream						   M Shepherd
 7/2/1998 apricot 3/01						  								   								   J Weaver

Julius Caesar's Tesas						 R and R's Pretty Boy Noah					  Sicilia							   B Smith
 6/21/1998 fawn 1/01						  OFA MF2967G24M						   								   M Gelmers

King Goliath							 Int.Am.Ch. Groppetti Thorg Of Windzor				  Lady Di							   B Bailey
 12/18/1998 fawn 1/01						  OFA MF2937G24M OFEL MFCA11 CERF				   								   A Shirley

King Loui							 Copenhaver's Willbe						  Copenhaver's Katheran Fefe					   L Bertling
 7/5/1998 brindle 6/01						  								   								   R Copenhaver

King Perseus Of Boulder Creek					 Brutis Bon Jovi						  Justa Shelby Gt						   S Paxson
 1/18/1999 apricot 2/01						  OFA MF3409G30M						   								   A Bowlin

Kingsgate Tiger							 Greiner Hall Sherman Tank					  Von Roth's Spy'C Good Girl					   J Menocal
 8/29/1999 brindle 2/01						  OFA MF2328F25M OFEL						   OFA MF3880G27F						   L Bogart

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/01 thru 6/01

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Koby King Of Louisville Burg					 Briarcreek Columbo Peugeot					  Vanilla Bon-Bon Of Windridge					   L Scheopner
 6/26/1998 fawn 6/01						  OFA MF3105F26M						   OFA MF3407F50F						   A Jessie

KT's Greco Garth-Man						 Ch. Conner's Moondance Garth-Man				  Conner's Greco Maxi-Rogue					   K Tomberlin
 1/26/1997 fawn 3/01						  OFA MF1721G31M						   OFA MF1776G25F						   C Conner

L And R Pete							 Bailey The Masked Bandit					  Queen Lajane							   L Martin
 2/11/1999 fawn 5/01						  								   								   W Hoover

Larrys Vondale Samson						 Ch. Running Bear's Bayou Thunder				  Running Bear's Bayou Serenade					   L Lones
 3/4/1999 apricot 2/01						  								   								   J Kirvin-Jr

Lazy D's Bobby McGee						 Ch. I Guards Lazy D Marvelous Marv				  Ch. Groppetti Dixie Of Lazy D					   J Walker
 2/24/1999 fawn 5/01						  								   OFEL								   J Walker

Lazy Daze Sir Clifford						 Lazy Daze Sir Cedric						  Lazy Daze Lady Stella						   R Wingo
 11/9/1998 apricot 6/01						  								   								   R Stafford

Lifsey's Sir Nelson Matthews					 Ch. Lifsey's Saint John					  Mastiff Cove's Baby Lifsey					   J Matthews
 11/9/1998 apricot 6/01						  								   								   S LaClair

Lionsire Jills Swirly Mason					 Smoky Jo Big Black Bear					  Lionsire Gotcha Sara						   L Kulawiecz
 10/29/1999 brindle 4/01					  								   OFEL								   D Tribby

Little Foot Oxen						 McArthur's LC Big Rex						  LC's Jilly							   D Roeder
 2/6/2000 apricot 4/01						  								   								   L Hartley

Little Johns Marmaduke						 Lastwarier's Sir Kelly						  Lelli's Roxie Roc						   J McNiel
 6/17/1996 apricot 5/01						  								   								   B See

Loneoak's Son Of Thunder					 Chagrin JJ Of Redrock Mount					  Hum's Sharp Sweet Shasta					   T Juillard
 3/28/1998 brindle 4/01						  								   								   P Humbarger

Lord Manfredd Of Monageri					 Bocephus Ray Boss						  Toote Suite Chapeau						   K Monks
 9/20/1999 fawn 4/01						  								   								   B Sayer

Love's O'Mighty Zeus						 That's My Boy							  Cha-Lis' Zoie							   T Love
 6/22/1999 brindle 5/01						  								   								   C Beiter

Mad Mountains Mighty Moses					 Tuckasee's Ceaser Agustis					  Tuckasee's Mr D's Bullit					   D Gilmore
 1/14/2000 brindle 5/01						  								   								   D Gilmore

Major Bush							 Duke Gladiator							  Lady Luck Madonna						   B Bush
 3/30/1998 fawn 5/01						  								   								   L Beals

Major Force Of Twin Oak Farm					 D Nine Dozer							  Peaches N Cream O'Kelly					   D Bollin
 6/4/1999 brindle 2/01						  								   								   J Kelly

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/01 thru 6/01

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Marcus Von Gruenigen Master					 Gannaway's Sir MacIntosh					  Black Pines Peace Maker					   J Von
 11/26/1996 fawn 5/01						  								   								   T Martinez

Marmadukes Cosmos						 Geolin Cosmos							  Elizabeth Marie						   T Cone-Ward
 3/22/1999 fawn 1/01						  								   								   K Stephens

Masked Vegas King						 R and R's Pretty Boy Noah					  R And R's Micah						   E Hauat
 9/20/1999 fawn 1/01						  OFA MF2967G24M						   OFA MF2954G28F						   K Alvarez

Master D.O.G. Braun						 Cecil's Marsh Marlowe						  Titalee Vidal							   T Braun
 1/20/2000 fawn 6/01						  								   								   J Brewer

Master Zann-Darr						 King Zeb Of Maple Grove					  Buffey Ann Sunflower						   A Payne
 12/24/1998 fawn 3/01						  OFA MF3468F28M						   								   M Hahn

MB's Pop-A-Top Flower Bill					 McArthur's Buddy Of Radford's					  Greco's Keista Of Radford's					   J Harris
 12/2/1999 fawn 4/01						  								   								   G Radford

McClean Bascom							 Groppetti Dallas						  Hoover's Trixy						   L Bunzey
 3/14/2000 apricot 5/01						  								   								   J Phillips

Meadowhawks Augustus						 Ch. Meadowhawks Yanagua ,CD					  Nolen's Belle Buist						   D Holdbrook
 6/19/1998 apricot 2/01						  OFA MF3447F26M OFEL CERF					   								   S Stiles

Mich-E-Lob							 Mustafa Amadais Redding					  Misty Anathasia Redding					   S Collopy-Jr
 9/27/1999 fawn 5/01						  								   								   M Redding

Mighty Hey-Zeus							 Abu Mwamba							  Queen Elizabeth V						   V Allen
 10/13/1999 fawn 1/01						  								   								   E Yoder

Milehi's Willy's Thorn						 Brite Star's Redgate Crusader					  Milehi's Mighty Aphrodite					   A Willard
 12/31/1998 fawn 1/01OFA MF4559G29M				  OFA MF2875G24M OFEL MFTHYR CERF				   OFA MF3297G27F						   H Price

Mill Creek's Obi Fawn Kenobi					 Mill Creek's Storm Dancer					  Mill Creek's Summer Rose					   T Christensen
 11/11/1999 fawn 5/01						  								   								   D Motz

Mister Barley							 Mavricks Silver Star						  Bakleigh's Sterling Moon					   B Hammack
 9/10/1999 fawn 3/01						  								   OFA MF2958F24F						   S Zeller

Mister Bojangles						 Petrosec Ajax Cactus Creek					  Sara Dudek Shaughnessy					   H Rodriguez
 9/14/1995 brindle 5/01						  								   								   T Shaughnessy

Mongo Mad Mulcher						 Mulcher Phillips						  Ginger's Lucky Lady						   T Guern
 5/15/1995 apricot 1/01						  								   								   T Guern

Mongo Mag							 SK Jack							  SK Mary's Mo							   S McKee
 12/8/1998 fawn 3/01						  								   								   J Stinson

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/01 thru 6/01

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Moore's Seargant Baily						 Ma And Paw's Rambo						  Ma And Paw's Tijo						   F Moore
 1/20/1999 fawn 1/01						  								   								   C Gillespie

Morco's Divine Bacchus						 Ch. Caledonia Boaz Of Woodwaye					  Kings Desire Bathsheba					   m Rainwater
 7/10/1999 brindle 4/01						  OFA MF2777E24M OFEL MFPA47					   OFA MF3462G27F						   J Haynes

Moses's Thunder Into The Night					 Ch. Groppetti Lord Henry Of MMRB				  High Deserts Queen Of The Nile				   L Moses
 11/22/1998 brindle 3/01					  OFA MF3301G28M OFEL CERF					   OFA								   R Henderson

Mtn Oaks Sabo							 Ch. Headley's Mt Oaks Renegade					  Mtn Oaks Sweet Magnolia					   S Williams
 5/5/1999 brindle 4/01						  CERF								   OFA MF3679F47F OFEL CERF					   A Williams

Mtn Oaks Sandlot Titanic					 Bar-Kings Bocifus						  Mtn Oaks Sandlot Sadey					   A Ochoa
 11/5/1997 brindle 5/01						  								   								   S Silva

Mufasa IV							 Chet Van Charlton						  Shirley Ann							   H Vankirk
 9/23/1998 fawn 2/01						  								   								   L Stoltzfus

Murphy The Great						 RL's Prince Samson						  RL's Princess Brandy						   J Klaes
 2/14/2000 fawn 4/01						  								   								   R Marcie

My T Great Big Head Evandar					 Mtn Oaks My T Great Big					  Great Grace Of Sherwood Frst					   T Johnson
 11/26/1997 brindle 1/01					  								   								   K Wahhab-Kelle

Nk Valiant Knight						 Noble Knight Of Greiner Hall					  NK Acorn Pearl Of Old School					   K Smith
 9/20/1996 fawn 1/01						  								   								   K Smith

Ch. Omega's King Of Cool					 Ch. Iron Hills InTo The Night					  Iron Hills Lollapalooza					   C Prete
 11/22/1999 fawn 5/01						  OFA MF2277G34M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF3719E31F OFEL MFPA31					   P Phoebus

One Shot Gunner							 Shaquille O'Neal Of Michener					  Carly Simon Of Michener					   D Seagle
 7/9/1999 fawn 5/01						  								   OFA MF3738G27F						   J Michener

Ozzwald Odius Redding						 Mustafa Amadais Redding					  Misty Anathasia Redding					   D Redding-II
 9/27/1999 fawn 2/01						  								   								   M Redding

Pallone Powerplay						 Ch. Smok'N Lad Sand River Rio					  Pallone Crowning Glory					   D Pallone
 5/3/1999 fawn 6/01						  OFA MF1806F25M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF3140F49F OFEL						   D Pallone

Patrick T. Haus							 Dowell's Duke							  Chitawee's Mastiff Brandihur					   D Dir
 12/15/1995 fawn 3/01						  								   								   B Dowell

Pedersen Ridge Grande Rouge					 MGM Bishops Dawn						  Pedersen Ridge Lazy D's Daisy					   P Harley
 10/8/1999 apricot 5/01						  								   CERF								   R Pederson

Ch. Pendragon Everyday Hero					 Ch. Acorn Hill Uther Pendragon ,CGC,TDI			  Ch. Honey Creek Spoonful Of Sugar				   S Waldorf
 6/18/1999 fawn 3/01OFP OFEL PrelimCERF				  OFA MF1158G24M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF3390E31F OFEL CERF					   W Krauser

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/01 thru 6/01

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Philbert Austin							 Stone Cold Austin Of Antioch					  Dawgie Diva Of Antioch					   J Moore
 6/13/1999 brindle 4/01						  								   								   J Johnson

Prince Byron Hunt Russell					 Kid Bear Hunt							  Pretty Foxy Baby						   K Russell
 8/13/1994 fawn 1/01						  								   								   L Hunt

Principio's Nostradamus						 Ch. Springwood Sagi TheDragonSlayr				  Sagi Celestial Incandescence					   D Sebold
 9/26/1999 apricot 1/01						  OFA MF4396E35M						   OFA MF3579G24F						   R Lytle

Rajun Titan							 Ch. Cedar Ridge Majestic Bohemian				  Ch. Rajun As Fast As You					   J Porter
 1/28/2000 fawn 5/01						  OFA MF3032F31M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF3356G27F						   S Baker

Rdgrunner Celestl St Michael					 Ch. Beau's Ultimate Beef On Rye				  Cactus' Ridgerunner August					   E Durante
 5/8/1998 fawn 2/01OFA MF4079F25M OFEL CERF			  OFA MF3006G25M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF3502G36F OFEL CERF					   K Cooper

Richard's Big Kid						 Gus Gus Of Agricola						  Graceful Princess Of Roco					   C Harris
 1/27/1997 apricot 1/01						  								   								   J Ferris

Ch. Ridgerunner Double Stuff					 Ch. Beau's Ultimate Beef On Rye				  Cactus' Ridgerunner August					   K Cooper
 5/8/1998 fawn 6/01OFA MF4357F33M CERF				  OFA MF3006G25M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF3502G36F OFEL CERF					   K Cooper

Riley II							 Yon't No Mi's Got Yer Dawg					  Jakes Daisie							   C Zirkle
 10/8/1999 fawn 5/01						  								   								   J George

Robbo Da Hood Groppetti						 Ch. Groppetti Down Under					  Lil Al's Fancy Golden Soule					   D Donaldson
 6/13/1999 fawn 3/01						  OFA MF3858G24M OFEL						   								   A Douglas

Rockhard King Balthazar						 Greiner Hall Falcon						  Queen Beatrice Of Pomona					   N Valentino
 1/5/1999 brindle 2/01						  								   								   N Valentino

Rock Jethro English						 Wee Bark's Jethro Bodean					  Blake's English Ashley					   B Hartig
 2/13/2000 apricot 4/01						  								   								   B Mason

Royal Waggs							 Waterman's Little Isaac					  Grabers Christy						   V Branch
 4/12/1999 fawn 4/01						  								   								   J Graber

Ruger's Tanker Maker						 Triple J's Ruger						  Gannaway's Lady Mariah					   P Viles
 1/16/1999 fawn 1/01						  								   								   P Edwards

Sagi Ali's Courageous Clyde					 Sagi William-B-Flair						  Sagi Tastykake Of Springwood					   A Phillips
 6/28/1999 apricot 4/01						  								   OFA MF3528G32F						   H Lytle-Jr

Sampson Hulihan							 Running Bear's Thor's Rockytop					  Rocky Top Little Ann						   S Hulihan
 9/6/1999 fawn 5/01						  								   OFA MF4101G37F						   L Rushing

Samson XXXIV							 J Farms Princess Sundance					  Burns Hall Princess Fergie					   D Horn
 6/30/1999 fawn 6/01						  OFA MF4515G33F OFEL						   								   P Johnson

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/01 thru 6/01

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Sandys Thunder Storm						 Pallone Gannaway's Samson					  Gannaway's Lady Zena						   S Guthrie
 1/4/2000 fawn 6/01						  								   								   A Gannaway

Sayzar Prince Of Echowood					 Sir Turner							  Madam Hoochie							   S Kimzey
 10/19/1998 fawn 6/01						  								   								   M Eddings

Schone Gross Haus Of Kasmira					 Nittany's Get In The Ring					  Celtic Sarah Of Kasmira					   T Niemann
 9/20/1998 fawn 6/01						  OFA MF2743F24M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF2265F34F						   T Niemann

Semper Fi Groppetti Zeus					 Int.Am.Ch. Groppetti Thorg Of Windzor				  Lady Di							   J Johnson
 12/1/1999 apricot 3/01						  OFA MF2937G24M OFEL MFCA11 CERF				   								   J Shirley

Seville's Mtn Oaks Jethro					 Ch. Groppetti Lord Henry Of MMRB				  Iron Hills Seville's Jessica					   A Williams
 12/8/1999 fawn 2/01						  OFA MF3301G28M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF3210G24F OFEL CERF					   S Lupi

Shabri-El's Tye							 Ch. Ironhills Doorman to Mt Moriah				  Shabri-El Here I Go Of Cluny					   E Hamilton
 12/2/1999 brindle 6/01						  OFA MF3850E24M OFEL						   								   E Hamilton

Int.Am.Ch. Shadows Downs Major General				 Ch. Creekview's Major Montgomery ,CD,DD,WD,CGC,TDI		  Ch. Shadows Downs Charmed Promise				   N Cooper
 1/8/1997 fawn 1/01OFA MF3515G26M OFEL CERF			  OFA MF1658G25M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF2415G28F OFEL						   N Cooper

Shaman Cree Shaw						 Junior Of Palos						  Tess Larlinkelkarluk						   V Shaw
 11/30/1995 brindle 2/01					  								   								   J VonHolten

Shemariah Once Ina Blue Moon					 Big Ten Samson Of Shemariah					  Shemariah's Sage Of Babylon					   M Altman
 11/25/1998 fawn 3/01						  OFA MF2596G26F						   OFA MF3182F38F						   B Stamm

Shimmel Hunk							 Raber's Rusty							  Misty The Great						   T Burkholder
 12/3/1999 brindle 3/01						  								   								   J Raber

Sierra Augustus							 Ch. Cluny's Zac Crown Valley					  Crown Valley's Street Legal					   R McCormick
 6/21/1998 fawn 1/01						  OFA MF2603G27M						   								   J Andersen

SigmonBrookHollowsIronwarConan					 Jericho Ironwar Jake						  FWF Elsa							   S Sigmon
 5/15/1998 fawn 5/01						  								   								   F Wagner

Sillars Mighty Mick						 Ch. Equus Mighty Joe						  Sillar's Great Gatsby						   A Malaker
 9/29/1998 brindle 1/01						  OFA MF2727G38M OFEL MFPA11					   								   J Sillar

Simba G Jadoon Ed Rodriquez					 Royaloak Samson						  TJ Lady Jadoon Of Riveroaks					   A Rodriquez
 4/11/1995 fawn 2/01						  								   								   G Jadoon

Simba IX							 Parmers Boaz Of Cedar Yard					  Parmers Naomi							   R George
 11/17/1999 fawn 1/01						  								   								   K Parmer

Simon's Stone Cold Bubba					 Bar M Lord Tobie						  Bar M Queen Nala						   A Simon
 1/3/1998 brindle 2/01						  								   								   M Miller

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/01 thru 6/01

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Simon Of Pleasant Hill						 McCray's Hero							  Mannings Lady Qwenavier Reba					   P McCray
 7/3/1998 fawn 2/01						  								   								   P McCray

Sir Alexander Of Shraderville					 Katy Elder's Big Boy						  Four Paws And Feather						   G Gauthier
 11/11/1999 brindle 4/01					  								   								   W Harkness-II

Sir Ashton Jake							 Sir Jake Bell							  Arkansas Sugar Pie						   J Crawford
 2/11/2000 apricot 6/01						  								   								   A Bell

Sir Bentley Of Jones Farm					 Big Red Benjamin Douglas					  Athena Goddess Of Wisdom					   J Jones
 1/1/2000 fawn 6/01						  								   								   R Lovelace

Sir Camelot							 Jericho Iron Chief War Lion					  Lady Tigress Of Jericho					   J McElroy
 2/4/1995 brindle 3/01						  OFA MF2588G41M						   OFA MF2178G30F OFEL						   J Ward-III

Sir Denali							 Ch. Mtn Oaks Hannibal						  Headley's Mystified						   A Malson
 1/2/1997 fawn 2/01						  OFEL CERF							   								   M Hamel

Sir Drake Of Gibsons Castle					 Andrada's Chino D.O.C.						  Montana Of Winsor Hollow					   M Gibson
 7/13/1999 apricot 3/01						  								   								   M Parker

Sir Duke Of Quail Run						 Ch. Bush's Tejas Sir Winston					  Ch. Bush's Sugar Baby						   P McCray
 12/13/1993 apricot 4/01					  OFA MF1793G26M CERF						   OFA MF1433F44F						   S Bush

Sir Galahad Of Camelot Farm					 Sir Lancelot Of Camelot					  Elaine Of Camelot						   R Holman
 12/10/1999 brindle 5/01					  								   								   G Radun

Sir Gordon's The Man						 Quizaks Sir Doufus						  KK's Courious Callie						   L Baldwin
 10/8/1998 fawn 1/01						  OFA MF2637F35M						   OFA MF3574G25F						   R Clement

Sir Handsome Jack						 Sir Saxon Of Wheeless						  M'Lady Deira Of Wheeless					   D Honebein
 10/3/1997 apricot 6/01						  								   								   J Gibson

Sir Koora							 Storm Ceasar							  Pollock's Mugshot Lucy					   E Fontroy-Jr
 7/4/1998 fawn 4/01						  								   								   A Pollock

Sir Lancelot's Cain						 Sampson Jurassic Kooby Doo					  Maggie Maes Midnight Madness					   P Burford
 2/25/1998 brindle 3/01						  								   								   R Furr

Sir Max Of Thorn						 Leatherwood's Fido						  Leatherwood's Trixy						   F Myers
 1/23/2000 apricot 5/01						  								   								   J Raber

Sir Moses Of Brandenburg					 Wenmar's Colonel Samson					  Psai-Wi Susanah Groppetti					   O Osborne
 10/18/1998 apricot 4/01					  								   								   S Alsager

Sir Winchester's Hoonchida					 Sir Smokey Winchester						  Lelli's Roxie Roc						   R Keys
 2/12/1998 brindle 6/01						  								   								   B See

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/01 thru 6/01

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Socrates							 Chris' Mud Lake Brutis						  Chris' Mud Lake Olive						   B Tomerlain
 1/7/1999 fawn 5/01						  								   								   C Vaughn

Souix Luvs Legacy In Blue					 J And S Kennels Mr BojangoBear					  Jolly's Midnight Star						   L Yeargan
 5/9/2000 brindle 6/01						  								   								   P Jolly

Spencer Sanderford						 Ch. Groppetti King Spencer					  Princess Lacey My Baby Girl					   J Sanderford-J
 4/1/1999 fawn 4/01						  								   								   J Crawford

Ch. Spicewood's Mathew MistyMeadow				 Ch. Enchanted Acres Trust Me					  Ch. Queen Elizabeth Heavensgate				   J Hunter
 3/8/1997 brindle 5/01OFA MF3594G24M CERF			  OFA MF1599E32M OFEL CERF					   								   G Moore

Ch. Stonebrook Jordan Lightfoot					 Stablemates Otis Of Stonebrook					  Talamasca's Stonebrook Audrey					   J Mechling
 2/17/1999 fawn 6/01OFA MF4473G26M OFEL				  OFA MF1521G28M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF3620G30F OFEL CERF					   K Black

Storm Swainmote Curzon Dax					 Moonstone's Bart Of Montague					  Storm Gwendoline Of Serenity					   I Draznin
 10/25/1997 fawn 1/01OFA MF3940G27M OFEL			  OFA MF2013F67M OFEL CERF					   								   D Andersson

Sunshine Hadsell						 Ironwood's Brutus Beefcake					  Sir Williams Royal Sandy Girl					   D Hadsell
 2/22/2000 fawn 5/01						  								   								   M Tully

Sunstar Baby Boomer						 Ch. Sunstar Rolling Thunder					  Sunstar Tippi Tiger						   T Hagston
 5/30/1999 fawn 5/01						  OFA MF3564G34M						   OFA MF2985F33F						   N Hutnik

Sunstar Stormbringer						 Ch. Sunstar Rolling Thunder					  Sunstar Tippi Tiger						   N Hutnik
 5/30/1999 brindle 1/01						  OFA MF3564G34M						   OFA MF2985F33F						   N Hutnik

SV's King Toby							 Mr Buddy Don							  Greco's Cricket Of Hollesley					   S Vaughn
 12/10/1999 fawn 4/01						  								   OFA MF3213F25F						   J Banks

Sweet's Desire Giant Murphy					 Windsong's Paris						  Athena V							   T Sweet
 12/11/1998 fawn 3/01						  								   								   H Hart

Taz's Dream Fulfilled Of Clark					 Sir Klunker Klaws						  Down Double-D Alley						   A Clark
 2/13/2000 fawn 4/01						  								   								   T Cone-Ward

Their Last Hope Ta'Tonca					 Alfred E Newman Of Cdridge					  Marcy Morgan							   C Fox
 1/26/2000 brindle 4/01						  								   								   S Dwyer

Thor's Hercules Spartacus					 Mighty Thor Spartacus						  Aerial Of Spartacus						   C Wahlstrom
 4/3/1999 fawn 4/01						  								   								   C Wahlstrom

Thornburys Sir Jacob						 Will Scotty Chief						  Brookside Joy Sheena						   M Thornbury
 8/9/1998 brindle 6/01						  								   								   M Beiler

Tiger VII							 Banyon's Harry							  Kasmer Of Stack						   B Loehrer
 10/20/1997 brindle 3/01					  								   								   T Roen

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/01 thru 6/01

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Tims Silver Max A Million					 Redemption's Way Will-O-Resa					  Nia Avar Romulus						   T Franklin
 12/10/1999 fawn 5/01						  								   								   P Allison

Tinsley's Bojo							 Greco's Catfish Of Lazy M					  Greco's Maggie Rouge						   C Slater
 1/22/1998 apricot 3/01						  OFEL								   								   M Hillson

Tritan's Rogue De Dogue						 Ch. Silver's Texas Tea						  Riesling Chubasco						   P Wright
 10/22/1995 brindle 2/01					  OFA MF3398F62M OFEL						   								   F Velasquez

Tuckasee's Jordan Ceasor					 Tuckasee's Ceaser Agustis					  Grayslands Jordan						   J Hutto
 10/28/1998 brindle 3/01					  								   								   C Newsome

Tucker James							 Shadow Boxer							  OK Seminal Saige						   A Verner
 9/8/1997 fawn 2/01						  								   								   P Sheppard

Turkeough Of Kast						 Alfred E Newman Of Cdridge					  Keough's Saint Keista						   D Kast
 9/3/1999 fawn 1/01						  								   								   S Dwyer

Turney's Hard Earned Cash					 Count Frederick						  Cornerstones Divine Wine					   C Baker
 1/29/1999 brindle 5/01						  								   								   C Kinder

Tygerhall Threefus						 Ch. Old School Woden						  Tyger Hall Tufer The Show					   M Rose
 1/23/1999 brindle 3/01						  OFA MF2915G64M						   OFA MF2086G24F OFEL CERF					   M Rose

Valentynes Jacob Of Terlingua					 Dejavu Sir Winston Of Grzywacz					  Heritage's Lady Grace						   R Burr
 7/18/1999 fawn 4/01						  								   								   B Robertson

Valentynes Lord Sebastian					 Dejavu Sir Winston Of Grzywacz					  Heritage's Lady Grace						   R Comstock
 1/14/2000 fawn 6/01						  								   								   B Robertson

Vintage Jake							 Dartmouth Vintage Mac						  Ch. Deer Run Tristans Elizabeth				   J Deouthit
 12/2/1996 fawn 5/01						  								   OFEL CERF							   J Dietz

Ch. Virginia City's Moose OfScales				 Ch. Brookside Samson						  Smok'N Lad Silver Bell					   K Zmudzinski
 10/20/1994 fawn 5/01OFA MF2460E24M CERF			  								   								   J Hoobin

Vorhes' King Brutus						 Conan's Lil Ben OfParadiseBluf					  Lady Megan Of Quail Meadows					   M Vorhes
 11/27/1997 fawn 3/01						  								   								   B Fields

Walk With Pride							 Cardels' Magnum						  Cardels' Magoalene						   T Alley
 8/18/1999 fawn 4/01						  								   								   R Grant

Ch. Warlords Agent Oh Oh Seven					 Ch. Warlords Secret Agent Man					  Ch. Warlords Fire and Ice					   T Devier
 1/11/1999 fawn 1/01OFP CERF					  OFA MF3849G33M OFEL						   OFA MF3688G40F OFEL						   T Devier

Willow Run Elijah Pendragon					 Ch. Acorn Hill Uther Pendragon ,CGC,TDI			  Willow Run Sh'Kinah						   T Yocum
 2/9/1999 fawn 4/01OFA MF4349E24M OFEL MFCA12			  OFA MF1158G24M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF3290G24F OFEL						   T Yocum

Male Mastiffs AKC Stud Books 1/01 thru 6/01

Name/ Birth Date,Color						 Sire								  Dam								   Owner/ Breeder

Ch. Wilson Bo Mack Blk Crk Mastif				 Bollo's Maxx A Mil's Bear					  Black Creek'sBogeywoogie Belle				   C Calhoun
 4/14/1997 fawn 1/01OFA MF3921G24M OFEL				  OFA MF1668G52M OFEL						   OFA MF1653E25F						   S Elkin

Windhaven's Gallant Kinsmen					 Am.Can.Ch. Windhaven Notorious Bacchus				  Ch. Iron Hills Gwen At Kinsman ,CD,CGC,TDI			   L Headley
 3/15/2000 fawn 5/01						  OFA MF1458E24M OFEL CERF					   OFP OFEL PrelimCERF						   K Speer

Winding River's Lyonhurst					 Ch. Lyonhurst Orson ,CGC					  Lyonhurst Spur Of The Moment					   E Siebert
 8/17/1999 apricot 2/01OFP OFEL PrelimCERF			  OFA MF2705G25M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF3315G24F OFEL						   B Faulstich

Winsor Kynine							 A Bloomen Dingo						  Lady Mariah Rose						   J Allan
 6/24/1999 apricot 5/01						  								   								   L Cherry

Am.Can.Ch. Wrightous Titanic Of Ivory				 Castle Rock's Meerschaum Pride					  Wrightous Hagar						   O Vyaersi
 1/25/1998 fawn 3/01OFA MF4084G27M OFEL CERF			  								   OFEL MFPA19 CERF						   A Scott

Zeus								 King Mufassa							  Starr's Sasha Stanaland					   A Richardson
 10/19/1997 brindle 3/01					  OFA MF2790G31M						   								   S Stanaland

Zeus's Bear Of Baron						 Jengren Bay Rum						  Zeus's Luscious Lady Leda					   D Day
 6/6/1999 apricot 2/01						  								   OFA MF3501G25F OFEL						   D Anderson

Zeus Of Oak Meadows						 Caesar Bear Bell						  Lady Emmas Little Tyra					   G Webb
 12/5/1999 brindle 3/01						  								   								   M Jones

Zodiac Bear Of Dandylion					 Ch. Groppetti Lord Henry Of MMRB				  Lionsire S Kali Of Dandylion					   R Royce
 10/3/1999 brindle 1/01						  OFA MF3301G28M OFEL CERF					   OFA MF2116F32F OFEL						   D Linzy

Zues Of Mt Olympus						 Int.Am.Ch. Groppetti Thorg Of Windzor				  Lady Di							   F Rhodes
 12/18/1998 apricot 2/01					  OFA MF2937G24M OFEL MFCA11 CERF				   								   A Shirley


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