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Emma 9/1/2003 to 10/28/2014  
Sire:Ch. Beowulf's Five Card Draw   Dam: Ch. Beowulf's In Character
I remember the day I brought my Baby Girl home, like it was yesterday. From the day I met her, at 8 weeks, she touched my heart in so many ways. She went through many things with me in my life and always provided unconditional love. I miss her every day and recently read something that made me think of her...If the love you gave could've kept you alive, you would've lived forever. At just under 11 years and 2 mos., she was my best friend and companion. She always brought me a toy when I got home and never wanted to leave my side. On 10/28/14, she passed in her sleep and I will never forget her or the love she gave. Mommy loves you my sweet Emma. .
Owners: Heather Kendall   Breeders: Susann Everett
Ultimate’s Sugar Daddy, CGC 12/10/2002 to 2/22/2014  
Sire:Ch. Iron Hills Under the Influence   Dam: Can.Ch. Ultimate Honey Bear von Mishaps
We bought Sugar as a pet and what a grand pet he was! He never met a stranger and was much loved by many. One of his favorite antics was waiting until company came and then getting in the middle of the great room floor, rolling on his back and then kicking all four feet straight up in the air and the same time. Many a tax interview has had to stop so that clients could go see what the silly dog was doing. What a nutty dog.
Sugar was our first head shaker and as such he quite frequently “decorated” his own face and everything within six feet of his head. Although he’s been gone three weeks, we’re still finding his decorating touches, aka slobber, on walls, cabinets and once clean clothes in the closet. Two months ago we disliked the mess and now we clean it with a smile and a tear.
Thank you Sugar for allowing us to share eleven fine years with you. You were a perfectly delightful, messy beast of a dog.
Owners: Jill McMahon   Breeders: Ernie Blumke, Allison McLaren and Peter McLaren
Ch. Dion’s Grace For Rainy Days, CGC,TDIA 7/12/2003 to present (1/14/2014)  
Sire:Iron Hills Evening Shade At Dion   Dam: Ch. Silver's Lace at Dions
Gracie was my first show Mastiff and my foundation for Rainy Days Mastiffs. Gracie was from an outcross breeding of two well established Mastiff kennels – Iron Hills and Silver’s. She has been extremely healthy her entire life with her only medical issue being sebaceous cysts. She has never even needed a dental cleaning! Gracie has produced 2 litters and then retired and spayed. She was an active Therapy Dog until I retired her at the age of 7 since I don’t believe in giving unnecessary vaccines to my seniors. I will forever be thankful for this wonderful girl and the joy she has brought into my life.
Owners: Anita Sanders, Richard Sanders   Breeders: Diane Becker
Marcy Min's Madeline May 1/9/2003 to present (6/24/2013)  
Sire:Ch. Storm Zeke Of Serenity   Dam: Ch. Grizzly's Sierra of Marcy Mtn, CD
Madeline is 10 1/2 now-her name means "tower of strength". She has lived up to her name. She has had both ACL's repaired. She stayed by my side as I battled breast cancer last year. This year she underwent surgery to remove a cancerous mass. She is my soul mate mastiff. She was my first mastiff and because of her I fell in love with this breed.
Owners: Tracy Engle   Breeders: Tracy Bassett
McGee's Reindt's Fighting Redtail 5/24/2002 to present (12/17/2012)  
Sire:Ch. Mystical Sir Fibber McGee   Dam: Lyonhurst Miss Molly McGee
Tiger was named for the fighter planes flown off of our Navy Airman son's ship during the Gulf War.

Tiger is a very special boy. I was present when he was born, and my husband and I had a terrible time deciding between him and his littermate, Freedom. A coin toss at seven weeks determined that Freedom came home with us. I cried for days because I had to leave Tiger behind. I don't know why, but it honestly never occurred to us that we should take both....

Four months later I got a call from Audi McGee saying she was pulling Tiger from his present home and asking me if we would take him. I said yes and he's been a member of our family ever since. He's not been easy. His early experiences left him fear aggressive of strangers, but he has been the most loving, protective, fun, family dog that anyone could ever ask for. His littermate, our beloved Freedom, died suddenly when they were only six years old. Tiger grieved unconsolably for weeks. When we lost our first boy, Kramer, last year Tiger stepped up to assume the alpha role and has been keeping our youngsters in place. Tiger is doing extremely well physically, and only his distinguished gray muzzle and legs give his age away.

We love this boy and are so very proud of him.
Owners: Debbie Reindt   Breeders: Charles & Audi McGee
Willoughby's Deidra 3/7/2000 to present (12/10/2012)  
Sire:Ch. Creeksviews King Henry of save Haven, CD   Dam: Zekiah Anigetyogun
I am the sister of Deidra's breeder Holly Willoughby. There were 4 puppies in the litter. 3 females and 1 male. I have two sisters. We each took a female puppy and named them names beginning with "D". Holly had Diva, Rhonda had Daphne and I had Deidra. The male was sold and named Diesel. He later became known as "Ch. Diesel of Safe Haven". Our girls have been treasures to our hearts. We all grieved as each one came to the end of their lives. Deidra is the only one living now. If she makes it to March, she will be 13! She is healthy and well, getting along as best as a Matriarch can. In the photo dated from Oct 2012, she was teaching the young female Jordan, how to "Guard the Estate".
Owners: Lisa Willoughby   Breeders: Holly Willoughby and Allan Shrewsbury
Wacousta's LT Commander Worf 10/18/2001 to present (12/4/2012)  
Sire:Captain Morgan Grielick  Dam: Lady Brandy Lion
Worf came to his new home at 8 weeks and has been a constant source of joy to his owners ever since. He was a wonderful little brother to our 1st Mastiff and a gentle big brother to all the pups who have come to live with him over the years. He has always enjoyed life to the fullest whether that meant chasing a rabbit or joining into a Mastiff serenade with his furry pack. Age is starting to take a toll on him, but he still has that sparkle in his eye.
Owners: Lois Franchino & Kevin Eedy   Breeders: James W. Blaha Sr.
Stellar Bailey My Love, CGC 11/24/2000 to 11/29/2010 (unconfirmed kidney failure & bone cancer)  
Sire:Intl.Am.Can.Ch. Windy Mts Mighty Tonka, TT,CGC   Dam: Intl.Am.Can.Ch. Ironclad Stellar Night 'N Day, CGC
Bailey was so much more than a dog. A beautiful example of her breed, she was reserve at 7 months. We stopped showing because she didn't like it. She was a homebody. She was athletic throughout her life. Simply extraordinary, playful, sweet, and brimming with intelligence, she sought to understand you. She knew over 55 words. Her most beautiful quality was her heart. Loving and devoted, she considered herself a lapdog and we were usually touching, inseparable at home. She is fiercely missed. Bailey was euthanized in my arms just after her 10th birthday, when her health suddenly failed.
Owners: Jennifer Petorella   Breeders: Louise Roland
Monroe's Rebekah, CGC,TDI,TT 4/4/1992 to 7/10/2004 (squamous cell carcinoma)  
Sire:Ch. Greco's Hollesley Rogue   Dam: Greco's Reggi Anne
Becky came to me from Linda Monroe, as I was supposed to show Becky in the conformation ring, Becky hated the conformation ring, but absolutely LOVED therapy work, so that is what we did, we visited hospitals, children's wings, cancer wards, retirement homes and that is where she shone.
Owners: Anne Healy   Breeders: N Lawson
Monarch's Apollo Mykann, CD,WD,CGC,TDI,TT 8/16/1993 to 8/25/2004  
Sire:Kodiak Of Sir Grizzleys   Dam: Monroe's Nikita Of Wisperwind
My very first Mastiff and my first soulmate Mastiff. Apollo tolerated the obedience ring just long enough to earn his CD, but, like Becky, he hated the ring, so we concentrated on what he did best, therapy work. My favorite occurrence was one time in the hospital, a little lady in a high back/desk top wheel chair was in the hall, and Apollo went up to her and rested his chin on the desk top, she looked at him and gave me the thumb's up. Later, the nurses told me that was her turning point, that they had her in the hall to try to stimulate her since she wouldn't respond to anything. She responded to Apollo and he to her.
Owners: Anne Healy   Breeders: Linda Monroe
Monarch's Helen of Troy, CGC,TDI,TT 12/15/1997 to 1/8/2009 (osteosarcoma)  
Sire:Ch. Moonstone's Wu Li's Austin   Dam: Monroe's Rebekah, CGC,TDI
Precious little Laney Poohs, Becky's daughter and Becky Jr. in all ways but coat color. Laney was affectionately known as the "Love Sponge" as she could lay there and soak up all the lovings anyone wanted to give her. If you stopped too soon, she gently gave you her paw, asking for more.
Owners: Anne Healy   Breeders: Linda Monroe
Monarch's Adonis Mykann, CGC,TDI,TT 12/15/1997 to 4/15/2010  
Sire:Ch. Moonstone's Wu Li's Austin   Dam: Monroe's Rebekah, CGC,TDI
Adonis died of old age at home after waiting two weeks for Mike to get home. He wanted all of us together when he went to Rainbow Bridge to join his sister, Laney, his mother, Becky and his buddy, Apollo. Apollo taught me about Mastiffs, and with Adonis, I feel I graduated. He was loved by so many, he litterly glowed when we went to the hospitals for therapy work, even putting up with wearing a saddle and carrying Maggie, a long hair dachshund, though the halls bringing smiles to everyone's faces. Adonis helped educate so many people about the Mastiff breed when he worked the Rescue booth at fundraising functions.
Owners: Mike & Anne Healy   Breeders: Linda Monroe
Ch. Sirbeast's Etched In Stone CD RN CGC CGN Therapy Dog Service Dog 12/20/1999 to present (3/28/2010)  
Sire:Ch. Monolithics Bete Noir   Dam: Iron Hills Tazmanyn Shedevil
I was lucky enough to have Kae come into my life when she was 2. Over the next years together we did conformation, obedience, agility, and rally together. She passed her Therapy dog test and we visit at the seniors residence near us. She also passed her CGC and CGN tests. But her love for me allowed her to do her best work as my Mobility Service Dog. With out her I could not go out alone, nor manage to live a complete life. I owe her everything. At the age of 10 she still puts in a full day working to care for me.
Owners: Sherri Sage -Kuncaitis   Breeders: Monique Molgat, Harlan L Christiansen
Critophs Corseaire
Critoph's Corseaire (aka Caesar) 3/12/1997 to 7/6/09  
Sire:Scarey Creeks Master Blend   Dam: Peabodys Sweet Miss Allwyn
Caesar, as we called him instead of Critoph's Corseaire, was the best friend I could have had. He was a beautiful brindle, not the biggest mastiff I have ever had but certainly the most magnificent. He came into our home at 10 weeks, never once messed in the house, never destroyed anything. Even his toys were sacred. He was the best companion and guardian I have ever known. He developed a gray muzzle at age 7. Needed a knee replacement at 9 and at age 12 his "systems began to fail". We had to help him up to go for his walks and help him back home. He was put to sleep in our arms at home in North Carolina. What a loss.
Owners: Dr. Douglas M. Goldsmith   Breeders: Beck Peabody & A G Critoph
Clunys Echo of Glory
Cluny's Echo of Glory 5/10/1999 to 1/15/2010  
Sire: Cluny's Constant Companion   Dam: Pheasant Hill's Lady Madeline
Glory loved her family more than herself, everyday providing kind and gentle companionship that could only be described as Love. Glory's favorite time of the day was mornings when my wife would make our kids peanut butter and jelly for their school lunch, our little girl Glory always managed to get one to. Glory always guarded our family closely. We all loved her dearly, treasure her memories and will miss her for all our days. Glory lived an incredible life, we are so blessed to have spent all those years together. Our whole family was with her when she died in my arms, looking into my weeping eyes she took her last breath. She gave our family the greatest gift that could ever be offered - Selfless Love. Corinthians 13:7 "Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things." ~ Godspeed Glory.
Owners: Charles Tassone   Breeders: John G. Walter JR; Mastiff's of Cluny
Juliets Romeo
Juliet's Romeo 5/11/1997 to present (3/28/08)   MLP-116M97-12D
Sire: Wee's Buford of Balaton   Dam: Matthew's Bouncing Boomer
Our beautiful boy Romeo came to us as a pup, and is now approaching his 11th birthday. He is the best friend to everyone he meets, a gentle playmate to our now six year old son, and an intimidating protector of our home. He is very healthy, considering his age, but he is slowing down now, has trouble standing up due to stiff back legs, and prefers to hang out in his big cozy dog bed. But if you ask him if he wants to go for a walk, he's up and heading for the door. We love him dearly, and feel blessed to still have him with us!
Update 6/6/2009: Our sweet Romeo was put to sleep on May 13, 2009, two days after his 12th birthday. He was requiring a lot of nursing care, and seemed too tired to continue. Everyone in our neighborhood knew Romeo, and he is greatly missed by his family and friends.
Owners: Gerry and Cindy Keller   Breeders: Jane Streff & Steven L. Winters
Willow Run Eeyore
Willow Run Eeyore 11/25/1996 to present (7/18/07)   MLP-115M96-10L
Sire: Cluny's Tribute To Arthur   Dam: Willow Run Joy
He was our first mastiff. We went to buy (from FL to NC) a female and bought our fluffy boy. He has been the most lovable, lazy, stubborn companion we could have asked for. He has the darkest mask and softest hair of all our mastiffs. We call him Eeyore Button, because he was as cute as a button when we got him. He and Sassy (lost 12/09/06) changed our lives forever. It is going to be a sad sad day when he leaves us, he will be with the best company, Sassy 9yrs, Misty 7 yrs, Erika, 5 yrs and all other beloved pets.
Owners: Vicki A. Shambley and Donald C. Shambley   Breeders: Tony and Betty Yocum
Crestwood Bagheera
Crestwood Bagheera 9/7/1995 to 3/18/2008   MLP-114F95-12L
Sire: Ch. Megamillions Sturgis Of Pimlico, CD,WD,CGC,TDI   Dam: Tamarack Cassandra

Bagheera was our first Mastiff and first FAMILY dog. I researched for months to find the BEST breeder that did full testing on her dogs. This was in 1995...hard to find back then but we did. Bagheera has aged gracefully. She's always had a kong as that was the only chewy that would last more then 2 weeks. At the ripe old age of 11 years she bit off more then she could digest. We did exploratory surgery on her and pulled part of her chewy from her intestines. She made it through with flying colors. Saddest part of her life was that she could no longer have her kong toy.

Update: Crestwood Bagheera was put to sleep on March 18th 2008. She was 12 and a half years old. She was put to sleep because her quality of life had deminished beyond our comfort.

Owners: Michelle and Ron Adamson   Breeder: Sharon Krauss
Ch. Brookside's Worth The Weight, CGC
Ch. Brookside's Worth The Weight, CGC 12/6/1996 to present (2/10/07)   MLP-112M96-10L
Sire: Ch. Brookside's Abraham   Dam: Ch. Brookside's Elisabeth
My attempt to distill Owen into 100 words or less.... 'One day while watching him, I marveled at his noble countenance. He sat on the lawn with a look of unconcerned dignity. It took me a few minutes to notice the tiny BIRD which had stopped to sit upon his marvelously wrinkled head. It may be that Owen simply hadn't noticed, but we like to think that the bird felt safe sitting atop Owen's ample and unmoving form. Owen represents to us everything that a mastiff should be. The purity of the love he feels for his family is beyond compare.'
Owners: M.C. Kay and Ron Mantley   Breeder: Nancy A. Pitas
Ch. Goldwyn
Ch. Goldwyn CGC,CD,TDI 2/7/1995 to present (3/18/06)   MLP-108F95-11L
Sire: Sagi Springwood Sarpie Sarge   Dam: Courtney Of Tree Tops
Ch. Goldwyn CGC,CD,TDI lives the life of a queen. Some of her past accomplishments include her Ch, CD, TDI, and CGC titles. She had 2 litters of puppies for a total of 18 puppies. Her therapy work consisted of weekly visits to 2 local nursing homes for 2 years. She also participated in a advertising campain for a local real estate agency. She has traveled from Massachusetts as far south as Guadalajara Mexico, and as far west as the Grand Canyon. She is well loved by everyone who meets her and continues to live out her retirement in style as the official greeter at Millbrook Motors. She enjoys many frequent trips to the beach in the red convertible and babysitting new puppies at home as well as snoring and kicking me out of the bed at night :)
Owner: Johanna Faricelli   Breeder: Stewart John Becker
Moks Ironhead Moose
Mok's Ironhead Moose 8/7/1995 to present (3/5/06)   MLP-105M95-10L
Sire: Bear Greco Kruse   Dam: Tanya Greco Kruse
Moose is currently 1 of 3 mastiffs I own, but was my first. He is going to be 11 in August. He has always been a loyal companion and is always excited to see me when I get home. Although he is 10, he still plays like a pup sometimes and is always ready to square off with my neighbors wolfhounds. He loves to be the center of attention. Although I have had 8 mastiffs in my life up to now, he is still number one and always will be.
Owner: Richard Mok   Breeder: D. Kruse
Beowulfs It Must Be Gavin, CGC (Digby)
Beowulfs It Must Be Gavin, CGC (Digby) 11/17/1995 to present (12/26/05)   MLP-99M95-10L
Sire: Am.Can.Ch. Beowulf's Ka Cie Timbre   Dam: Barkleigh's Victoria's Secret
Digby has always been a gentleman. As a puppy he was always very serious. He constantly has been used as a tester for Rescue dogs, example for puppies in puppy classes and the 'exhibit' Mastiff at Club events. No matter what I ask of him, he always complies. He is everything a Mastiff should be. Now as a senior citizen he has finally started to act silly. For the last two years he has shown as a veteran in the Mastiffs Unlimited of NY Fun Match. Each time the Judge could not resist his upbeat personality and fun attitude. We realize that we are very lucky to have Digby. He is such an enjoyable dog and is the perfect companion.
Owner: Donald L. Crumb and Carol A. Giotto   Breeder: Susann & Scott Everett
Ch. Beowulfs Diva, CGC
Ch. Beowulfs Diva, CGC 8/11/1993 to 12/4/2004   MLP-97F93-11D
Sire: Ch. Von Dinkels Detail Destiny   Dam: Beowulfs Porche Gold
On December 4, 2004, we lost our Mastiff girl, Diva. Diva was Ch. Beowulf's Diva, CGC and she was a true Diva right from day one. We purchased her as a companion but then decided to show her. She was a ham in the show ring. She always tried to grab my tie, sports coat or hand as we went around the ring. Diva was "bomb proof". Babies climbed all over and nursing home residents adored her. Diva played a major role with many different rescue dogs and dogs with special needs. She was always gentle and tolerant of these dogs, no matter how odd they may have acted.
Owner: Donald L. Crumb and Carol A. Giotto   Breeder: Susann & Scott Everett
Doneright's Tuco Croatan
Doneright's Tuco Croatan 8/27/1993 to 10/3/2005   MLP-96M93-12D
Sire: Ch. Naarwood's Gentry   Dam: Ch. Windhaven Tuck's Buxom Babe

We are grateful for having been given the privilege of sharing our lives with the life of our beloved Mastiff "TUCO". He lived in our (his) home with us for just over 12 years. We are very fortunate for the long life TUCO-Boy enjoyed although the last couple years saw him slow down considerably due to arthritis in his back legs. He loved poking around in the creek behind our house looking for frogs and when he was younger he would never miss an opportunity to chase squirrels in our yard. He liked weekends because he would always get to drink some beer with his Papa. TUCO would start drooling severely when asked if he'd like a beer. In the winter he loved playing snowball. He was a noble and majestic guardian of the home accompanied by his best lifelong doggie friend Bandy---a long-haired Chihuahua.

TUCO died peacefully in his Papa's arms on the morning of Oct. 3, 2005. He was a central part of our family, was immensely loved and is terribly missed. Rest in peace our good friend until we meet at Rainbow Bridge.

Owner: Steve P. Kovacic   Breeder: Jim & Lynne Mackey
Lady Ruby The Gem Of Jersey
Ch. Lady Ruby The Gem Of Jersey 5/18/1995 to present (11/2005)   MLP-95F95-10L
Sire: Greiner Hall Zechariah   Dam: KK's Sarah Madarah
Owner: Roberta M. Pavoll   Breeder: Lynne & James Herron
Willow Creek Ferdinand
Ch. Willow Creek Ferdinand, CGC,CD 9/5/1994 to 2/7/2007   MLP-92M94-12D
Sire: Ch. Mystic Duke Of Wellington, CGC,TDI   Dam: Willow Creek Roxy
The attached picture was taken almost a year ago, on his 10th birthday. As he approaches his 11th birthday a little over a week from now, he is finally beginning to get some grey on his muzzle, and he is beginning to have a difficult time gaiting, although he still will happily walk almost anywhere, and will still climb up into the extended cab of our pickup or into the back of the car with a bit of a boost so that he can go "roading" with us. He rarely misses a meal, and is quite healthy, given his age. He was shown quite a bit for a few years, earning 63 Best of Breed awards--he earned his last one at the age of 7. He earned his CD in one 4-day weekend, at the age of 5. Despite his show career, he is basically a home body, and loves nothing more than lying across my feet while I work on the computer. He is from the last litter I ever bred, and I have owned him his entire life--I don't know what I'll do when he's gone, after having Mastiffs in the house for over 20 years...
Owner: Heidi Smith DVM   Breeder: Heidi Smith DVM
Dummer Down MQH Fergie 05/27/1992 to present (3/2005)   MLP-80F92-12L
Sire: Ch. Justamere Silverhills Mad Max   Dam: Ch. Stablemate MQH Emerald
Fergie is my first mastiff and we are very fortunate she is still with us. She is very loving and has tons of personality, she has slowed down a bit but is still the Queen Bee and the reason mastiffs will always be a part of our life. She has been a true friend and a great companion!
Owner: Ana Bodin   Breeder: Pam Mettrick
Ch. Bodwin's Allegheny Summer 07/23/1994 to present (3/2005)   MLP-79F94-10L
Sire: Silver's Tobias Of Cluny   Dam: Cluny's Lady Chelsea
Summer is a very gentle and affectionate girl, loves to lay on her back with her paws covering her face and have her belly rubbed and she also loves her teddy bears. She has always been very healthy and I hope she can enjoy many more years of chasing squirrels!
Owner: Ana Bodin   Breeder: Joan Horrocks
Ch. Pendragon's Marvelous Merlin 07/09/1994 to 2/3/2005   MLP-85M94-10D
Sire: Ch. Pendragons Wysiwyg Wuhfgude   Dam: Ch. Acorn Hill Morgana Pendragon
Merlin was an accomplished show dog: the 1995 MCOA Specialty Best Futurity Puppy, an AKC champion (at 11 months) and a multiple Best of Breed winner. But it's the memories we have of him as a family companion that we will treasure most. So many funny stories. He was just a big goofball. In his last year, Merlin slowed down quite a bit. Still, he loved to go for short walks in the neighborhood and watch our son, Tommy, play baseball in the park. Merlin enjoyed children and was so sweet. He was … and forever will be … simply marvelous.
Owners: Kimberley & Tom Wall   Breeder: Bill & Susan Krauser
Greiner Hall Braw Angus 01/02/1994 to 11/16/2004 (liver failure)   MLP-81M94-10D
Sire: Greiner Hall Zechariah   Dam: Greiner Hall Medicine Lady
Owners: Philip J. & Rosamond L. Gow   Breeder: Stephen P. & Leah B. Napotnik
Ain Shams Wise aka "Vaksa" 6/26/1992 to 3/5/2005   MLP-78F92-12L
Sire: Tagus Roma   Dam: Tagus Touch of Class
Her name is usually shortened to Vaksa. When she was young, her face was very black, hence the name (Russian for black shoe polish). Vaksa came to live with us in Moscow at 2 months. She has always been my dog. So, in January 2002, when I accepted a job offer from the United Arab Emirates, I had no choice but to take her with me. She was almost 10 even then, so it was a wonderfull surprise to see her fully adapt to the new place, with its harsh summer weather. Vaksa is still very active, takes 1 - 2 km stroll almost every day (in summer this has to be before 6 a.m.).
Owner: Elena Nenarokova   Breeder: L.F. Khabarova
Hope Creek Diana Dazzler aka "Gracie" 10/31/1994 to present (11/04)   MLP-72F94-10L
Sire: Ch. Haus Humboldt Grand Slam   Dam: Faris's Lil Alley Rose
Gracie is my first mastiff and my first rescue dog. Despite all her health problems, she is MY dog, my soul mate and there will never be another dog like her. I can’t even express how much she means to me: she changed my whole direction in life and taught me so much. We thought she would only live 1-2 years after we got her, but I guess she knows how much we need her since she’s now 10 years old and still going strong!
Owners: Giselle Nevada and Jamal Blackwell   Breeder: C. Faris
Ch. Agincourts Elijah Luke 6/9/1992 to present (6/04)   MLP-5M92-10L
Sire: Ch. His Majesty Emanuel Benjuda   Dam: Ch. Agincourts Gypsy Rose
Luke is our first and only mastiff. We have been blessed that he is still with us, as he just celebrated his 12th birthday in June 2004. He is a wonderful "old man". One of the funniest things with a senior dog, is experiencing all the new quirks they develop. Every day is an adventure.
Owners: Kathy & Steve Neumann & Jennifer Modica   Breeder: Vincent & Jennifer Modica & Eva Gordon
Dellinger Run Rocky Road 12/21/1993 to 10/22/2004   MLP-63M93-10L
Sire: Dellinger Run Daxton   Dam: Dellinger Run Dutch Girl
Rocky is our first Mastiff. He was a very smart puppy, and an even more regal senior. We celebrated his 10th birthday with pound cake and vanilla ice cream. We've been blessed to have him for so long, and for being such a gentle and loving soul.
Owners: Norma I Roman-Ortiz   Breeder: Lucille M. Metzler
MQH Munro Of Dundee 1/9/1994 to present (5/04)   MLP-64M94-10L
Sire: MQH Falco   Dam: MQH Constance
Our "Bernie" (MQH Munro Of Dundee) was our very first Mastiff - and the start of our love for this very "special" breed. He was a wonderful babysitter for our daughter thru elementary school and junior high school. Bernie has 2 playmates, "Princess" and "Eliza", together they love to run the fence and chase the horses next door. Bernie is wonderfully healthy and we expect him to be with us for a very long time.
Owner: Nancy Sharman-Gesselman, Gardnerville, NV   Breeder: Pamela Mettrick
Meek's Friar Tuckernuck 11/9/1993 to 3/18/2004   MLP-60M93-10D
Sire: Ch. El Dorado Rebel W Out A Pause, CD   Dam: Von Dinkels Lady Bountiful
Tucker is our first Mastiff, and the best dog we've ever had. He is infinitely patient, and a devoted friend. Tucker has helped us raise two boys (now in high school and college) as well as Rosie, our 5-year-old second Mastiff. Arthritis from an old injury slows Tucker down, but he still gets out for 2 walks a day. We love him dearly.
Owners: Priscilla & Rusty Footlik   Breeder: Jan Meacham and Troy D. Meacham
Gold Coasts Maori Moko
Gold Coasts Maori Moko, CGC,TDI 1/6/1993 to present (1/04)   MLP-59F93-11L
Sire: Farnaby's Fearful Symmetry, CGC   Dam: Gold Coast's Emelia
Moko was named for the Maori indian word "mask". It is tatooed on the face of warriors and often has the appearance of the wrinkles in the mastiff's face. She is CGC & TDI certified and often visits schools, events and nursing homes. Moko is still active, walking at least a mile on the weekends with my husband and her daughter Dea Aduinna. Other pictures and her pedigree are on the Gold Coast Mastiffs website at on Simply Beautiful as Miss December for the humane society calendar; and on Having Fun riding in a carriage. Moko took 3rd place in the Carriage Dog Class. Moko is often referred to as ZsaZsa for sleeping in till 9am and expecting breakfast or retreating upstairs at 7pm to watch TV or read with her owners. Her "sister" Cali is her new project. Cali is a 12.5 yr old mastiff and although fairly healthy cannot walk. Moko keeps her company by laying beside her during the day.
Owners: Richard & Cathy Adams   Breeder: Lisa Nicolello
Mac's Silver Lady
Mac's Silver Lady "Max" 8/9/1991 to 11/29/2003   MLP-9F91-12D
Sire: KK's Bosco Bear Jr   Dam: KK's Jessica Of Norton
Maxine was an absolute sweet lady, who always showed us such love and tenderness. She was our first girl and gave us beautiful offspring to carry on her personality and memories. She is so dearly missed.
Owners: Jan & Chuck McNamee   Breeder: Catherine Cassidy
Ch. Windfalls Brigadere General, CGC
Ch. Windfalls Brigadere General, CGC "Brig" 9/15/1993 to present(1/04)   MLP-55M93-10L
Sire: Ch. Tejas Sonrise Dakota, CD,CGC,TT   Dam: Mac's Silver Lady
Brigadere was slow to mature, but developed into a handsome big boy. He received his Ch. at a young age and then was allowed to retire to the life of leisure. He has always ruled the roost at home and has always been my guardian with strangers, yet a gentle sap at heart. Brig was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in March of 2003, but hasn't lost a pound of weight, missed a meal or a chance to go running outside and obviously hasn't been affected symptomatically yet, which we are so grateful for. You will still find Brig walking around with a stuffed toy in his mouth looking for someone to play with.
Owner/Breeders: Jan & Chuck McNamee
Ch. Windfalls Golli Miss Molli, CGC,TDI
Ch. Windfalls Golli Miss Molli, CGC,TDI "Molli" 9/15/1993 to present(1/04)   MLP-56F93-10L
Sire: Ch. Tejas Sonrise Dakota, CD,CGC,TT   Dam: Mac's Silver Lady
Molli probably always wished she was the only dog in our household, because if she was in your lap or getting your love, another dog better not even look her way, as she would tell them to back off . However, as she has aged, she has learned to accept sharing our love as well as her own with her kids or grandkids. Molli's joy would have been obedience had we put more time into it for her, because she loved to please. Molli has produced some beautiful kids for us to carry on her legacy. Recently Molli has been diagnosed with bladder cancer, but we were told it is a slow growing type that with it's position shouldn't interfere with her health for some time. With age, however, Molli prefers to spend most of her time on the couch resting.
Owner/Breeders: Jan & Chuck McNamee
De Vine Clearview's Vixen
De Vine Clearview's Vixen 11/15/1993 to 12/2/2003 (bloat)   MLP-57F93-10D
Sire: Ch. Clearview's Beau Bow   Dam: Ch. Clearview's De Vine Dominitrix
Vixen had a wonderful temperament - mellow, friendly, and easily trained - especially when she was young and then again when she got older. She loved to swim in our pool in the summers and was the best swimmer I have seen. Totally at home in the water. She was a gentle, loving soul. Vixen was an awesome mover and could cover ground at a trot at an amazing rate. She was very athletic even into old age.
Owner: Deb Jones   Breeder: Allison Gardner
De Vine Medallion's Ceridwen
De Vine Medallion's Ceridwen 9/15/1991 to 12/20/2001 (osteosarcoma)   MLP-58F91-10D
Sire:Ch. Iron Hill Sudden Justice, CD,TT,TDI,WD   Dam: Ch. De Vine Bronwyn Llewellyn
Peaches was a very devoted, loyal Mastiff. She was also a bit "possessive" in that she did not like to share her people with others which made her a bit gruff towards outsiders unless properly introduced, but at home with the ones she loved she doted on her people and loved nothing more than to follow them around and lie at their feet.
Owner/Breeder: Deb Jones
Ch. Megamillions Sturgis Of Pimlico, CD,WD,CGC,TDI
Ch. Megamillions Sturgis Of Pimlico, CD,WD,CGC,TDI     5/16/1991 to 12/17/2002   MLP-51M91-11D
Sire: Ch. Gold Coasts Polaris Titan, CDX,CGC,TT,TDI   Dam: Tony's Tequila Sunrise, TT,CGC,TDI
Sturgis was a very special dog to me. He was a dog that would do anything to please his Mom. Jump over things, crawl under things, jump on things. Anything I would ask of him. Played fetch with anything, Rock, Pinecone, Stick, Frisbee. He got along well with other dogs and loved people and loved to show off his "tricks" for kids. Sturgeman was a Champion and obedience titled. We went through some good times and hard times together. He was the best snuggler and helped me emotionally in so many ways. I will miss him forever.
Owner: Dawn Anderson   Breeder: Anthony & Sharon Cesany
Ch. A Shobiz Hannah of Gaia
Ch. A Shobiz Hannah of Gaia     5/7/1991 to 8/26/2003 (Chronic Renal Failure)   MLP-1F91-12D
Sire: Ch. A Show Biz Sugarpuss O'Shea   Dam: Ch. A Show Biz Hippolyta
Hannah was our first Mastiff. She patiently taught us what it means to live with a Mastiff, and we will never be able to live without one now.
Owner: Diana Van Sandt   Breeder: Alice Amyx-West
A Shobiz Becket
A Shobiz Becket     5/7/1991 to 2/10/2004   MLP-2M91-12D
Sire: Ch. A Show Biz Sugarpuss O'Shea   Dam: Ch. A Show Biz Hippolyta
Becket came to live with us at 9 months. He isn't a very big Mastiff in size, but what he lacks in size he more than makes up for in attitude.
Owner: James Van Sandt   Breeder: Alice Amyx-West
Thor     Rescue 1990 to present (10/2/03)   MLP-48M90-12L
Sire: Unknown   Dam: Unknown
Thor came to us over five years ago from a shelter in Los Angeles. He was already a senior citizen, extremely thin and starting to lose his vision from PRA. We are so lucky to have him as part of our family. He has always been a perfect gentleman with our other dogs and a sweet happy boy with the human visitors to our home. Thor will soon be thirteen years old - our first Mastiff to make it to double digits. He moves slower and has been blind for some time. However, he greets every meal with a wagging tail and loves the ear rubs from his humans. I think he will always be grateful for his second home and a chance to be loved and cared for the rest of his life.
Owners: Caroline & Ron Tobin   Breeder: Unknown
Peersleigh De Vine Shera
Peersleigh De Vine Shera 12/4/1985 to 7/23/1998 (bladder cancer)   MLP-49F85-12D
Sire: Ch. Peersleigh Storm Sherman   Dam: Ch. Peersleigh Ingot Janus
Shera loved to fetch - sticks, balls, whatever. Her favorite was leaping into our swimming pool to retrieve balls. She was intelligent and athletic, but did not get along well with other dogs.
Owner: Deb Jones   Breeder: Allison Gardner
Ch. De Vine Bronwyn Llewellyn
Ch. De Vine Bronwyn Llewellyn 8/4/1988 to 12/10/1999   MLP-50F88-11D
Sire:Ch. Old School Primo Remo Major   Dam: Peersleigh De Vine Shera
Bronwyn loved to swim and she did it very well. One of her other favorite activities, unfortunately, was eating rocks, which resulted in surgery, a systemic infection and a weakened heart. Bronwyn also loved to work and did very well in obedience classes.
Owner/Breeder: Deb Jones

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