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The following are retired stud dogs.
Acorn Hill Uther Pendragon
Admiral Spruance Of Grandeur
Albert Hunter Of Jericho
Altom's Mobe
Alvedor's Aragorn
Applewhaite Skya's Tahawas
Arciniegas Silvers Bingo
Armageddon Warlord Rollo
Augustus's Lord Vader Kane
Belles Captin Hook
Beowulf Prince of Brownshavn
Beowulfs Code of Arms
Beowulfs First String
Beowulf's Judge Cedric
Beowulf's Kodiak Pride
Beowulf's Leading Man Bogart
Beowulfs Logan's Run
Beowulf's Proud Tucker
Beowulf's TK Parker
Bereshith Squire Danaher
Betty's Ellit of Cluny
Blackstones Sir Harley
Bodinmoor Pridelands Woodrow
Boehm's Elixir Of Life
Breton Belgae Cromwell
Breton Belgae Tallisman
Breton Dael Larceny
BrickHouse's In God We Trust
BrickHouse's Total Package
Brite Star's Difficult Decision
Brite Star's Dreamsmoke
Brite Star Rex
Brookside’s Hercules
Brookside Shakespeare Clifford
Burns Hall Brutuss
Burns Hall Pharoh
Burns Hall Zackery
Burns Hall Zee B Zacharia
Cactus' Ridgerunner The Borg
Caledonia's Built To Last
Caledonia Guilty as Charged
Caledonia Paddy Wagon
Caledonia's Second Promise
Caledonia Spin Doctor
Carter's Grove's Jake
Castlemist Baloo Bayou
Castlemist Painted Shaman
Castlemist Special Effects
Castlemist United We Stand
Cedar Ridge Heir Apparent
Celestial Dominic
Cherokee Rising Moon
Clearview's Beau Bow
Clearview's Rocky Poteen
Clearview's Silent Partner
Cluny's Zac-Crown Valley
Creekview's Plantation Boo Bear
Darksides Battle Wagon
Darksides Ironclad Slammer
Deer Run Ezekiel
Deer Run Worchester
Delmagyar Lanze
Doneright's Dig Grr Dog
Donna's Master Samson
Eldorado Murphy's Law
Eldorado's Rebel Drifter
Eldorado Rebel W/Out A Pause
Enchanted Acres Trust Me
Enchanted Forest Lt Apollo
Equus Old Bailey's Rumpole
Evergreen Bartholomew Beau
Fantasy's Dark Side of Daydreams
Farnaby Fearful Symmetry
Farnaby Solocroft Lexicon
Flower's Woodrow Wilson
Foxglove Beyond Reasonable Doubt
Foxglove Classic Double-Take
Foxglove Lord Sherwood
Gahhon No Toe Joe Winarstadt
General Patton Sir Grizzley
Gibson's Greathouse Sir Yogi
Gildasan Tommy Tempest
Gold Coasts Augustus McCrae
Gold Coasts July Johnson
Gold Coasts Marshal Tucker
Gold Coasts Woodrow F Call
Grandeur's MacLeoghann Legend
Grand Illusion Of The Lazy S
Greco's Nigel Of Northampton
Greiner Hall Sherman Tank
Grizzlys Mr Muzik Man
Grizzlys Sultan of Swing
Groppetti G'nghis Razzmatazz
Groppetti Rufus Grizzly Grouper
Groppetti's Semper Fi Balou
Groppetti Sir Simon
Halbarrad Warrior Of Anorah
Haus Humboldt Black Jack
Haus Humboldt Grand Slam
Hera's King Zeus
His Majesty Agincourt Jester
Horcado Ranch Roscoe
Hunzeal Hi-N-Mity Hagan
Hunzeal Imperial Izaak
Hunzeal Norbet
Igor The Great
Imagine Red Hot Magma
Iron Hills Bar Open All Night
Iron Hills Lucca Brazzi
Iron Hills Orpheus
Iron Hills Primo Wagon
Ironhill Sudden Justice
Juliet's Romeo
King David The Psalmist
Kingmont's Jackson of Lazy D
Kingmont's Oliver With A Twist
Kinsmen's Dragon of the Knight
Knighterrant's Blue Lightening
Knighterrant's Dragonmaster
Knighterrant's Madeyalook
Koda Bear of Castle Keep
Kodiak Of Sir Grizzleys
Lamars JJ Wilder
La' Paws Drake of Diamdhead
Lazy Daz Rebel Raider
Lexington's Anchors Aweigh
Lionsire Grizz
Lionsire Harley Of Audrey
Lionsire Rockefeller
Lionsire Sir Nigel Beware
L Olympus Olof To Mt. Oaks
Lyonhurst Salacious Simon
Lyons Lair DJ
Majestiks Mexican Honeymoon
Marnay's Fabulus Hudson Hornet
Marnay Major General Patton
Mastiff Cove RockNRoll Heaven
Maximillions Sherman Tank
Maximillion's Tailor Made
McArthur's Starting Rumors
Medallion Bo-No-Regard
Medallion Trooper
Megamillions Masterpiece
Megamillions Maximillion IMOT
Megamillions Sturgis Of Pimlico
Megamillions Winston
Meriwether's Handsome Haden
Meriwether's Mo-Jo Man
Meriwether's Waratah Warrior
Meza's Jordan Judgement
Misty Meadows Dusty Miller
Misty Meadows Fortune Hunter
Misty Meadows Four Wheel Drive
Monarch's Black Sun Rising
Monarch's Dantes Inferno
Monarch's Orion Shall Rise
Moonriver's Velvet Paladin
Mtn Oaks The Great Gatsby
Mt. Oaks Gunner
Mt. Oaks Ragnar
Muskoka's Stand By Me
Ch. Nassau Tudor Max
Night Stalker Cut Peridot
NK WileyWays Cosmic Force
Northwood Grimpinwedge
Oaklane Sir Winston Knights
Oakwood's Wrightous Rocky
Omega's Hellzapoppin'
Panmaric Overmoore Lucifer
Pax River Dozer By Sidetrack
Pendragon's Wysiwyg Wuhfgude
Polaris TJ Mastercard Max
Prime Minister Winston
Rainy Days Heart On My Sleeve
Rajon Fred Black Moon Rising
Red Baron O'Kelly
Redgates Big Country McLeod
Ridgerunner Gul Lemek
RWR Big Ben Of Odin
Smok'n Lad's Sand River Rio
Sagi Tiamat's Trick Or Treat
Saratoga's Masterpiece
Semper Fi Thor's Bold
Semper Fi Warlords War
Series Tall Cool
Shadow Downs Major General
Sillar's Taking It To The Max
Silver's Big Ben
Silver's Captin Kid
Silver's Keeper of the Stars
Silver's Motis Operandi
Silver's Shadow Of Camelot
Silver's Texas Tea
Spicewood's Simba's Pride
Sir Bozworth Of Barrelhead
Sir Charles Bronson
Sir Morgan Bailey Crown Prince
Sir Percival Hrothgar
Sir Winston Churchill III
Southern Gentleman
Southhaven Smokey's Pride
Pegasus Southpaw Bear Rug
Stellar's British Sterling
Storm Ta-Tanka O'Applewhaites
Stowaway's Duncan Of Dresrhil
Stowaway's Top Hat
St. Patrick's Benevolent Boris
Subigre's Challenger My T Max
Sugar Mnt Thunderfoot Argus
Summits Colonel
Sweetshops Chug A Lug
Sweetshops Rufus The Goofus
Sweetshops Sasquatch Legend
Swords' Southern Gentleman
Talisman's Max
Tejas Sonrise Dakota
Tenoaks Grizzly Bear
Tenoaks Humbug Xmas Carol
Thunderpaws Brusco Turnbarge
Thunderpaws Captain Murphy
Titus of Jewel Meadows
Von Himmel's Tucker Of Altoms
Warlords Agent Oh Oh Seven
Warlords MCF Spymaster
West Winds Torack
White Oaks Napoleon
White River Iron Eagle
Wileys Hawkeye Huffman
WileyWays Get Out of Dodge
WileyWays Hy Tymes Wdmk
Willowledge Brett
Willowledge's Recon Sniper
Windfall's Brigadere General
Windfalls Risk Rewarded
Windfalls Rolling Rock
Winding River's Lyonhurst
Wingate's Kentucky Gentleman
Wrightous Atlas
Wrightous Titanic Of Ivory
Yarraville's Muscles Maginity
Yarraville's Sir Oliver
Zilla's Obadiah Of Misty

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